3 LinkedIn B2B Trends in 2023

LinkedIn recently announced three B2B Content trends for 2023 so if you are a B2B company you're going to want to Watch to the end of this video and if You're not B2B comment below and tell us What kind of videos you'd like to see From us next otherwise let's get into it The first B2B Trend LinkedIn is Predicting for next year is storytelling And humanization they said the Traditional ways of B2B marketing are Evolving and adapting to the digital World in 2023 we expect to see more Humanization and storytelling in B2B Marketing as this is key for building Connections from humanized emails to Personal employee Journeys on social Media Brands will showcase their Authentic and Human Side to connect with Their audience effectively this is Something I agree with and actually have Already been saying for some time now When a lead hears about your brand and Business for the first time they're not Familiar with you yet and therefore they Don't exactly trust your brand yet they Need to see your posts and hear of your Business name several times before they Start to take action engage with your Brand and ultimately hire you or buy From you one of the best things you can Do to speed that process along is to Show the humanized parts of your brand Like LinkedIn suggested use personal

Employee Journeys show behind the scenes Introduce your team and so on clients Want to know who they're working with so Incorporate storytelling and Humanization where possible the second B2B Trend LinkedIn is predicting is Environmental social governance Otherwise known as ESG agenda LinkedIn Says with the growing demand for Corporate social responsibility from Consumers the ESG agenda will be Important for most B2B Brands B2B Brands Will have a clear and transparent Strategy to communicate ESG information To clients investors and employees and They will use social media to do so According to data released from the Pwc's 2021 consumer intelligence survey It was found that consumers and Employees expect companies to Proactively set ESG best practices 86 Percent of employees also said they Prefer to work for companies with which Their interests and values align whereas 80 three percent of consumers said that Companies should be actively shaping ESG Best practices so LinkedIn is Specifically talking about environmental Practices here but I think it's also Indicative of a larger truth which is That consumers care about brand values One study found that two-thirds or 64 Percent of consumers around the world Said that they would either buy from a

Brand or boycott it solely because of Its position on a social or political Issue so clearly people care about more Than just whether your product is good Or if your services are a good deal they Care about what your brand represents And specifically with the environmental Practices LinkedIn is talking about Consumers are becoming more and more Aware of the carbon footprint Transactions leave on the earth and as a Result they're becoming more and more Selective with their purchases and with Who they do business with it's Definitely something to think about if Your company is not already working to Meet ESG best practices now before we Get into the last B2B Trend first I want To quickly mention that if you rather Have a professional marketing agency Just handle all of your B2B marketing For you so you have time to focus on What you do best we do that for small Businesses every single day and we are a B2B company ourselves so we know Firsthand what it takes to build a B2B Company from the ground up and grow it Successfully so if that's something that You're interested in letting us handle For you I will put our contact link Below in the description all right now The third B2B Trend predicted by LinkedIn is diversity and inclusion they Said dni is an important aspect that B2B

Marketers will leverage in the upcoming Year according to data released from a Survey of 11 500 Global consumers the Youngest respondents from 18 to 25 years Old to Greater notice of inclusive Advertising while making a purchase Decision it also revealed that 57 Percent of consumers are more loyal to Brands that commit to addressing social Inequities in their actions in order to Gain loyalty and customers Brands will Choose to Showcase their workplace Diversity through their marketing Efforts in 2023. this doesn't really Come as a surprise to me and I'm sure It's not a surprise to many of you Watching but if you haven't already You'll want to highlight the diversity And inclusion within your company online To earn respect and loyalty from your Potential clients even if you don't have A ton of team photos you can share yet You can still be intentional with the Stock images or stock videos you choose To show diversity in the meantime Alright please like subscribe and ring The notification Bell if you found this Video helpful and I will see you guys in The next episode

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