35 proven ways to write headlines (copywriting tips)

In this video I'm going to give you 35 Proven ways to write headlines this Comes from the copywriting book test it Advertising methods Number one begin with the word Introducing so for example we have from Four introducing the all new Ford Taurus People get excited about news so this is An easy way to start writing your Headlines Number two begin with the word Announcing announcing new Firestone Tires Similar approach The other thing you can do is you could Use other words that have this sort of Announcement quality for example finally An exciting New Look that isn't retro Anything Just published presenting Number four begin with new New 10 Channel handheld GPS only from Magellan new black Decker electric drill People like to pay attention to things That are new this is one of the reasons That journalism is so successful in Attention grabbing Begin with the word now now in paperback Now even depth tillage is even easier Begin with the words At Last At Last a Toothbrush guaranteed for six months Seven put in a date beginning June 1st Monday save you can speak French by October 15th

This tactic is particularly helpful when You're trying to drive short-term Results because it creates scarcity in Other words you're going to miss out if You don't act now or quickly in the Future Another approach is to use a new style So for example the world's first atomic Watch discovered amazing way to grow Hair Number 10 focus on the reduced price Pigskin executive file case 19 80 cents regular 35 dollars You can also focus on some sort of Special merchandising offer so this Would be something like Where it's obvious that you're losing Money on the deal but you're just doing It to get people in the door or to get Them started with your brand an example Would be a 30-day supply of vitamins for Only 2.65 cents You can focus on the easy payment plan So for example only two dollars a week Buys this new player You can focus on a free offer free 10-day trial of whatever it is that You're selling free consultation 14. provide valuable information do you Make these mistakes in English mini Skirts aren't the only way to feel young 15. tell the story for example how I Improve my memory in one evening Begin with the word how to

How to start a backyard garden 17. begin with how how I earn my living In four hours a day Begin with why why your feet hurt 19 begin with which which is the best Battery value for your car Number 20 begin with who else who else Has hair that won't stay combed 21 begin with the word wanted want it Your services as a high paid real estate Specialist you can see an example here For a Facebook ad that I'm running want It marketing students for Decker Begin with this this is the quietest Dishwasher in America Begin with because because fleas come Back Begin with if If you think the ultimate speaker system Would have a subwoofer you're half right 25 begin with advice advice to husbands 26 use a testimonial style do you have Any idea how much fat is in this creamy Chocolate pudding none 27. offer the reader a test Can your scalp pass the fingernail test 28. use a single word it might be a Risky approach but it can work in some Cases so for example you could simply Say accounting You can also use two words itchy scalp Pretty simple implies the problem and Also implies that there's a solution You can also just use three words burn

Fat faster Another approach an interesting approach Is to warn the reader to delay by Don't buy car insurance until you have Read these facts You can see I use this for one of my ads I say don't buy another marketing course Until you see deckers 32 Let The Advertiser speak directly to The reader for example I guarantee you Results were two thousand dollars in one Year Number 33 address a specific person or Group To a twenty five thousand dollar man or Woman who would like to be making fifty Thousand dollars it's also very Effective because it's very specific Number 34 ask a question Would you believe The Jug on the right Is 45 lighter And lastly number 35 offer benefits Through facts and figures for example You could start with a brand name and Say that it burns up to 79 more calories Than ordinary treadmills

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