4 New Instagram Updates for Business Owners

Would Instagram be Instagram if there Wasn't something new about the app for Me to share with you guys every few Weeks probably not today I'm sharing Four new Instagram updates for you guys As business owners to know about in this Video starting with number one the Product sticker and stories this is huge For e-commerce store owners and Influencers alike if you've got your Instagram shop set up you can link Directly to the products within your IG Shop on your story with this sticker but Here's the kicker so can anybody else You don't have to be the store owner to Link your products anybody can link to Your products from their story are the Influencer collab wheels turning do we See the dollar signs people whoever is Posting the story can tap on the product Sticker button choose the shop they want And then choose the product they want to Highlight from that shop from there you Can change the text style and font color Of your product sticker to be a little Bit more on brand for you after the Story is published viewers who click on That product sticker will be directed to That product in your Instagram shop Where they can either check out on Instagram or be redirected to your Website to check out whichever way you Have it set up if you partner with Influencers already or if you're

Thinking about it this can be a great Practice to negotiate in your deal with Them when they post their stories about Your brand ask them to include a product Sticker to send their thousands or Millions of followers directly to your Instagram shop or if you're not working With influencers yet you'll still want To use this sticker in your own stories To pair with your beautiful product Photography and videography Instagram Update number two is the ability to add Music to static image feed posts we're All very used to adding music to our Reels right if you're not check out this Video next but now you can add music to Regular feed posts when creating a new Post upload your image and then on this Screen you should see the option to add Music if you don't see it make sure your App and phone software are both up to Date you can either choose from some of The suggestions they have there or you Can tap the arrow to see the full music Library this this screen is the same as When you're adding music to Reels You've Got the 4u Music which are songs Instagram things you'd like to use you Can search for a song in the search bar Or via the browse Tab and you've got Your save tab which is any song or audio You saved on the app I'm going to tap This one and just mute it here in the YouTube video so we don't get flagged

For copyright but as you can see it lets You slide and choose which part of the Song you want to play now all we post on The Life Marketing Instagram are reels And I haven't tried this feature out on My personal Instagram yet with a static Image but I'll be curious to see if Adding songs to static images like this Will help you get more reach the same Way that they do on reels if so that's Going to be a helpful feature for those Watching that haven't made the leap to Post reels yet or just have static Images they like to use every once in a While now while we're on the new post Screen there are a couple things I want To cover that aren't brand new features But I don't think we've ever covered Them on this channel and they're still Relatively new so let's cover the new Advanced setting options really quickly If you scroll down to the advanced Settings at the bottom it gives you the Option to do a few things first you can Hide likes and view counts on this post If you toggle this on only you will see The number of likes and views on the Post it'll say something like so and so And others like this post with no number You can change this back later if you Wish by going to the top of the post and Hitting the three dots menu whether you Hide your engagement numbers to the Public or not is entirely up to you but

From a business standpoint I would be Interested in testing it out if you're Not already getting a lot of Engagement The reason I say that is because I think People are more likely to engage with Content that they see or think other People are engaging with so for example If you took the same post and one of Them had 500 likes and the other had Three the one with 500 likes is likely Going to continue getting likes because Of the social proof on it and it'll just Snowball whereas the one with three Likes will probably have a hard time Garnering more if you stop showing how Many likes are on your photo initially You might get more of them and then once You have a lot then you can show the Number of likes again just a theory that I have if you want to test it out the Other thing things you can do from the Screen are turn off commenting which I Would not recommend if you're a small Business trying to grow you can share Your post to Facebook write alt text to Describe the photo for people with Visual impairments or add a paid Partnership label now before we move on To the last Instagram update real quick I have to mention that if you'd rather Have a professional handle all of your Social media marketing for you so you Can make money from it without having to Fuss with it yourself we do that for

Small businesses every single day so I'll put our contact link below just in Case you're interested alright update Number four is the new message button Again when you go to create a new post Whether it's a static image or a reel You'll now see the option to add a Message button if you tap on it you'll See that it gives you the option to add A send message button on your post Instagram says get better outcomes from Your post by adding a button it'll Appear at the bottom of your post so the Goal here is to encourage more DMS but I Wonder if this is really going to work Or not because I think a lot of people Will see that button on a post and Automatically tune it out because it Looks like an ad but you never know Until you test it out comment below and Tell me if you guys even see this new Feature in your app or if you have other Button options because I'm curious a if They roll this out to a lot of people Yet and B if different account types get Different button options so comment Below and let me know otherwise please Like subscribe and ring the notification Bell and I will see you guys in the next Episode

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