5 Organic Facebook Marketing Trends

A while back Morgan posted a video about Paid Facebook ad Trends and said to Comment the Apple emoji if you wanted a Video about organic Facebook marketing Trends well you guys answered so in this Video I’m covering the top organic Facebook marketing Trends you can follow To see better metrics on social media Without blowing your entire ad budget [Music] What’s up everybody welcome back to the Channel I’m Brandi with Life Marketing The digital marketing agency with a Mission to help small businesses grow Real quick like subscribe and ring the Notification Bell so you don’t miss any Of the marketing videos we put out every Week that can help you grow your Business alright so I’m covering the top Five organic Facebook marketing Trends In this video so let’s Jump Right In With number one Facebook reels by now I’m sure most of you know what Facebook Reels are but just in case they are Short form vertical videos that are the Number one preferred media type on Facebook right now they are Facebook’s Version of the extremely popular Tick Tock videos and Instagram reels and the Reason they are number one on this list Is because they’re the fastest and Easiest way to get organic reach Followers and engagement on Facebook it Costs zero dollars to post them and

Unlike regular static images you don’t Have to boost them to get decent reach On them the only thing Facebook reels do Cost is your time effort and brain power To make them your Facebook reels are Gonna flop if they’re not following best Practices or made with your target Audience in mind so I’ve got three Videos I’m going to link below that I Think will help you get started with Facebook reels and jump start the Creative juices the first is my Facebook Reels guide that’s helped over 125 000 People so far this is a great overview And introduction to Facebook reels if You’re just getting started with them And the other two are my six tips on how To get more views on your reels and my Video on how to crack the Facebook reels Algorithm if you’ve been trying your Hand at reels for a while but just can’t Seem to get them to take off those two Videos hold a lot of good tips that Should help a lot overall Facebook reels Are the quickest organic way to Garner More followers hours engagement and Ultimately website traffic from Facebook The second organic Facebook marketing Trend is to narrow down who can see your Organic feed posts this is a newer Facebook hack that I shared recently you Don’t have to run paid Facebook ads to Narrow down your Facebook targeting you Can select what age range gender and

Location see your organic posts in their News feed all without spending a single Dollar I cover exactly step for step how To do this hack in this video so I’m not Going to rehash it here if you want to Learn how to do it it’s really simple I’ll link that video for you to check Out next Facebook organic marketing Trend number three is to invite friends And post engagement to like your page if You’ve got content that’s gotten a lot Of attention and engagement it could be That the people who have engaged with That post have not necessarily liked Your Facebook page yet live videos and Facebook reels in particular tend to get A lot of Engagement from people who Don’t follow you so go to that post and Tap on the reactions to see the list of People who have engaged with it and go Down and invite people to like your pay You haven’t already the other thing you Can do while looking at your business Page is tap the three dots on the right Under your cover photo click invite Friends and invite your Facebook friends To like your page you can click select All to make it easier if you don’t want To go down the list one by one and it Will automatically filter to show the Friends who haven’t been invited yet These are two organic completely free Things you can do to draw on more Facebook page likes and attention on

Your page now before we get into my last Two Trends I want to mention really Quickly that if you just want Professionals to come in and handle your Facebook marketing for you from top to Bottom so you can focus on what you do Best we execute profitable social media Marketing for small businesses every Single day so I’ll put our contact link Below in case you’re interested in Learning more about that alright moving On to organic Facebook marketing Trend Number four create a Facebook group or Post in one Facebook groups are a great Way to facilitate organic discussions And engagement they’re completely free To create and I show you how to create Them in this video you can either create A group yourself to generate members who Are in interested in your industry the Goal your product or service achieves or The problem your offer solves or you can Find an existing group like that to join And begin posting in if you do end up Creating your own group Morgan shares Tips on how to grow its size in this Video and specifically if you want to Create or join a local Facebook group Because you’re a locally owned business I share some great tips for that in this Video whichever route you choose Facebook groups are a great place to Share your reels to extend the reach of The number one preferred media type on

The platform into a topical Interest-specific group for double or Even triple the engagement and then the Last organic Facebook marketing Trend Number five is to cross promote from Other platforms this is perhaps the Easiest organic marketing method but Most people forget about it if you have An existing audience on another platform Via Instagram YouTube Tick Tock LinkedIn Your website or somewhere else share a Link to your Facebook page from those Other platforms make it easy for your Existing following to follow you on Facebook too you can even share Exclusive content that they can only Find on Facebook to encourage them to Seek you out there but maximizing your Existing audience on other platforms to Generate more likes and engagement for Yourself on Facebook is a free way to Work smarter not harder so please like This video subscribe and ring the Notification Bell if you found it Helpful and I’ll see you guys in the Next episode

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