5 Ways to Get More Facebook Story Views

Facebook is bad to not show the content You've published to your followers we Know this Facebook wants you to spend Your advertising dollars to boost post To your followers instead of just Organically showing the content to People who have already chosen to follow You but that's another story for another Day what you should know is that Facebook Stories are a great solution to This stories cut through the noise and Push your content right up to the front At the top of your followers news feed To remind them hey I have new content But that only works if people actually View your story so today I'm covering Five ways to get more Facebook store Reviews starting with number one use Facebook's native features when you open Up your story camera you should see These options at the top you can add Text music make it a boomerang take a Selfie or use the green screen filter to Create a different backdrop my guess is That Facebook will continue adding on to These story features as they develop Until it looks a lot more like Instagram Story features in the meantime it's Important to use whatever features are Available because Facebook wants you to Use them so so you're likely to get your Story pushed to the front if you do Because Facebook thinks they will be More engaging the second thing you can

Do is share your top performing videos If you produce videos in any capacity be It reels long form YouTube videos Facebook videos tick tocks YouTube Shorts you name it then you need to be Maximizing the value of that content Clip what you know to be some of the More engaging parts of those videos and Post them to your Facebook story the Goal here is twofold one to get more Eyeballs on your video content and two If people like what they see after Watching your story the first time They're more likely to return and tap on Your story the next time and that sort Of repetition is what tells Facebook That your followers actually want to see Your content plus like I said it makes Your story viewers more aware of your Other video content so you'll probably Get more views and engagement on those Videos too now I will say that if you'd Rather a professional just handle all of Your Facebook and video marketing for You so you don't even have to worry About it we do that for small businesses Every single day so so I'll put our Contact link below in case you're Interested the third thing you can do to Get more Facebook story views is to post Exclusive content there if you're Posting value in your stories that You're not posting anywhere else Followers will have to watch your story

In order to obtain that value and see The content the trick to making this Strategy work is making the content that Desirable to a point where followers Absolutely have to watch it to live or Maybe not that extreme but like Basically if you're posting exclusive Content in your Facebook Stories and Telling people that you're posting Exclusive content there it better be Worth their while when they go to watch It or else they're probably never coming Back to watch your story so take a Minute and jot down a list of the top Five things you believe your audience Cares about as it relates to your Product or service and start Brainstorming some content ideas around That if you need further help thinking Of content ideas check out quran's video Here I'll link it below the fourth thing You can do to get more Facebook store Reviews is to host a giveaway you'll Want to make the requirements to enter Your giveaway include watching your Facebook story to Gage who watches your Story you can either run the giveaway For one day or you can screenshot your Story viewers every day so that at the End of the giveaway period you can see If the winner truly qualifies somewhat Similar to the previous method to make This strategy successful you'll need to Make the giveaway prize be something

Your audience really cares about and Wants I would refer back to the list you Just made in the previous step to get a Sense of what your audience cares about As it relates to your product or service And remember you want the prize to be Related to what you offer offering Something as general as an Amazon gift Card may get you a lot of entries or Followers but you're likely to lose a Lot of them as soon as the giveaway is Over whereas if the prize is related to Your business you're more likely to Retain the followers you receive from The giveaway thus increasing your Facebook story views over time if you Need more help thinking you give away Ideas I'll link quran's other video on It below and last but not least the Fifth thing you can do to get more Facebook store reviews is to share Something crazy as the first slide when Followers are looking at the stories of Available to watch at the top of their Feed Facebook shows a preview of what The story is practice a little click Baiting here and make your first story Something wildly intriguing that makes Your followers want to tap on your story And see what it is or what happened just Make sure to actually follow through With some amazing content that satisfies The Curiosity you just peaked so please Like subscribe and ring the notification

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