7 Marketing Trends & Opportunities for 2023

If you want to make this your best year In business yeah then I've got some Pretty cool stuff to share with you in This video because the world of Marketing has changed a lot this past Year and it doesn't look like things are Going to be slowing down anytime soon But this is good news because what it Means for you is that there are a lot of New trends and Powerful marketing Opportunities that you can take Advantage of to build your brand and Grow your business and essentially get To that next level so with that said let Me show you how it's done starting with Trend number one changing consumer Behavior Different things matter to different People at different times throughout History for example back in the 1930s During the Great Depression the goal was Survival that was pretty much it then in The 1950s the goal was the American Dream of owning a house with a car Having kids in the 1960s the trend Continued as increased factory Production and economic prosperity in North America led to a rise in consumer Culture anyway fast forward to today With pretty much anything and everything You could ever want only a click away And priorities have shifted again with Nearly 80 percent of consumers valuing And prioritizing speed and convenience

Over all else and more than 40 percent Of respondents in pwc's global consumer Insights survey said they would be Willing to pay extra for same-day Delivery what this means for you as a Business owner an entrepreneur a Marketer or a Creator is that speed and Efficiency are the most important things That you need to focus on also a bit of A side note here what isn't covered in The report but something that's widely Known in the business and marketing Community is that as you go further up The the income bracket targeting higher Net worth and wealthier and more Affluent individuals and businesses well The more that speed and efficiency Become important as wealthy buyers tend To Value their time above all else okay Next let's talk about push and pull Marketing there's a lot of ways to label Categorize and group different marketing Strategies for example free organic Social media that comes from just Posting as you normally would versus Paid social media like what happens when You run Facebook ads or Instagram ads Inbound content-based marketing like Blogging podcasting or making YouTube Videos versus outbound Outreach based Marketing like advertising promotion Sales and search based marketing that Relies on people actively seeking you Out versus Discovery based marketing

Where you try to get in front of people Who may not have heard of you before but There's a lot of overlap and different Words and terminology and jargon that Explains why some of these Concepts just Sound so incredibly confusing and why They can give you dark thoughts that Keep you up in the middle of the night Questioning the choices you made in your Life that have brought you to this point But the points and the key terms that I Really want to break down for you here Today is push marketing versus pull Marketing pull marketing can also be Called permission marketing inbound Marketing maybe a bit of content Marketing but whatever you want to call It the goal is pretty much the same Which is to attract and draw people in Push marketing on the other hand is Interruption marketing advertising Getting in front of people and Essentially all of the things that the Average everyday person thinks of when They think of marketing so while it Should come as no surprise that my Preference to both create as well as Receive is going to be full marketing The big change that's going on in the Market right now is the increased Acceptance by consumers of push Marketing the big change going on in the Market right now is the increased Consumer acceptance of push

Notifications which are messages sent Through a push notification service to a Mobile app or that can appear directly In your browser oh hang on one sec What's that you want me to hit the like Button and subscribe well that's a good Idea thanks for interrupting me phone The most interesting part of this Although is that how up to 60 percent of Users now agree and opt-in to receive Push notifications so if push marketing Is something that would work for your Business then here's a few tips to keep In mind first using emojis improves Reaction rates by 20 my scientific Explanation for this is probably that Emojis are fun next the highest push Reaction rate day of the week is Tuesday And by using personalization you can Increase the rate of reaction you get by Up to 400 okay next up is a quick tip But an important one nonetheless and That's all about the rise and power of Zero party data which when I say zero Party data out loud sounds super nerdy And very complicated but trust me it's Actually kind of cool very important but Before we get to that first a big thank You and quick message from this video Sponsor beaconstack and their new Digital business card if you're a Business looking to deploy digital Business cards at Dale beaconstack's Digital business card is a safe and

Modern way to share important contact Information about yourself or your Business including your name address Phone number website social media links And much more and whether you're Creating one just for yourself or for up To 2 000 people it all takes less than Five minutes to set up unlike Traditional business cards which can't Be changed or modified without Reprinting and also scream 1980s Salesman all Beacon stack cards can be Saved directly as Apple and Google Wallet passes and there's no need for Either you or your prospects to download An app you can also update your Information at any time and quickly and Safely share through Google wallet and Apple wallet pass and the contact is Directly saved on your phone as a Marketer what I love the most is the Built-in analytics that allows you to Easily track as well as analyze scanner Data Tracking features like the location Of the scanner demographics devices and Even getting a heat map that shows usage So make sure to try it out for yourself Right after this video and all you need To do to get started is click the link In the descriptions below this video to Sign up for a free trial so make sure to Do that right after this video and with That said let's move on to the next Trend which is all about the rise and

Power of zero party data first off don't Worry if you've never heard the term Zero party Data before it's basically Just a fancy name for any data that your Customers voluntarily and deliberately Share with you contrast this with Third-party data which are bits and Pieces of different sources of Information all stitched together and Can even come from governmental and Non-profit and academic sources and this Third-party data is often shared or Bought and sold on the Open Marketplace Essentially third-party data is the data That gives all the other data a bad name This is because people don't usually Like to be pixeled and cookied and Tracked and followed all over the Internet not to mention having their Browsing histories and their credit Scores and their employment records and Pretty much anything and everything else You can think of being sold to Big tech Companies and well all of this is what's Leading to the rise and power of zero Party data data that you can collect Directly from your customers through the Use of online quizzes or polls through Messages and conversations or lead Magnets and freebies and giveaways so if You're looking to give your zero party Data or lead generation efforts a little Bit of an extra boost then you're Definitely going to want to pay

Attention and use this next Trend which Is all about interactive content Interactive content is another one of Those marketing terms that fortunately Means exactly what it says it's Basically just content that you can Interact with see marketing is easy so Think of things like interactive Infographics or quizzes or games or Calculators or assessments or basically Anything that you can engage or interact With and according to the content Marketing Institute 81 percent of Marketers agree that interactive content Grabs attention more effectively than Static content I'm curious who the other 19 of marketers were though and how they Ever thought that static unmovable Images or content would ever work better Than something Dynamic and engaging and Interactive anyway on the topic of Engaging in interactive content and Something that gets someone's attention And keeps them engaged well this next Trend is one of the most powerful of Them all and that is video marketing Here's the deal video is currently has Been for the past many years and will Continue to be the number one top Marketing content format both in regards To Consumer preference as well as the Results it's able to deliver from a Business perspective and this trend Isn't slowing down anytime soon in fact

I sometimes feel like a bit of a broken Record here talking about how important Video is but until the day that everyone I know and care about and that includes You is making more video I still have Preaching to do so while video content Holding strong in that top spot hasn't Changed what has changed is the style And format of video namely the rise of Short form thanks to the success that Tick Tock has seen more and more Platforms are prioritizing short form Vertical video and it's changing the way The consumers are engaging with content On all of the platforms this explains Why 90 of marketers Who currently Leverage short form video are going to Increase or maintain their investment in 2023 so the next question then is where Should you post these videos well Instagram and Facebook have reels YouTube has shorts Twitter and Linkedin Both support short form video and even Pinterest lets you post reels or turn Them into Pinterest story pins so the Answer is basically everywhere and Anywhere long story short or should I Say long video short Creating shorter think 60 seconds or Less vertical think vertical videos is a Great way to get into the video Marketing game without needing to worry About creating longer form videos which Are going to require some element of

Planning and scripting and editing and Of course posting and optimizing but if You really want to make sure that this Is your best year in business yet that I've put together a video right here With some of my best marketing Strategies tips and tricks so make sure To check that out now and I'll see you In that next video in just a second

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