7 Strategic Questions To Ask Clients (The Coaching Habit)

You you use seven fundamental questions Which are broken down into just just Quickly the Kickstart question the all Question the focus question the Foundation question the lazy question The Strategic question and the learning Question now I’d like to jump into a Couple if you could kind of give us the Premise of of a couple of these Questions I want to look at the focus Question the Strategic question and the Learning question if you’ve got a bit of Time to do that starting on the focus Question give us the premise of that Yeah so the focused question is what’s The real challenge here for you and the Premise is The first challenge that shows up is Never the real Challenge and it’s rarely The only challenge we are wired to want To LEAP into advice giving and solution Providing and answer whipping out and All of this sort of stuff so that when Somebody comes and goes ah Hey Stephen Here’s the thing I’m wrestling with You’re like oh you know what I know how To help fix that and I want to help you So you kind of get tempted to go into it But actually you know if you build a Reputation in your work or in your life As the person who always figures out the Real problem you just become immensely Valuable to those around you because in Most organizations

Big and small people are working really Hard on the stuff that doesn’t really Matter because it’s the stuff that Presented itself first So this ability has to stay curious a Little bit longer rush to action and Advice giving a little bit more slowly Which is like kind of the definition I Use around coaching stay curious a Little bit longer you know stay curious About what the real challenge is and it Means that when you really figure out What the real challenge is the answers Are going to be actually really helpful Well the Strategic question says we’re Always at our best we’re making choices And strategy is in fact Having the Courage to make bold choices so the Strategic question says if I’m going to Say yes to this what must I say no to You can flip that around if I’m going to Say no to this what must I say yes to Yeah um but most commonly is if I’m Going to say yes to this one one of the Opportunity costs and what are the Things that I have to set up barriers to How do I actually commit to this because A yes without an understanding of what The no’s are and that that that’s the Implication of a yes is that it must Come with nose just means that if you Don’t do that you’re just piling more Yeses on and that doesn’t work because Everybody’s at full capacity tell us

About the learning question yeah so if You lead people you know whether you Have a big team or a small team really One of your key jobs is to try and make Your people smarter because if they get Smarter they become more competent and More confident and more self-sufficient And more autonomous and that is not only Good for them it’s good for you and it’s Good for your organization So it’s really helpful if you can help People learn but it turns out it’s Really hard to help people learn And one of the annoying things is that Advice really sticks you know advice Typically goes in one ear and out the Other ear yeah so when you sit down and Go listen Stephen here are my Pearls of Wisdom and Nuggets of gold this is not Going to remember most of that most of The time yeah I think people don’t even Really learn when they’re doing it I Mean they do a little bit but not so Much the power the most powerful Learning moment is when you actively Create a moment for the learning so That’s what this final question this is Number seven of the seven is about and The question is what was most useful or Most valuable here for you what is most Useful or most valuable here for you Yeah and you can basically ask that Question at the end of any exchange I Mean like Stephen can ask this at the

End of every podcast he goes okay we’ve Just been talking to this guest If you had to name what was most useful Or most valuable here for you from this Conversation what’s the one thing you Really want to take away from this Podcast conversation You can see how that just turns up the Heat a little bit from going oh that was Interesting Michael burbledon Stephen Burbledon it was perfectly Pleasant to Listen to to actually saying name it and And wire it get those brain synapses Firing so that you’ve got a better Chance of remembering it so you can do That with the people that you lead and You have a team meeting and you go great Let’s just go around and check in what Was most useful or valuable for you from This team meeting you can do it in a Sales conversation you have a sales Conversation and you go hey before I go Just let me check what was most useful About this conversation for you and let Me tell you what was most useful about It for me and three things happen they Can be powerful one is that other person Names and extracts the value that they Might otherwise have missed because Contrary to what we all hope not Everybody notices the wisdom and the Amazingness of you on the other side of The table so you’re actually forcing Them to name it and see it and they may

They may have stepped over it otherwise Secondly you get feedback as to what’s Working because sometimes you’re in a Conversation you’re like that was hope I Was hopeless that was hopeless I was Hoping there’s nothing nothing good Happened here but if you go but let me Just check what was most useful and most Valuable if anything in this call you’ll Actually find value that you might you Might otherwise have missed and then Thirdly this is a more kind of nuanced Slightly sneaky thing You are constantly priming your Conversations as useful valuable Conversation so when you sit down with The prospect for instance and you go I Love talking to you about your business Um I love sharing a little bit about What I do what was most useful or Valuable for you from this conversation They the last thing they will remember Is I’ve just named this as a useful Valuable conversation and that just you Know tips you a little closer to getting The end result that you want Foreign

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