9 Best Questions To Ask Prospects & Clients

You mentioned in your book as well that You don't like to make assumptions and I Think assumptions uh you know they can Derail anybody but instead you prefer to Ask great questions so what are your Favorite questions to ask from Discovery All the way through to delivery that That entire relationship what are your Favorite questions that you can have the Most impact there's so many I think Obviously the one I mentioned already is The very beginning of the relationship Is Um what are your success metrics so how Do you measure success and then the big Question is when and then putting it in Your calendar so I think a lot of times We don't we ask only if they mention Things I actually like to ask so that's The thing and I also love to do Pre-mortems which is at the very start Of a project asking them questions like What do you think could go wrong What are your greatest concerns what are Potential obstacles what are your Greatest fears I think if we ask those Questions like uh not a postmodern but a Pre-mortem yeah we could really respond To that and say or be or adjust our Process say okay if your greatest fear Is this like you have a lot of Stakeholders and you're worried about You know getting everybody's buy-in Let's build a process where we can build

Everybody's buy-in what does that look Like let's adjust our services and our Scope of work to make sure that we have An all hands on deck meeting so we can Present to the board or whatever so I Think it's around asking You know what their fears are and I Don't think we do that enough because We're afraid to hear those answers right Yeah so I think those are really great Questions and throughout the process It's really about listening to not just Asking questions but and I guess the one Thing I would say about questions Although I have so many questions I Would like to ask um is there's no I Think they're we're so fearful of asking Too many questions to me there's no such Thing as too many questions Um I think you could always hop on an Email or hop on a call and just say I Had one more question you know just to Get they really do appreciate it and You'll get signals if you ask too many Questions Um I think it's obviously to me a lot of It's around stakeholders like who's Involved in the project and what their Role is Um and not just taking their word for it So for instance you're working for a Non-profit and they say oh you're just Going to work with me and you should ask Because you know nonprofits have board

Of directors or Board of advisories I'm Like you should really ask if the Board's involved You know you've had these problems in The past make sure you are clear to the Client is this person involved is the CMO about like refer back to your own Experience with other clients of those Industries To kind of use that information to ask My questions Um I think the other thing is around Feedback Is giving them guide rails or evaluation Feedback so my questions a lot of times When I'm giving Initial Concepts or another round of Revisions is I give them a guide rail of Questions that they should answer like Did this solve your problem yeah is that Typographic hierarchy correct so I think It's around not just giving them Presentations and saying is this Approved but telling them this is what You're supposed to approve and this is What you're not supposed to oppose to Approve and that's three questions Thank you

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