Business and Marketing Q&A (Christmas Eve Live)

Hey my friend Adam here it's great to See you here today and I'm looking Forward to chatting when we go live in Just a second but before we begin I just Wanted to quickly share with you a few Ways for you to get the absolute most Value out of today's live session first Off make sure to say hi and introduce Yourself in the chat I love learning Your name and hearing where you're from Next if you have a question that's Awesome I'm going to give you some tips In just a second for the best way to ask It but even if you don't have a question And you're just here to hang out or You're waiting for your question to be Answered make sure to listen carefully To the answers to other people's Questions as you're likely going to find A few solutions that you're going to be Able to apply to your own unique Situation as we can often learn just as Much from others and their questions as We can from our own now when it comes to Asking a question my advice here is to Try to keep it as clear and concise as Possible while at the same time making Sure not to leave out any important Details for example if you can tell me Your business your offer and your target Market if you happen to know it that's Awesome but the most important thing is Letting me know what you feel is the Biggest obstacle or challenge you're

Facing right now the thing that's Stopping you or holding you back from Getting to that next level okay final Point here then we'll dive in I try to Answer the questions in the order that They come in but sometimes questions get Missed and this could be because of a Couple different reasons first it's Nothing personal I just might have Missed it otherwise I might have Answered a similar or even identical Question earlier in the live session and In fairness to everyone else I might Have to skip over it to avoid repeating It again and lastly especially when time Starts to get tight near the end I try To answer the questions that I think are Going to be the most useful helpful and Relevant to the most amount of people so With that said I think we're pretty much Ready to go here so I'll see in just a Second

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