Business and Marketing Q&A (Saturday Morning Live)

Good morning everybody good to see you All this fine sunny or snowy Saturday Morning December 3rd at 8 A.M Pacific Time December 3rd December already it Sounds like such a thing that old people Say hey it’s like I can’t believe how Fast the time flies but maybe maybe That’s just a sign of my age but I’m Glad to uh glad to see you I’m looking Forward to diving into some marketing Some business some any other random Questions any way that I can help you And provide value I’m here to do so with That said Let’s see Janelle good to see you oh I’m Gonna see if I can um I wonder if I can like reframe these Things as oh that’s not gonna work there Must be a way oh look at that hey this Is cool look at this well I got some Cool things in store for you today I’m Not I got some some fun little surprises Some new things I’ve been playing around With for the live so this is sweet I’m Gonna see if this works and I can Actually read this because then it looks Like I’m looking at you so good morning Adam as a true fan I want to ask if this Handle is yours out of my heart 608 I Saw your YouTube handle is different or Maybe it’s for other platform like Telegram this is an important message I’m glad you asked first of all thank You Janelle good morning uh none of

Those are mine they never are uh they’re All fake they’re all Spam they’re all Bots or scammers I don’t talk about Crypto I don’t talk about finance and Investing I don’t talk about any of that Stuff ever I don’t use telegram I’ll Never send you my WhatsApp Etc etc so how do you tell us me uh so On YouTube I think my handle is Adam Earhart video that one’s legit like That’s it but same with the channel if You go to like adamairhart Video that’s me on Instagram I think It’s like official Adam Earhart but I’m Never there Tick Tock same kind of deal Um but again I’m not going to be like Publicly messaging and like asking you To give me things that’s not that’s not How it works uh so the only real way to Be sure is if you go to Which is my website and that’ll take you To the right place the other thing you Can do is when I do respond to the YouTube comments which I do you will see Adam erhart with a verified check mark That little check mark is going to be The thing that tells you that it’s Actually me and my channel and then you Can verify that the subscribers are Indeed there so hopefully That helps salaam hey Adam hey Salam Good to see you the lady writes you made It back hi all hello to everyone Carlo good morning ah greetings from

Kelly yep um Big Sir if I remember correctly right Starting uh starting to put names to Faces Um how do I click this button let’s see Here there we go Essence for life good Morning from Toronto good morning from The other side oh it’s snowing here Which is crazy like I woke up and we Have about a foot of snow on the ground Which is not normal so basically our City shuts down when it snows because we Have we have like one snow plow and Nobody knows what to do so Fascinating I do not speak a Slovakian but I assume That’s something good otherwise we just Put it up there I should probably check These things but that sounds good good To see you uh Mart good to see you yes I’ve been to piersoni spent a lot of Time there which is totally random Actually fun story we were talking about This last night I ended up in pietstani Which is like a touristy Slovakian Spa Town we’re there for work stuff and um And it was the off season so we stayed At a hotel and I kid you not me and my Uh co-pilot at the time were the only Two people in the entire Hotel like Legitimately it was like out of the Movie The Shining and our keys worked Every single room in the hotel we found That out because I was like I misplaced

My key and he had his and like we’re We’re gonna go back or whatever it was And uh and they worked on each other’s Doors it’s like that’s random and then They worked on every door it was Terrifying um so we slept with like Doors chairs propped into the door All right a ronak hey good to see you And Dwayne oh I made it big there hang On one sec see if I can resize you this Is awesome though I’m liking this the Only problem is I’ve got all these icons Hiding behind I’m gonna have to see if I Can move those So I can read this right all right we’re Good let’s go Greetings from Sunny South Africa oh I’m Jealous that’s it’s cold it’s cold here Any tips on how to effectively Market a Business administrative support company During the festive season and into the New Here very specific a business Administrative support company during The festive season and into the new year For me what I would be doing is looking At the uh like first of all we’ve got Two sides of this one of which is the Long-term aspect of marketing that you Need to be doing all year regardless of It’s the festive season the New Year Whatever it is it’s like there’s always Things that need to be done and the Different pain points that you solve

That you’re going to need to talk about So that that’s that side the short term Trendy tactical stuff is what’s relevant And interesting this time of year what Is on the front the Forefront of your Ideal clients Minds that they’re Thinking about so Festive season they’re busy they want to Spend time with family they’re thinking About new projects they’re looking for Help they want to have the best year Ever they don’t want to repeat the Disasters of last year etc etc etc the More that you’re able to tap into that Language and uh and really Focus your messaging around that the Better you will do Sufi marketing good Morning from Pakistan how are you I’m Doing amazing my friend thank you thank You I hope you’re doing well too the Family deals hey hey back at ya David Hello Adam hope you’re well for the Armpit of the South today I’m watching From Baran Kia I have no idea where that Is but that sounds awesome and look at You with the new Avatar the new little Picture there I like it no more just Green D we got uh we got some beautiful Miami scenery there that’s nice to look At all right close hanger good morning From Dallas good to see you back here Janelle the people uses your profile in Your YouTube video yeah so we’re talking About this is it’s a fun topic everyone

Loves talking about scammers yay uh it’s Funny someone told me once they’re like Hey it means you’re you’ve made it when You finally have like fake accounts and And that was kind of depressing because I don’t want fake accounts but They exist so yes message Public Service Announcement here anybody that’s getting Messaged or Um offered things that come from that Are talk about crypto or Finance or even Other marketing or business things and They’re not coming from me directly Meaning they don’t say like Adam iHeart With a verified check mark they don’t Come from my website they are not me They are not me so yes they’re never Going to go away either they just They’re like whack-a-mole like every Time they pop out and we’re like we Knock them down uh like 10 more pop up So all good good morning from UK bro Good morning Jack I’ll be in the UK in Um oh it’s a while away now still in Next year visiting family again I’m Gonna spend some time over there Alvey hello Adam I’m a fan of yours I’m Also part of your marketing Academy Great to have you along my friend I Wanted to ask if there’s going to be a Video about closing the clients on the Meeting ah okay right on so a sales call Script a sales call Formula framework

Maybe I guess is the answer I don’t dive Too deep into sales and and the reason Is is because I’ll Partly biased but I like to let most my Marketing do the heavy lifting for me This doesn’t mean that there’s not a Time and a place for sale sales sales is Always going to be important when you’re Talking to someone one-on-one that said My goal with a sales conversation is to Have the client show up pre-sold ready To buy the only question essentially I Want them asking is like when can I Start now I know that might sound like a Bit of a pipe dream but I assure you It’s very much the case so my early Sales calls like way back in my career Before I created content and before I Was decent at marketing it was that it Was like tell me your problems and There’s this thing and here’s how I can Do this and let me see if I can help and Let’s put together a package and it was A lot of like pitching and whining and Dining and really trying to um to like Convince the client to give me a chance Now and and I don’t take on private Clients but if I back when I did uh Towards the end of it it was really like It was a reversal where they were Essentially applying to work with me and And again that all just came through Marketing and by positioning myself as The um the solution to their problems so

That’s step one step two however And I’ll give you a real quick high Level thing here so you you can actually Leave with something practical the Reality is is that the more questions You’re able to ask the better so this is My sales script formula in a bit of a Nutshell first of all I try to collect As much information as I can so it’s Like tell me about your business what’s Your what have you done that’s Successful what have you done that’s not Worked what have you tried what do you Think is the biggest obstacle what do You feel the opportunities I’m basically Taking down all the information I can Then what I do is I create a strategy Typically on the Fly and I’ll be like All right based on everything you’ve Told me this is what I think you should Do we should do a then B then C how does That sound and they say sounds amazing I Say great would you like some help with That That’s it and typically they’ll say yes I’d love some help and I’ll be like Great here’s how I can help and if They’re like no that sounds good I’ve Got it all covered I’ll be like great Carry on so that’s really it we uh we Give them a solution Um it’s often overwhelming because They’ve not done this before and then we Offer to help them

Okay Hassan good morning good morning AMU Hi Jacqueline good morning from the Bahamas Good morning Jacqueline good to see you Again uh which part of the Bahamas NASA Treasure key Is it what is it what is it the Exumas Islands Exuma Islands beautiful long Thin Island gorgeous gorgeous places Jay Hey Adam good morning how many questions Are we allowed to ask I have so many but I don’t want to take time away from Other people’s questions that’s a very Respectful that’s a very respectful Question thank you Jay Um Ask what you can I think what I would Recommend to anybody watching here as Well is that the like start obviously With your top priority question because I try to get to them in order now I can See based on like if you’ve entered a Question up till now I’m probably going To get to it based on how many I have as We carry on through this hour towards The end I simply can’t get to all of Them so I’m just gonna miss it based on Time so start with your most important Most pressing question also do your best To be as concise and pithy and direct as Possible so the more details without Overwhelming because you can’t write a Whole paragraph or I’ll probably just Skip it because we won’t have time to

Read it but the more direct and like I Have this business here’s the thing this Is what I feel it is here’s the problem Here’s the question whatever it is uh The better I’m going to be able to Answer it and give you relevant feedback Good question All right Sheldon good morning from London even though it’s 4 P.M the sun Has already disappeared for the day yay Winter in the northern hemisphere yep I Hear ya it’s um it’s 8 A.M here and hang On oh the sun is like just barely coming Out it’s so super dark and and miserable I wake up really early like three four A.m and uh when I wake up it’s dark for Like four hours which is Kind of depressing Christian good afternoon from Bolivia Buenas Tardes mi amigo que tal Okay Janelle thanks for your Clarification he uses your image in your YouTube profile yeah they always do We’re talking about scammers still we’ll Just keep circling back on this one it’s Gonna be a theme here Um yes they’re really good at faking it In fact if you look at some of the fake Instagram accounts that claim to be me They actually went through and like Downloaded all of my pictures and like Re-uploaded them all as their own uh and Then they messaged my friends like People that know me personally and um

And that’s where things started to fall Apart because they’re like dude this Doesn’t sound like you why are you Talking to me about crypto anyway funny Good morning All right lady writes I’m trying to put Together a sales funnel for a book site Author I binge yourself and I’m learning So much that’s awesome to hear I’m so Glad you’re finding useful do you have Any suggestions that might fit that goal Yeah totally let’s talk about book Funnels Um Put together a sales funnel for a book Site author Okay so I like talking about book funnels Because I believe they still have a Relevant place in the general marketing World now we’ve got to be clear about What the end goals of our book funnel Are and this can apply to anything else As well even if you’re not an author You’ve got some kind of lead magnet You’ve got some kind of thing to offer Of them that’s typically a lower price Point 10 20 30 we have to approach this Strategically and the reason is is Because Back in the Day quote unquote Even like five years ago we used to run A lot of like Um uh pay for shipping free book offers So we would run an ad we’d give away a Free book we’d tell the person they only

Had to pay for shipping and the shipping Was like seven bucks or whatever Can you guess what we were paying to Make a sale of a book Any guesses I won’t have time to read it But like in your mind here’s the deal we Would pay 30 40 50 60 sometimes seventy Dollars to acquire that lead Crazy so what that meant is that we Couldn’t just sell a book for 10 or 20 Or 30 or even 50 dollars uh because we’d Lose money every time so we had to have A funnel in place that had an upsell a Cross-sell a down sell there had to be Other elements of the funnel that were Going to allow us to recoup our costs Otherwise we’d just go broke like on day One So when you’re giving away or you’re Running a book funnel the best thing you Want to do is again like reverse Engineer the entire marketing funnel so Start with like what’s my end goal is it Literally just to sell books in which Case book funnels are probably not the Best plan uh like you’re going to be Better off through content marketing and Through promotions and possibly through Like some of the book uh seller Advertising like Amazon ads and things Like that but if your goal is to sell Other services or meet and greets or Speaking tours or something like that Then you can use the book as part of it

You can give away the first chapter for Free which is something that I’ve seen Work well and then you can provide an Upsell for the book on the back end the Point is you’ve got to know what your Numbers are so that you’re basically not Losing money No one likes to lose money okay Christian I watch your productivity Video and I thought it was great Thank you Christian I was wondering have You read building a second brain by Thiago Forte oh I’m a man not only have I read building second brain I went Through thiago’s program for building a Second brain which was phenomenal it was Really interesting in fact it was so Good that um I actually had to stop Myself from using all of it because it Was almost too much for what I needed But that said I’m a huge fan of like the Para organization thing the projects Archives assets resources archives kind Of remember I just use it sort of Intuitively now with like projects and Resources and occasionally archive Things that’s that’s basically um what My sort of workflow focuses around I use It in notion I’ve tested obsidian which Is another one that I quite like but I Have not got the hang of it to the point That it makes any sense for me but yes Building a second brain by Thiago Forte Highly recommended awesome smart person

Acadiana hydroclean come on make me a Marketing whiz already exactly exactly Why isn’t it happening immediately uh Love your content thank you find it very Useful and understandable for a novice Non-marketing type oh that’s awesome Here so so glad to hear that yes Marketing is It’s a fascinating big deep subject so I Wrote in my email this morning that I’ve Started uh studying like oil painting And I’m not an artist by the largest Stretch of the imagination but what’s Fascinating is that as I start doing This like painting I realized just how bad I am like just So bad like I don’t know shape form Texture color anything I don’t know how To hold the brush move it I’ve got paint All over me I’m Wrecking everything that I’m making like it’s a disaster but That’s kind of the process right like it Would be super arrogant of me to think That I could just like sit down and Create the Mona Lisa so what I’ve done Is I’m pretty realistic with myself I’ve Set myself like a one year time frame to Try to paint I don’t know maybe like 100 Paintings one every few days and by the End of it I’d like a couple good ones That’s about it and then in three years I’d like to be decent enough where Someone would look at it and be like hey That’s not a total bag of garbage that’s

That’s really my goal three years make Something that’s not a total bag of Garbage so I think it’s like it’s Important to have these big goals and Aspirations but then we also have to be Realistic about the process to get there Um marketing’s phenomenal but it’s a big Subject so start small pick away at it You’ll you’ll get there and then you’ll Be super grateful that you did all right David ah bearing bearing Kia Colombia The topic is downtown Memphis and the Bottom is Miami oh that’s cool I wonder If I cannot make this like huge Oh look at that yeah the river Got it never been to Memphis spent a Decent amount of time in Nashville and Franklin Okay Shaw hi for Pakistan and it’s night Now yes you’re on the other side of the World there glad you could tune in and Join us All right Jonathan Adam do you have any SEO advice on Improving organic traffic for something Such as a free template site oh [Music] Foreign Do you have any SEO advice for improving Organic traffic for something such as a Free template site are you asking for Something such as a free template site Or are you asking for something as a Free template site so if you’re giving

Away like free template sites the first Thing that I would do is I’d literally Go to Google and I’d type in like free Template site and I would see what I’m Up against my gut says that this is Going to be insanely competitive Um like based on the fact that I know How much money can be made on the back End by giving away free templates and Selling upsells and and plugins and Things like that This might not be rankable for like less Than 10 grand a month maybe I don’t know It well enough but it’s like you’ve got To make sure that you’re picking the Right fight to enter in the first place So take a look at um Moz Moz uh take a Look at Majestic SEO ahrefs a h r e f s Take a look at semrush Um who else has decent rankings like What you’re looking for is domain Authority and Page authority of the Pages and if they’re super high they’re Very powerful sites with lots of content And lots of backlinks You’re not going to outrank them um with All the organic SEO stuff in the world That’s it if you can I mean like Standard SEO practices are going to go Here good content content research Keywords backlinks Etc so yeah research Is your best friend here Kevin good to see you my man finally in Our dry season in Florida yeah that’s

Right Hurricane’s over monsoons Cyclones All that nonsense glad you’re seeing Warm and dry Jack what would your top book Recommendations for marketing and Authors marketers to check out Got a video on that I don’t know what It’s called I think it’s like top five Marketing books I’m gonna like literally Just send you there if you want more if You type in like top five marketing Books Adam Earhart you’ll find it I’ve Also got if you really want to dive into Like advertising I’ve got 42 book Recommendations which I appreciate I Don’t know why I made that video so long It’s a big one but it’s gonna go over 42 Books on Advertising that I love Um if I had to pick one it’s an Expensive book over over 100 bucks you Can still buy it from I believe it’s Brian Kurtz Titans of Direct response marketing uh but the Book is called breakthrough advertising It’s by Eugene Schwartz it’s a it’s an Intermediate to Advanced book but it’s Like if you can go through that one a Few times and if you only ever bought One book that might be it my opinion Changes back and forth because there’s a Lot of good ones but We’ll go with that one all right good Morning Adam other than sales what is The best way to show Roi on marketing

Services what kind of reports and how Often Well I guess there’s two parts to this answer There Mike the first of which is that Sales is the only way to show Roi Because it’s um like technically right Because it’s return on investment so if Like I put in a dollar that’s my Investment what’s my return Um it has to be has to be in the same Field right so I need two bucks back or A buck fifty or something like that so That’s step one now that’s the final Metric we can use still what I call Diagnostic metrics which I typically use To guide me in the right direction to Make sure that my campaign’s performing As I want it to so what I’ll do is I’ll Step back it’s like okay well if I want To sale well what’s right before that Maybe it’s a conversation maybe it’s a Lead maybe it’s a sign up okay well if I Want that what’s before that maybe it’s A website visit visit maybe it’s a click Maybe it’s a whatever it is so I can Figure all those things out and then I Can show that this is at least Delivering something The only thing I don’t want to show is Like likes and shares and comments I Don’t mind showing audience growth Um and audience engagement rate in fact I just made a video it’s being edited

Now so it’s not ready but it’s going to Talk about audience growth rate and Audience engagement rate those are two Things that you’re going to want to pay Attention to when that video drops as Far as what kind of reports and how Often Depends on the client depends on the who You’re working for and what you’re doing I find reports half useful but I know That they can be doctored and they can Show whatever you want them to so it’s Like if you’re if it’s a very big Expensive account like back when I was Running Facebook ads for Big money uh like 100 000 bucks a month Plus I would basically do daily every Second day reports here’s what we’ve got Here’s an update here’s this and the Reason is because if I let like four Days go by Um we’ve just blown I don’t know 12 Grand or 15 grand or whatever it is um If it’s a million bucks it’d be like 100 Grand gone so we can’t afford to let That happen but in most cases like Monthly probably fine All right Let’s see Alvey best advice about sales And thanks a lot appreciate you’re the Best oh my pleasure Um honestly best advice about sales is To approach it like the um Like you want to pretend like you’re a

Doctor don’t pretend you’re a doctor That’s illegal people will get hurt but Like like imagine you have the attitude Of a doctor for example if I go see my Doctor and I was like hey Doc I got um I Got a sore arm I smash it up and he’s Like well Adam it looks like um based on What you’ve told me you broke your arm You should probably do this this and This Do I sit there and I was like actually Doc I Googled it I think that it’s this And I’m not going to do any of that you Know what my doctor’s gonna do he’s Gonna be like all right good luck see You man adios and that’s it so what you Want to do is you want to go into a Sales conversation with the intention of Prescribing and helping a solution Because you’re the expert in the field So if somebody comes to me for marketing And they’re like hey Adam here’s my Business we’re stuck at whatever we want To get to here what’s going on I’ll be Like look based on what you’ve told me Here’s the problem this is what we need To do all of these things that go into It finished that’s it do it or no that’s That’s the answer that’s what you need To do I’m the expert you came to see me No I’m not I’m not arrogant I’m not Douchey about it but like but I have Authority I have expertise and I’m not Really shy about telling them what I

Think they should do that’s why they Came to me in the first place so a lot Of it has to do with Framing and um and Confidence in what you’re doing I think The biggest thing is making sure that You actually believe in what you’re Selling so there was a point early in my Career uh when I was like I needed money So I would sell what I needed to sell And a lot of the things I didn’t really Care about like that tooth whitening Stuff that we would sell across Italy Because it was easy to rank websites in Different languages I didn’t really care So not something that I wanted to do Long term but now I’m pretty passionate About everything that we’re talking About so that’s um That’s the other secret honorag loving The consistency of your uploads ah Thanks my friend yes um we got a system And this system is just always work all The time work life balance Give me a break I’m joking half joking Carlo working on Legion for an online Franchise brokerage it’s funny actually With this Avatar like right here it Looks like I’m staring right at your Face which is uh hopefully that’s not Disturbing but we’re gonna keep going With it long I have a great long-term Strategy but they are requesting a big Influx of leads for client retention Delivered fast what would you recommend

Oh Magic question I like this question all Right hang on check these out I’ve got Two things one of which Oh hang on I was gonna move this dancing Bear I was trying to get money falling From the sky when I had like a power Question but then nothing was working And it just totally totally blacked me Out so we get dancing bear I’m liking it all right so what do you Do when you need leads and you need them Yesterday you really have one solution It’s ADS advertising paid advertising That’s it that’s the secret to all of This Facebook ads Instagram ads Google Ads my best advice is to make sure that You’ve set up a lead gen paid Advertising campaign well in advance Because that way when you get to this Phase you can literally just dial up the Ad spend or or basically press go on the Campaign and you already know what’s Going to work and what’s not there is a Testing phase there is a bit of a Learning curve to all advertising of Course but like that’s the secret Yep nothing nothing else I really wish I Could tell you more but um that’s it run Ads find out where your people are Online and uh put ads there All right Abed good morning Adam hope You’re doing good I’m doing amazing Thank you I hope you’re doing well too

What is the best strategy to build an Accurate email list for my email Marketing campaign that’s a dancing bear Question accurate email list All right well no more dancing bear Um very important right I talked about I Talk about this all the time I shouldn’t Just say last week I can get you leads Like that all the leads you ever wanted And I can get them cheap but they’ll be Terrible so bad uh but they’ll cost you Like a penny so what do you want do you Want do you want quality or do you want Quantity the answer is pretty much Always quality Um which means that you’ve got to kind Of go back through the entire marketing Strategy and plan I’m going to put up a Cheat sheet here I’m pretty sure if you Got the email this morning then you’re Already on the list which means you’ve Already seen and have this but it might Be worth a review Model Market message media machine this Is my marketing master plan this is the System I use with every business startup Six figure seven figure billion dollar Company doesn’t matter I always run them Through this strategy this is the secret To making sure you’re doing the right Things in the right place for the right People when you get those things in Alignment then you start attracting the People that are the best fit for you and

For your business and you have you don’t Have to worry so much about um subpar Quality leads to your list All right Jay I got a question for you Coming up next and another fun thing I’m Gonna get some water one second Oh man I tell you look at Really leveling up the production Quality here me sitting alone in my Office pushing buttons But it’s fun all right Jay we gotta get You an avatar too so I can look over Right at your face instead of a blue a Blue jay Okay I’m trying to organically grow Multiple small MMA gyms oh that’s cool Uh mostly through short vertical video Good man but there’s five gems and I Can’t be in five places at once how can I manage the creation editing posting Okay I’m trying to organically grow Multiple small MMA gyms so here’s the Deal Supplement MMA gym with whatever Business that you can think of because This is going to be the same for any Business that’s serving say a local area So you’ve got five local businesses in Different areas serving the same target Market ideally same offer Etc our media format is short vertical Video which I think is fantastic I think That’s a good choice here Um

Organic Video so that’s the difference is Organic I like the use of organic I Think you could also probably supplement By experimenting with a bit of paid Short vertical video so like YouTube Shorts paid that’s still kind of like Not a thing great yeah like we’re Getting there we’ll see uh when they Start monetizing the fun better we’ll be Able to run better stuff there but we Can park that for now you still have Facebook reels Instagram reels and Tick Tock ads again depending on the Demographic the age of the people that You’re going at I’d probably start there Probably with um Instagram reels and Tick Tock reels tick tocks Also possibly Instagram stories anyway Short vertical video Um as far as managing the creation Editing and posting use this it’s free If I can find it there you go use that One it’s free Um and then literally just upload your Stuff there And um and share it and distribute it Very simple With five places you might need the paid Program but it’s still not expensive so That is probably going to be your Solution is you need to start using Software to distribute your content for You because doing it manually is a

Nightmare All right Jack Oh hang on let me close this other one Out Jack also do you have any Recommendations for copywriting Exercises to practice oh good question Love your videos keep up the good work Thank you my friend Um yeah copywriting videos to practice It depends on It depends on what is gonna what style And what you’re actually going to do so What I used to do when I was first Getting started as a brand new beginner Copywriter is I did what they told me I Needed to do which is I copied out old Sales letter by hand so I would go Through old copywriting sales letters Books and I would literally write them Out wrote by hand handwriting apparently This trains your brain to think of Things and memorize them and I don’t Know internalize that Um I can tell you it was not fun did it Work yeah probably I’d like to think That I’m pretty decent now so maybe that Uh the other thing you can do is just Write a lot so it’s like start thinking Of products and offers and services that You can create messages for and start Writing copy start studying the formulas And going through them and then re-read

It over again and again but the best Thing that you can do is like read and Copy the Masters not obviously don’t Pawn the work off as your own or Whatever but like read and copy the Masters so look at All the old guys man like Halbert Collier uh Schwartz Ogilvy like anything That you can do there and like write Some of this stuff out take note of the Points make a lot of notes yep that’s What I did It sucked but made a lot of money so That’s how things go uh Char that’s a Really cool Avatar I like that drawing Did you draw that or is that uh an art Piece it’s very cool I’m going to have an exam next week and We have to write a marketing campaign For a random business do you have any Tips totally Do this where is my thing again That cheat sheet Um this one go through it and uh no Full disclosure Professors teachers they they um I love Them they’re amazing people they’re Making the world a better place their Marketing knowledge often often doesn’t Hold up in the real world so they might Want things on like I don’t know all kinds of stuff that is Just not practical or realistic like Like different pastel analysis and and

Like how you’re going to do proper Market research with focus groups and Surveys and things that just they don’t Really happen in the real world Certainly not for um any business sub Like 500 million dollars so Keep that in mind You do two things number one go to Google and just type in like marketing Plan and or find the format that they Want you to use and then make sure that You’re doing what the exam and campaign Wants you to do uh and then for bonus Points throw in some of these things and You’ll do well there’s there’s a very Big difference between creating like Academic marketing where you just do What they tell you to do they’ll Probably give you something and then Just do that versus what’s actually Going to work in the real world All right Abdullah Adam one of my ads were Rejected and it was the first time this Has happened to me can you give me Possible reasons why this happened yeah Like a million oh man like anything Anything there was a word in there that Like rubbed the algorithm the wrong way There was um like something on the Landing page there was some other word That was on their blacklist for things That happened like ads get denied all The time for any possible reasons so

Take a look through the terms of service Again see what they like and what they Don’t like Um I’ve had ads that use the word you Y-o-u just a few too many times and they Were like yeah you should probably Rewrite this and I got rid of the word You and um and then they’re like yeah Now it’s super awesome I’ve had Health Products be denied for Um being served or claimed that they Were adult related which is obscene and Crazy there was nothing close to it but Doesn’t matter that’s what the algorithm Said so most of the reviews and AD Denials are Bots they’re not people Going through your stuff I mean just Think of the volume and quantity of Stuff that they have to go through Crazy okay Oh Charlotte perfect that’s your name Perfect I missed that good to meet you Charlotte Hey Adam good evening from Corella hey Justin good to see you my man glad you Can make it back Janelle hey Adam when We will get your book about the best Marketing strategy of all time to grow Any business one day fun fact I’ve Written like um There’s certain things like even I Struggle with perfectionism is the is The the killer of them all I’ve written A couple books that are just sitting

There on my computer Um not published I’m going to make one I Will on um on my marketing master plan Which is my model Market message media Machine It will be here one year when who knows Right now I’m I find that I’m able to Make a bigger impact with the YouTube Videos and I’m able to help more people So that’s where the efforts go Silverline hello Ah okay great book yes I assume we’re Talking about uh Thiago Fortes building A second brain amazing book amazing book Okay my Niche is author marketing I love Doing this thanks for always providing Great insights okay awesome yes Fantastic yeah as far as author Marketing goes Like share the process right of what That looks like so for your clients for Your students for everybody in your Community get them to basically make Stuff about how they’re making stuff Share the story behind the story what Got cut what got included how did they Think of this what was the inspiration Um what do they write on what what’s Their pen of choice their typewriter Their laptop Etc etc All right super oh underag I missed Super Chat Hang on we’re going back wow You wake up at 4am and this productive

Wow so much making sense the American Culture I’m Canadian but yes close Enough I don’t even know if it’s a Culture I think it’s more just my weird Personality and um and addicted to Marketing and to growth and yes I don’t I wouldn’t advise it or say that it’s Healthy but There we are ah super dry hey Adam how Is your leg how long has it been six Weeks already good memory my friend and Thank you for asking yes it has been What is it now it’s December so it was Like October November December we’re Going on almost three months since the Injury Um and the surgery so it’s recovering It’s uh for those not familiar I Ruptured my achilles tendon in September Clean split broke that thing completely Fell to the ground it was a disaster I Had to go get surgery and put it all Back together Um I spoke to a number of friends who Have had this happen as well and they Told me it was one of the longest most Painful recoveries ever I was like Thanks thanks friends that’s that’s Inspiring but they were not wrong so it Is um I’m getting there I’m keeping a Positive attitude but I’m not gonna lie It’s It’s painful and frustrating and slow But we’ll get there we’ll get there the

Sanchez group I’m a financial advisor New to social media marketing would like To get a clear action plan to grow on Social Yes Um I feel like I’m talking about this a Lot but I think this is a good place to Start There we are again When it comes to getting a social media Action plan first of all a ton of videos On the channel that are going to help And guide you in that right direction The big thing for me is making sure that You are choosing the right social media Platforms for your audience there’s a Lot of talk about all the latest and Greatest social media platforms that Come out obviously Twitter is huge in The headlines right now thanks to elon’s Acquisition of it tick tock prior to That was the Talk of the Town forever Prior to that it was Instagram prior to That it was Facebook uh YouTube still is Like it’s funny it’s like if you look at The top used platforms among especially Gen Z but but most audiences now Um it’s going to YouTube the thing with YouTube is that there’s the barrier to Entry of having to make videos so a lot Of people shy away from it so if you can YouTube’s gonna be your best long-term Play short term play as a financial Advisor I’d be like well who are you who

Are you advising that’s going to be more Important to the platform Choice than The niche that you’re in in fact that’s Basically my answer for any business Ever people always ask what’s the best Social media platform for roofers for Coaches for agencies for consultants for People that knit socks like whatever it Is they always ask that and and the Quest the answer is who are the buyers Who are the customers the audience the Clients of your service that’s going to Show you not the the niche doesn’t Really matter it’s more about the person That’s using it this has to do with the Social graph versus the interest graph And where things are going but we’re Going to talk about that in another day Okay [Music] Love how you add your own music on your Vids ever thought of making a marketing Album yeah so it’s um I like music I Think it’s fun and funny so I try to Include it in the videos because Um I think it’s funny I get a kick out of It it’s actually here’s what’s really Interesting I’ve got an amazing group of people that Analyze the retention of the videos we Find out what works what doesn’t what we Need to do more of what we need to do Less of anytime that I add something

Weird and Goofy a marketing rap song or Something like that it’s interesting to Watch because like retention will go Down there will be people that watch That and they’re like this is stupid I’m Leaving but the people that stick around They build a better connection and you Form better engagement and you show off A more human side of it so it’s funny We’ve discussed hey these actually Sometimes hurt retention but you have to Keep them in there because they’re Important for your overall brand so Thoughts on making a marketing album Probably never going to happen Um but I will probably continue to add Goofy little skits into the videos Because I like them and uh and I also Imagine When I was first learning about business And marketing like if I could have had Someone make a stupid marketing rap song Or a weird skit to help me get a point Across I would have loved that so Essentially I’m making these videos for Like younger Adam when I was first Learning and then hopefully you find Them useful as well All right one sec let’s hit that That thing there we go water and I’ll Hit this one All right Blaze Imports hobby shop going through All your videos thank you very much I’m

Glad you’re enjoying them any tips in The hobby industry mainly remote control Hobby grade cars could it be possible to Make a funnel to sell RC remote control Model cars faster the answer to that is Yes 100 you can make a funnel to sell Them faster How do we do that that’s the million Dollar question let’s see if we can whip Something up here real quick Number one we’re talking about a niche Business so in my experience I used to Have um a remote control model airplanes That we would fly and they were hundreds If not thousands of dollars by the time You had all the gear so it’s like we’re Talking about a smaller niched but very Passionate industry of people so I Imagine that remote control cars are Probably a bigger Niche because it’s Going to be more accessible than remote Control planes because you don’t need to Be at a Airfield to do it so your people Are there you’ve got to identify who They are where they hang out what they Like etc etc then you’ve got to find out Once you’ve got them established where Are they present and active online what Reddit groups what Discord communities What I don’t know Facebook groups are They a part of how do you sort of embed Yourself into that Community which you Probably already have and then how do You make more stuff about that so for

You It’s content like it’s all content so It’s like I want videos of the cars I Want videos of the build I want videos Of the latest Tire and Suspension and Batteries and like all of that I want to Know everything about it that helps so That I can start to get um get a feel For it and start to like really have my My addiction fed through the content as Far as a funnel goes What you probably want to do is figure Out what is the entry point into the World and then start to build something Up that way so for some people like Maybe your top sellers I don’t know some Entry level package with like car and Remote and Battery all in one then what I might do is I might have an upsell be Like hey do you want a better battery or A faster motor or whatever it is cool You can do that hey do you want a Cross-sell do you also want a cover or a Kit or a way to carry it uh do you want To downsell hey you didn’t want that top Of the line one what about this instead Basically Pardon me I’m just ranting away Forgetting to breathe uh basically you Want to just map out the entire funnel Like if somebody came into the store What’s the process that you would walk Them through that’s your funnel that’s It that’s all the funnel is it’s a

Customer Journey Okay a sylvanian r message adds still Effective I experienced that I get a Bunch of messages from people who won’t Respond back the messages after the Autorespawn seems to be delayed in Delivering too uh yes message ads are Still effective Um but again that’s because they’re a Vehicle they’re the tool they’re not the Message itself behind it so Bear with me but like a good message ad Is still effective if they used to work For you and they stopped working for you Yeah it could be algorithm changes you Need to update your message you need to Update the creative etc etc my Recommendation is to start with lead Generation ads use um This software You don’t have to but it’s my preference And hang on one sec I got all these Overlays there we go Use that software do a lead form Facebook lead form ad into an instant Form have that go through high level do An SMS follow-up going to high level and You can download a free trial this one Gives you an extended trial take a Snapshot there’s all kinds of different Campaigns that you can just import Directly into your account try that out See if it works if so keep doing it if Not

Come back next week we’ll have another Chat we’ll find another solution Hannah give Adam a thumbs up thank you Hannah and give yourselves a thumbs up Too Saturday morning here you are Talking about business and marketing Making the world a better place by Helping people solve problems proud of You all Raymond hey Adam I would like to Send you a business plan how can I do That I’m afraid you cannot that is not a Service that I offer but I appreciate You going out there and making it happen That said there I’m sure there’s other People who will be happy to review Um business plans and maybe at some Point in the future I will have Something where I can do it through Members of the digital marketing Academy Where I’m going to look over things Right now uh time has not permitted me To do that to all has anyone read and Implemented the 12 week year Well if you Want to let each other know you can do That Down there have I read it Maybe it sounds super familiar I think I Might have read it I’ve read a lot of Books and and sadly the problem is when I read a lot of books sometimes I skim Them real quick looking for the Nuggets Which means I don’t retain it which is Why I like to go back over books and Reread the really good ones a couple

Times because then it really sinks in Kind of what the whole point of today’s Email was Um Mr mercif merschev Mr shiv brand Psycho Yeah probably Mr we’ll go with that How to grow personal branding Um In a nutshell Talk about the things that are Interesting and relevant to you and to Your audience and do it a whole lot more Honestly that’s the um that’s the kind Of crappy answer like the really Superficial like make more stuff but Like that is the answer so we could go Into more specifics about it like Identifying things that you stand for And identifying values and your mission And your why identifying who your Audience is and what their problems are And how to create content that solves That and how to build a tribe and There’s a lot obviously to it that’s That is warrants more than like a 30 Second answer but um but it really comes Down through just making stuff about it If you have not read the book Primal Branding Primal branding Primal branding uh go read that one Um Hannah were there two mirrors at your Hotel yeah that was my so for those of You who are not here a while ago I made Uh we were talking about a small town in

Slovakia called piashtani where I’ve Spent a considerable amount of time Which is like totally random but uh and Once I was there and we were in a hotel And like legitimate like literally the Only people in this entire hotel and it Was big and old and creepy and uh and it Reminded me of The Shining and there Were not there was mirrors in the oh the Whole thing was just so creepy in fact Just even remembering it’s giving me the Chills and I’m not even like a spiritual Spooky type of person and just freak the Heck out of me uh Adam I have a question How to be confident on a sale or Discovery call while selling the web Design service because I got nerves and I don’t want to talk with anyone on a Call okay two things Um three things maybe number one is Practice oh I wish there was a way Around that but like that’s it that’s it You got to do way more sales calls like If you’re really nervous on sales calls Um you just have to do more of them and You will become less nervous That’s it everything that I’ve ever been Scared of I’ve tried to do more of Through repetition so fun fact you may Not know this about me I’m scared of Sharks like I like really scared of Sharks but I also love the water I was a Lifeguard I kite surf I water ski I love it but I’m so scared of sharks so

What I did is I forced myself to go Scuba diving and um and be in the water And we didn’t see sharks we saw Barracuda but like that was enough to Sort of set me over and I actually got In the water with uh a nurse shark which Not exactly the most lethal of all Sharks but went up and like was able to Hold it and all of that Um and essentially it made me a little Less scared of sharks in some ways it May be more scared of sharks because now I realize just how terrifying they are But in other ways I was like hey cool I Was in with this thing it didn’t eat me Alive I’m gonna probably be okay so you Just have to have a little bit of Exposure and repetition to it that’s Step one Don’t swim with sharks don’t be silly be Safe people but um the second thing you Can do Is really going prepared like really Prepared so it’s like here’s why we’re The best you don’t have to tell them This but like you have to amp yourself Up I make good websites I’m good at what I do people uh this sounds super cheesy But bear with me people appreciate me I’m a good person they are like I have Value to offer the world this is um an Opportunity for me to serve the other Thing that you can keep in mind that Will help with the confidence is

Realizing that there’s one of you but Lots of other clients so you don’t need Every client you’re not going to get Every client you don’t want every client So it’s more about like applying making Them kind of apply to you so ask them Questions keep them talking that’s the Other thing is like if you’re talking More than half the time on a sales call You’re doing it wrong it’s like your job Is to ask questions get answers so that You can make the best diagnosis for that And then again yeah just practice All right for hey Adam could you please Summarize what is the real difference Between digital marketing and growth Hacking Yeah like again anytime that we’re using Words like Growth hacking Gorilla Marketing Digital marketing traditional marketing There’s they’re kind of I don’t want to Say synonyms because they do mean Different things but it’s like actually Let me even Google this one for you I’m Gonna find the like technical answer Because essentially digital marketing is Using digital tools to grow your Business whereas growth hacking let’s uh Let’s get the actual answer Subfield of marketing focused on the Rapid growth of a company referred to as A process process instead of Cross-disciplinary skills so it’s like

What are you trying to do you’re trying To grow business digital marketing are The tools that you can use to do that But um Yeah I mean like Hacking growth hacking guerrilla Marketing they’re all kind of like Guerrilla marketing for example using Unconventional strategies Um typically done in the real world a Lot of overlap not that important I Think to your overall success I think You can use any tool that’s available to You hopefully that answered it was kind Of a flaky answer but only because There’s like this huge gray area and um Not overly important that said take a Look at early books by Ryan holiday on Growth hacking and marketing some cool Stuff there I think you’ll find those Useful Uh Cody I run a tech store in the mall I Find boosting my post works better than Ads is it okay oh this is a good Question So I’m super anti-boosting posts for Most people most of the time and this is What’s cool about these live Conversations is I get to provide Context and Nuance because here like if Um Cody I’m not sure if you’re on the Email list but if you are then you saw This morning What’s the difference between good

Marketing and bad marketing good Marketing Works bad marketing doesn’t Full stop so if you’re boosting posts And you’re getting better results than Running ads then that my friend for you In this context in this situation is Good marketing doesn’t matter what I Have to say about my despise of boosting Posts if it works for you keep doing it For most people they’re going to be Better off with ads also I think as a Caveat to that I would supplement my Boosted posts with more targeted ads to See if I could do better with them Because it’s going to give you more Control more flexibility more Scalability like you’re gonna have more Options by doing it that way that said Things are changing algorithms are Getting smarter What a world Ah Jay how do I find out what a good ad Spend budget is for a small business are There General guidelines to follow like What amount is pointless versus Effective oh this is a good one too These are good you guys are good today We’re we’re on a roll Um Okay so What do we do for ad spend budget number One we have to understand that Advertising is a business function Designed to deliver a return on

Investment Roi I put in a dollar I want Two back actually I want five back or Ten back because I’m greedy but like but That’s what I want back out I want my Ads to work otherwise why am I running Them I’ll just not do it so that’s step One now where do you start is the more Important question because in the early Days you don’t put in a dollar in ghetto Two you put in a dollar and you get out 50 cents it’s kind of like getting Kicked in the groin and everybody gets Angry and they swear off ads and it’s Just a horrible scene for everybody but If you stick with it you put in a dollar You get out 75 cents and you put in a Dollar you get out 90 cents and you put In a dollar and you get out a dollar Once you hit that point it’s kind of Sort of like this Magical Kingdom where You’re able to essentially generate Leads for free put in a dollar get out a Dollar I’ll do that all day because I Can outspend the competition But where you get quote unquote Stupid wretch is when you put in the Dollar and you get two back out that’s That’s the Holy Grail we’re shooting for So That’s what we have to get to and then Your budget becomes unlimited you do it As much as you can provided you’re able To fulfill on the orders that you’re Getting now as far as what amount is

Pointless versus effective you need to Take a look and be realistic with what It is that you’re selling and then sort Of calculate your budget from there so I’m going to give you some numbers I Don’t have a pen and paper in front of Me so we’re going to do this With math in our heads which is a Terrifying thought but bear with me if You’re selling something for thirty Dollars you have a thirty dollar thing To sell my budget per day is ninety Dollars for the start and the reason is Is because I want to set my budget at Three to five times Max cost per Acquisition I totally have to write this Out but bear with me three to five times Max cost per acquisition which means I’m Willing to spend three to five times More than my thirty dollar price in Order to get data and to make sure that My ads are working I’m not going to do That forever or I’ll go broke but I’m Willing to do that for a good few days At least a week to find out what Audience work what messages work etc etc If I’m selling something for three Hundred dollars I may not set my ad Spend budget at a thousand bucks a day What I might do is optimize for Something earlier in the funnel so I Might optimize for leads or clicks or Landing page views and then whatever Three to five times that Max is so say

That I know that I can get a landing Page view for a buck well maybe I’ll set My my cost per day at um I don’t know Five bucks ten bucks 50 bucks like you Can always just move earlier down the Funnel Now what is pointless what’s pointless Is send spending five bucks a day to Make a thousand dollar sale right Because like if you do the math on that One five times thirty 150 150 times 10 10 months for fifteen hundred dollars so You’re basically going to take like 10 Months to make one sale and you’re just Never gonna get the data back on that so Again the solution to that is you just Move your objective further up the Funnel so instead of optimizing for a Sale you’d optimize for like an add to Cart or a landing page view or a lead or Etc hopefully that made sense that’s a Very technical complicated question but Um super important and fun to talk about Dwayne thank you for answering my first Question my pleasure I’m glad I could Make it last one what do you anticipate To be the major marketing Trends in 2023 Oh so many good ones I got videos coming Out on this um but to tease them a Little bit the major Trends uh the Biggest one by far that I think is the Most available to most people This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch The rest of the videos but uh short

Vertical video Yep I wish it wasn’t because I love me Some long horizontal video but short Vertical video that’s um that’s the Kicker right now predominantly through YouTube shorts like if I had to pick one Channel to guide people through and in Fact I’m not taking on personal clients but I’ve got two that I’ve that I’m I’ve Kept on they’ve been loyal for years and They’re good good good people so we’re Keeping them because they’re great but Um I’m guiding them towards YouTube Shorts and lots of them so let that be Uh let that be a bit of a thing there if I’m doing it myself and I’m telling the Only two people that I have as private Clients Um to do that probably should do that The beauty of it as well is that you can Put those on Instagram reels Facebook Reels Tick Tock etc etc Twitter when They ever figure that out uh LinkedIn if They ever figure their video thing out Whole other whole other story for Another day here day the dancing bear is Awesome oh thank you yeah I like them It’s funny like I said I spent way too Much time this morning trying to find a Way to get money to like Drop from the Ceiling and like nothing was working and Um I was like I had to go live I need Something

So we’re going to go there all right Five more minutes hey look at that baton Kia is in Colombia I am in Medellin look At you guys I have no idea if those are close Together it’s kind of like when someone Says hey I’m in Toronto and then I’m in Vancouver which is 3 000 miles away and They’re like I’ll come see you I was Like cool it’s like a six hour flight But um That sounds good okay Carlo in some ad Platforms eyes it is considered an Employment opportunity which means I Can’t target age or gender that’s why I’m getting great CTR click-through rate But no leads or just completely rejected Like on Facebook Yep not much I can do with you for you There which is um which is a cop-out Answer let me give you a better answer There are many ad platforms that have Strict guidelines on what you can and Cannot advertise and they’re getting More strict over time two things you can Do number one leave platforms go to a Different platform uh for most people The most strict one by far is like Facebook and Instagram they are they are Crazy with what you can and cannot say For good reason the the barrier to entry To start running ads is super low there So they gotta they gotta keep a lid on Things

The other thing you can do though is you Can really this is going to come down to Really knowing your ideal customer Avatar And who they are and then working Your Way backwards so it’s like okay well if Facebook is considering this an Employment opportunity what is the step That they could take prior to that could I give away information on this could I Talk about this could I like what else Can I do that’s going to allow someone To uh to raise their hand the second Slightly more advanced tactic is you Could create a series of very Broad age and gender targeted video ads Um then you could retarget people based On how they interacted with that content So you could just leave it super wide Open and then base your main calls to Action with your main offer based on the Retargeting audience All right Hannah another reminder Thank you yes it helps with the Algorithm all the algorithms I tell you Good Times Ah Charlotte thank you for the tips well Check out your website yeah that Honestly the website’s decent you’ll Find some stuff there YouTube channel is Better I love the website they the the People that made it did an amazing job Their link is in the footer Um but as far as like valuable content

To help you You’re in the right place Okay we got a few minutes Left this I think is good to talk about It’ll help people that are doing agency Stuff is it my responsibility as a Marketer to actually create the video I Use for the business content is it Reasonable to ask the owners to send me Video and I handle the editing and Posting Okay uh both totally depends on what you Want to do I’ve done all of them uh so I’ve It’s more realistic that especially Because a lot of people aren’t local for The business owner to send you the Footage and then you do the posting That’s probably the easiest answer uh if You’re able to go there and do it for Them it’s a huge value add I’m not sure If that’s worth your time based on the Price that you’re charging them but it’s Also going to give you different options For what kind of footage to use the Other thing that you can do is you can Have a relatively stock video and then You can have them film the outside of Their gym you could have them fill in The inside maybe a quick shot and you Could just like literally plug and play A few of those pieces into a more Generic video Um because your goal here is to minimize

Their workload and minimize your Workload I can tell you from personal Experience If you ask a business owner to like go Get you footage like video footage good Luck like they don’t know what to get They’re probably not going to do it it Might come out blurry like most people Don’t know how to go film proper footage So if you can take that away awesome if They’re able to do it themselves even Better Ah slapped hey Adam I was wanting to do A step-by-step process for starting off With digital marketing so yes I’m going To do this for sure uh I’m working on The script idea now so it’s coming I do Have a video right now on how to start a Digital marketing agency which may or May not provide some value so you can Start watching it and if it doesn’t help You you can stop watching it So what’s nice about YouTube Uh okay business with Lee hey Adam thank You for all the valuable content you Share thank you for being here I want to Find out how you would Market a high School uniform business that’s specific That’s very specific how would I Market A high school uniform business I don’t Know this is a great question I’ve never Had that question before um my kids need School uniforms So let’s reverse engineer this my kids

School sends me a list of things I need To go buy and then I go buy them so as The consumer I don’t have any choice or care or Anything I just buy what the school Tells me to buy which means that you are In a B2B business where the buyers of Your uniforms are the schools themselves Now this is a good thing because it Means that instead of an audience of the 8 billion people in the world you’ve got A targeted focused area of high schools That use uniforms I don’t know what that Is but like let’s say Five thousand one thousand Hundreds I don’t look whatever it is Narrow down on the top people that you Want and start making what I call a Power list so I would have a list of my Top 100 people that I wanted to contact And I would just start networking making The connections following up time and Time again it’s um that’s going to be a Relationship style business but Yeah super cool okay let’s see if I can Hit one more because it’s nine A.M Okay I might be able to do one more After this one hey Adam do you think That your marketing degree assisted you In your digital Marketing career I’m gonna assume you Meant so do I think that my marketing Degree helped me Oh

Like Yes but only because it didn’t not help Me Right it’s like so my marketing degree Was helpful was it helpful to the extent Of the time and money that it took Probably not so what ended up happening Is like I fell in love with marketing I Went to get a marketing degree because Of my love of marketing but my love of Marketing is what enabled me to excel at It so I studied outside of school after School on my way to school during school Like I I was always reading and learning In books about marketing and everything I could get my hands on about marketing So the degree the actual piece of paper Did not help at all like zero zero Nobody has ever asked me about a Marketing degree zero people maybe one Let’s hedge just a little bit just to be Safe but like nobody cared the only Thing they cared about was the results And the experience and the passion that I spoke with and about marketing so if You’re the kind of person that learns in That environment go for it if you’re the Kind of person that’s able to self-study And do it on your own probably gonna do Better Um like even the even a conservative Price for like a marketing degree Through like a community college which Would be more than enough like we’re

Still looking at fifteen twenty thousand Dollars in four years of your life Man you can buy a lot of books like you Could buy all the marketing books most Of the marketing courses like if you Took 20 grand you spent 10 grand on Marketing courses you spend Six grand on marketing books you went Through them all start to finish and you Spent four grand I don’t know why but Like say it on building a website Running ads creating content I’m like You’re gonna be so far ahead of Everybody else Whoo good okay let’s hit one more which One is going to help the most people How do I not imagery Yeah I know the funny skits I’m glad you Like them they’re for you honestly They’re for you guys that are here and Like it so we’re gonna keep them up Um let’s do this one because I think It’s relevant to people Because it kind of wraps together the Purpose and the goal of marketing and How do we justify how do we justify our Existences as marketers as business Owners as entrepreneurs as creators as People that make stuff and put it out to The world and say hey I made this I hope You like it so here’s the question I’m a Marketing manager or becoming a Marketing manager for whatever company In this case outdoor hunting industry

But again supplement this with whatever Business you’re in how do I not fail Good question and make sure they keep Making money and my value is worth it to Them So essentially the question here is how Do I not fail at marketing how do I Justify my position how do I make them Money so for starters you’re asking the Right questions that is that is the Right question How do I not fail how do I make the Money so number one you’ve got to find Out what they want everybody is going to Have different goals and objectives and Criteria for what’s important to them They may value growth or engagement if They’re established and they’ve been Around for a long period of time and They’re a big company 10 20 million plus They probably already have things that They know work and things that they know Doesn’t work don’t work that they don’t Want to do so figure that out if they Don’t and they’re just like hey you’re The marketing dude make us money then You’ve got to like really take things Back to scratch so forget likes comments Shares engagement growth you can show Them that because it’s going to make Them feel good and it’s going to um it’s Gonna buy you some time to essentially Do marketing that actually works but the Million dollar question the important

Thing here is how do I make them money That’s the goal of marketing you need to Show that the work you’re doing is Resulting in an increase in sales Sometimes this is easier said than done But what I try to do is I try to figure Out first of all what is the client what Is the customer what is the business Looking for what’s success look like is It increase in these sales is it Increasing this sign ups email list etc Etc And then I reverse engineer that okay Well if it’s um store visits how do I Get more people in the store because More Store visits is going to equal more Sales if it’s online sales how do I Increase traffic to the website because If it’s increasing traffic it increases In add to carts etc etc Um then it’s really just about being Accountable to what you’re doing and how This is leading to the results that it’s Um that it’s delivering the biggest Thing here the biggest piece of advice To anybody that’s doing marketing for Anyone else is to over communicate so Here’s what I’m doing here’s why it’s Important here’s the results here’s what We’re expecting here’s what I’m thinking I used to send these like monster emails Nobody read them nobody like nobody Um then nobody even responded like ever But that’s okay because what it did is

It showed them hey this guy’s thinking This stuff through I don’t care what He’s doing it’s all very confusing to me And it doesn’t really matter nobody else Really likes marketing like we do but Like it showed them that I was doing That and that at least everything that I Was doing had a justification that’s Essentially it is we don’t do marketing For the sake of marketing random acts of Marketing as I like to say we do Marketing to achieve a goal so we need To make sure we identify what that goal Is and then plot The best plan to get there Okay yes the replay it’ll be there I think that’s it we’re good do I have Time Oh I don’t have time I’m out got family Waiting got a shovel snow make pancakes Once again everyone thank you for being Here it was amazing to see you all some Amazing questions today I so appreciate Them uh so appreciate you all being here So good to see you and um Keep me posted let me say hi in the Comments I check them all read them all Try to get to as many as I can I’m doing My best to respond to the ones on the Newest videos that’s making things more Manageable but otherwise uh yeah stay Well talk soon take care guys

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