Can You Trust Facebook’s Ad Data?

When you're running large scale Campaigns you're going to start to see Outcomes like this so 860 000 reach You're going to be reaching millions of People and the question that may be Running through your mind is is Facebook Even providing me reliable data because In theory they could just make this up Or they could inflate it with fake Accounts or robots to make it look like You're reaching a lot of people when Really you're not Now this isn't really a concern when You're running something like a Conversion campaign because you're going To be able to see In your own records whether you're Making money or not and that's going to Be a check and balance against Facebook's deceptive data Now Facebook was involved in some Perhaps you might call them scandals in The past where me maybe they're Inflating their numbers and they're Deceiving advertisers however things Have changed since then and now we have Some accreditation that's come from the MRC The media rating Council The media rating council is basically Providing us with an audit of how good And reliable we can trust Facebook's Advertising data and this Council has Been around since the 1960s so there's

Some sort of credibility there now Rating boards like this or accreditation Bureaus aren't always the most reliable So for example with the sub Prime Mortgage crisis there was a failure There the checks and balances just Didn't work out so you need to take this With a grain of salt but it does give us A certain degree of confidence in Facebook especially moving forward in Being able to trust the data they're Presenting so we can see here the MRC is A non-profit industry organization whose Goal is to ensure metrics and Measurement across the media industry Are valid reliable and effective we also Know that the MRC doesn't just rubber Stamp everything so for example Nielsen Is one of the most trusted research in Institutions for marketing and we see That the MRC didn't hesitate to suspend Their accreditation when the data were Falling short so that gives us another Layer of confidence in Facebook's data So Facebook started cleaning up their Act around 2020 moving in this auditing Third-party assessments we can see here That this particular accreditation came November around November 1st 2022 and we Can see that the MRC is doing extensive Audits conducted by independent CPA Auditors so this is a very legitimate Way of checking whether the the data We're looking at is is true we also note

That Facebook has moved very much Towards trying to remove a lot of the Fake accounts from their platform

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