Copywriting Examples (10 ways to write your 1st paragraph!)

A lot of the copywriting advice out There is heavily heavily focused on how To write the headline how to write the First piece of text that people see in An ad and this is rightfully so because That is what's going to get the most Attention and that is the minimum that Somebody's going to read if they do read Your ad however when you're doing Copywriting sometimes you hit a Roadblock where you just don't know what To do after you've written the headline So what we're going to do now is we're Going to look at 10 ways to write the First paragraph So what you do after the Headline and this come to a comes to us From John cables the famous copywriter Who published one of the most famous Copywriting books all the way back in The 1950s so we're going to start here With the first five we're going to give Some examples some modern examples Mostly and then we're going to move to The second five ways to start the first Paragraph after the headline all right So the first five ways number one Continue the thought in the headline Pretty natural progression from the Headline number two is to quote an Authority so an authority figure that The readers are going to trust that the Target customer is going to trust three Challenge the reader number four let the Company speak the manufacturer in most

Cases and number five give away free Info so let's go through some Demonstrations to see if we can think of What approach is being taken to the First paragraph Okay so here's an ad that I saw on Facebook that I thought had some really Good copywriting and we want to Understand what approach is being taken To the follow-up paragraph So it says how I pay for my vacations is It really possible to partner with the World's largest retailers and sell Profitable products without spending any Money up front Without building a website without Storing inventory in a warehouse without Paying for traffic or even without any Tech or sales skills absolutely Especially if you meet these three Qualifications so a good piece of Copywriting now one of the difficult Questions here is what is actually the Headline because technically when you're Doing the Facebook ad manager this thing At the bottom is considered the headline But I would say that in this situation I'm actually thinking of this first Sentence as the headline I think this is The one that probably got the most Copywriting attention so for this Demonstration let's let's assume that This is the headline and that these Bullet points are the follow-up copy so

Here are five choices is the person the Copywriter continuing the thought in the Headline Are they quoting an authority Are they challenging the reader Are they letting the company speak are They giving away free info Well I would say what they're doing is They're continuing the thought in the Headline they're saying is this really Possible Without spending any money up front and Then they're giving more details of Situations that would require a lot of Upfront investment so it's a natural Progression from the headline Let's take a look at another example So we have two ads here both of which Follow up the headline with a similar Approach to the first paragraph On the left here we have looks like an Episode of the Shark Tank or what you Might know in other countries is the Dragon's Den we have the headline so we Have some different choices here that we Can choose as the headlines so it could Be what is technically considered the Headline the title from Facebook's Perspective which is this we could say That it's this lettering that's in green We could say that it's the starting of The text or we could say that it's this Caption here what I would say is that The most attention grabbing thing here

Is the white on the green and that this Is actually the headline this is the First thing that people are going to Read every Dragon made an offer so uh Now the question is what's the first Paragraph well I would say it's Occupational therapists have used Weighted blankets for years to calm down Restless I assume children and then We'll go into more detail et cetera et Cetera now we have another example from The book making ads pay that uses a very Very similar approach to the first Paragraph and it says nutrition Authorities Say that both adults and children Miss Many helpful benefits if they fail to Eat a good breakfast so one's talking About occupational therapists and the Others talking about nutrition Authorities so which approach is being Used here is it continue the thought in The headline quote an authority Challenge the reader let the company Speak or give free info the Temptation Here is to believe that what we're doing Here is quoting an authority or quoting Occupational therapists and we're Quoting nutrition authorities but it's Not actually true because these are not Quotations really what we're doing here Is we're giving away free information We're educating the reader and this is Approach that I've taken as well uh when

I was marketing to veterinarians and What I would do is I'd quote the Research uh that looked at the Data showing how effective It was to speak and give medical notes Rather than type out medical notes and Then I was quoting relevant research Authorities but I was basically just Giving away free information and not Relying on quotations to do so So giving away free information is What's being employed in both these Situations Here's an example from sure now this Isn't from an advertisement this is from A website and I would say that generally With websites you're kind of educating People about the product and focused on The middle of the funnel where you're Trying to give detailed information and You're not just focused on the brand You're also not just focused on Direct Response uh solicitations So we have the title here here the Difference and then we have the Follow-up paragraph listen to the video And hear the mv7's voice isolation Technology in action when compared to a Laptop or smartphone's built-in mic So what's happening here are we Continuing the thought in the headline Are we quoting an authority are we Challenging the reader Are we letting the company speak or are

We giving away free info What we're doing is we're continuing the Thought in the headline we're saying Hear the difference and then we're Elaborating on what that difference is It's the mv7 voice isolation technology Compared to laptop or smartphone Built-in mic and then we have the Ability to toggle between what it sound What the recording sounds like on a Smartphone mic versus the shore mv7 very Simple default way to continue a Headline is just to continue after a Headline is to continue the thought in The first paragraph Uh here is another example of an ad that I saw on Facebook we're giving away Fifty thousand dollars this season could This be any more exciting we're giving Away 50k and holiday bonuses this season If you know someone Etc etc once again we're just continuing The thought in the headline this is Going to be one of the most common Approaches that you see to first Paragraph copywriting Okay so now we're going to continue the Second five ways to write the first Paragraph of your advertising of your Copywriting once again this comes from John Caples And we have a testimonial Product specs Editorial

The U approach And lastly a story So here what we're going to do is we're Going to demonstrate some mattress ads And we're going to ask what's being used For the first paragraph So we have the title who makes the best Mattresses Who makes the best mattress and then We're comparing these two And then we have a copy here I have the Opportunity to sleep test the Indie Mattress versus the purple mattress Etc etc so is this a testimonial Is it product specs an editorial a U or A story Well it's kind of like a story the Person's talking about their experience Using it but really what it is is the Testimonial it's a first-hand account of What it was like to use the product so a Very effective approach to copywriting We have another mattress Canadian Mattress Canada's best mattress that's sweeping The nation is Douglas Canada's best Mattress get yours and find out And then there's a series of bullets That starts with ships in a box So is this a testimonial is it product Specs is it an editorial is it a you or Is it a story Well there's a bit of excitement here so You might be tempted to think this is an

Editorial or a story but really what It's relying on is bullet points of Product specs and that's what's being Employed here is just a list of product Specs number seven

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