Create a YouTube Ad Campaign from Scratch [in 8 minutes]

In this video I'm going to walk you Through how to set up a YouTube Advertising campaign so here I am in the All campaign section within the Google Ads manager I'm going to go down to Campaigns select campaigns and then You'll notice that I have a number of Different campaigns here most of which Have been paused I'm going to hit this Little blue circle for creating a Campaign select new campaign We can see here that we're given a Number of different objectives sales Leads website traffic product and brand Consideration brand awareness and reach App promotion local store visits and Promotions and create a campaign without A goal's guidance For this purpose what I'm going to do is Select brand awareness and reach you can See that we have two options here Display and video I'm going to select video And you see that we have some different Options here a video Reach campaign get More reach for your budget with bumper Ads skippable in-stream ads or Non-skippable in-stream ads we have ADD Sequence and we have audio so I'm going To go with video Reach campaign because I know based on Research that reaching All category buyers continuously Throughout the year is General best Practices for brand growth and we have

Some different options here we have Efficient reach we have non-skippable in Stream and then we have Target frequency Uh I generally don't want to hit Multiple people with the same ads Multiple times instead what I'd like to Do is reach as many people as possible And I'd like to do that efficiently so Efficient reach is a good default option Here So I'm going to call this uh test Reach Campaign I'm gonna go with a Bidding option of Target CPM since you Can see that's the only option I'm going To go with the daily budget of five Dollars You can see the networks here I'm going To uncheck video Partners on the Display Network so that I know I'm getting very Good non-junk inventory by doing YouTube Videos you can see on the right here the Estimates so 10 billion impressions I'm going to stick with the United States as the targeting location for Languages I've already selected English Here Related videos I'm not going to select One of those but if there are similar Videos on your YouTube channel you could Go in and add them here so that you can Get some extra engagement potentially From not just the ads but also them Engaging with other videos for the ad

Group I'm going to call this ad group Test Demographics I'm gonna go with all Sexes All incomes all parental statuses and All the Ages which here is going to be Adult Ages which is fine for my purposes So we have some options now to figure Out who the people are that we want to Reach and we can go into details on the Demographics but that's not really that Important in most cases what's going to Be more useful for us are the audience Segments and you can see here select Audience segments to Define who should See your ads You can create new segments in the Audience manager so you can click this To go to the audience manager or you can Go to the audience manager this way go Into the Google ads manager so this is Just another window with the Google ads Manager you go to tools and settings and You go to under share library and select Audience manager And it automatically is going to the Section called segments I'm going to go Up to audiences I'm going to hit this Blue button To create an audience we'll call this Test audience And now what we can do is we can choose Custom segments data interest and Detailed demographics exclusions and Demographics I'm going to do is go under

Custom segments And create a new segment I'm going to call this Keyword digital marketing And we can search for people with any of These interests of purchase intentions Or we can Target people who search for Any of these terms on Google so I'm Going to put in the term here digital Marketing But you could choose anything you want I could also add multiple keywords so For example uh it's giving me some Different options here and I can add Those to the list and you can see on the Right it's giving us some information About the targeting so the number of Impressions weekly the gender 68 male The age and parental status which Usually aren't that relevant but what We're going to do here is hit save And now we have a new segment here there Are other options we could add here but For now I'm just going to rely on those Keywords we'll hit save again So you can see that I have two audiences Here the other thing that you could do Is you could create an audience that Combines uh different audiences that You've already created you can also Choose options to narrow your segments So for example you could have a high Level high level category and then Narrow it to a subgroup within that so

To create more advanced targeting Options what you what you're going to do Is you're going to navigate to this Section called combine segments so for Example for recent campaign what I have Is udemy B2B that's actually a Combination of two different targeting Groups so one is the keyword business to Business and the other is a group of People that are likely to have visited The udemy website So we can take a quick look here what That looks like So you can see here I have two custom Segments that are being combined to Broaden the targeting we have udemy and Then udemy keyword web app and then I'm Narrowing it further by specifically Those people that are searching for a Business to business marketing as a Keyword You can see I have a number of different Combined segments here where I'm Combining keywords and in-market Audiences keywords related to people That have affinities for certain Websites Etc you can create your own by Hitting this plus sign select combine Segments and you can start putting in Your your groups here that you've Already defined and then you can choose To narrow the segment further to get Tighter targeting or exclude segments so Going back to the campaign here we

Created this special targeting group Called keyword digital marketing You can see it right here which had About three different keywords so we're Going to select that as our targeting Option in this case not an overly Complicated segment to go after And based on your campaign settings but Not your budget or bid The Impressions Would be 250 million The next thing we would do is put in the YouTube video that you want to advertise So this should be a video that you've Uploaded to YouTube it doesn't Necessarily have to be super public so It could be an unlisted video if you Want to separate your ads from the rest Of your Channel What I'm going to do is copy the URL From this video We'll go back to the ad manager I'll put This as the ad you can put in the URL Here so for example Maybe my landing page is I can add a call to action so Maybe preview And then I'll say number one rank Product whatever Number one will ranked course Number one ranked by So very limited terms of uh characters Here we can choose to have a companion Banner you can see what that looks like Here an image or group of images that

Appears next to your ad or we can custom Upload one I'm just going to go with the Default here And we can set a Target CPM bid it says You can improve your campaign's Potential reach and performance by using A bit of a 735 so you can do whatever You want here for my purposes I'm just Going to go with what they recommend and Then I would hit create campaign And then your campaign will be under Review so you can see for example I Created this campaign earlier and it Says all ads are under review

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