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They're basically just two types of Digital marketing digital marketing That's designed to generate quick profit And digital marketing that's designed to Generate long-term growth we're going to Start by talking about how to generate Quick profit Now the key to success with generating a Quick profit is looking at your entire Target audience and looking at a tiny Subset within that which is the group of People that are in Market the people That are actively looking to buy Something so the key to success is to Focus on that very tiny fraction One of the easiest ways to do that is With YouTube advertising in YouTube Advertising you can choose in-market Audiences you can see on the left here For example that I'm targeting people That are in market for custom sports Apparel but YouTube also gives you the Ability to Target all different types of In-market audiences so for example People that are interested in beauty Products and services people that are in Market for dating services people that Are in market for Real Estate now that's Just an example of how you can do this With YouTube but it's also very easy on Other platforms I'm going to talk Briefly about some of those key examples And then later in the course we'll go Into some detailed tutorials but before

We do that let's talk briefly about who I am my name is Decker Fraser I used to Be a Global Marketing Manager for Sony PlayStation I was a vice president of Marketing for Google accelerator startup I have half a million enrollments on I also taught college level Digital marketing and I have my MBA from Philip Cutler's Kellogg School of Management the top marketing school in The United States now moving on another Easy way to Target in-market audiences Is using Google search ads so you can See here for example I typed into Google YouTube microphone and we see some Examples of ads here now the reason this Is successful is because somebody's Searching for YouTube microphone is Probably in Market they're looking to Buy something and because it's not Overly expensive they're probably going To buy it fairly soon a good way to come Up with keywords is to use Google Keyword Planner and you can see here I Have some examples we can see that YouTube microphone in the United States Generates searches of around one Thousand to ten thousand per month we Can see that the competition to pay for Those ads is fairly competitive it's High we can see what the bidding prices Are and we can also see some other Keywords that we might want to bid for In advertising for example mic for

YouTube now another related thing you Can do here is called search engine Optimization SEO the reason I have this Is sometimes is because SEO can take a Long time to get results it might take Upwards of a year so it's not always the Basset generating a quick profit and It's also only effective to generate a Quick profit when you're focusing on Keywords for people that have buying Intent so for example if they type in Something like buy shirt now then they Probably have buying intent but if it's A more generic keyword it's not likely Going to generate a quick profit for you Facebook ads is another very effective Way to capture in-market audiences but It's a little more complicated and They're basically three different ways That we can Target in-market audiences Using Facebook ads the first is with Retargeting so for example if I Broadcasted a video to a million people Using an awareness objective I could Isolate the people that watched at least 10 seconds of that video or of any video That I had and I could say well those People have probably some level of Interest in what I'm selling so I'm Going to focus on them using retargeting Ads I can also retarget people that visit my Website I can also retarget people that I generated traffic from using the

YouTube in Market targeting and the Google in-market keywords Now the second way I can Target with Facebook ads is using an imported list So for example I might have an internal List for my CRM of people that engage With my sales team through live chat Well I can import those People into Facebook and Target them Specifically I can also go and buy a List so I can ask somebody for intent Data people that have buying intent and Import those people into the Facebook Platform I can also just Target people By buying a list of who of people who Recently moved and say okay well they Might be interested in Furniture Home Insurance Etc Now the third and perhaps the easiest Way to do in-market targeting with Facebook is with trigger targeting so Facebook actually enables you to Target People based on key things that happen In their life recently so for example People who recently got a new job They're in a new relationship they have A new smartphone and tablet Etc and you Can see some examples here where I'm Using that detailed targeting in Facebook Aura ads is another very effective way Now the reach on core is not me as great On Facebook but it's going to be very Good at isolating People based on what

Topics that they're navigating through What keywords they've been searching for And what questions they're asking so we Can display ads in these specific Categories later in the course I'm going To talk about these other examples that Perhaps a little less relevant in terms Of generating a quick profit but very Good in terms of generating long-term Growth Spotify ads has this really cool ability To do real-time context advertising so For example people that are at dinner People that are gaming people that are Cooking so you can see that when Somebody's cooking they may be very Receptive to buying something related to Cooking like a cookbook or perhaps a Cooking appliance when they're trying to Relax or they're trying to do some Gaming they might be particularly Receptive to buying something related to Gaming so that kind of contextual Advertising very good for generating Quick term profit Amazon ads is a great place to advertise Because that is where people are going To shop and perhaps there's nothing more In Market than that you can do that Easily using keyword targeting so I've Done this for example to promote my Kindle books and Amazon is a huge Opportunity especially if you're selling A product that people can buy

Very soon very quickly without a very Extensive lead nurturing process Now I want to make a comment here that Most of the platforms now or at least of A lot of them are going to have the Ability to use an imported list so if You have a list of people that you think Are in Market because of intent data Because of behavior that they've had Engaged with with your company you can Import that into LinkedIn you can Port It into Twitter you can see some Examples here you can import an audience Into Reddit ads you can import it into Snapchat ads here And you can also do it with Tick Tock so There is a very strong propensity to Target these people with different Platforms one of the key things to keep In mind however is that Facebook and Google and and YouTube as well are going To have the broadest reach so uh you're Highly likely to get a high match rate Uh with those whereas these might be a Little too tiny to operate Within The other thing to keep in mind is that Retargeting is available through most Platforms so for example with LinkedIn Here I'm a big fan of the retargeting Options because I can simply retarget Anybody that had any interaction with an Image ad which is very very simple you Can't actually do that with Facebook With Facebook the retargeting would have

To be people who visited your website Who opened a lead form who watched a Video something like that but the great Thing about Facebook is the reach is Much higher so it makes it very powerful In terms of retargeting also people use Facebook a lot so it's highly likely That they're going to see you Retargeting ad Google in a similar Fashion has very broad reach so it's Very powerful in terms of retargeting Capabilities but we can also turn to Other platforms like Tick Tock if you Want to catch Trends early we have the Ability to retarget people that Completely watch the video as an example Now another key way to Target people That are in Market is using something Like cold email cold email can be Automated at scale using tool like Lemlist which I've depicted here now It's going to be very effective if the List that you're importing in the limb List is of people that you think are in Market for what you're selling Now the second type of digital marketing That we're going to talk briefly about Is long-term growth and this is really Where the biggest opportunity is because Most people most of your target audience Is not in Market upwards of 95 of them So that is going to be the key to your Long-term success even though it may not Generate an immediate profit and the key

Way that we're going to drive long-term Growth is with reach ads now reach ads Usually fall under the category of Awareness but then there's going to be a Subsection in most platforms where You're able to optimize for reach Instead of something else like Impressions so I've depicted here how to Do that with Facebook but you can do it With LinkedIn you can do it with almost Any platform like Spotify Etc tick tock Another key way to drive long-term Growth is through Partnerships so Forming Partnerships with other Companies forming Partnerships with Influencers farming Partnerships with People that have much bigger reach than You have and leveraging them Piggybacking off them one of the best Ways I find to identify Partners is to Go to sparktoro which is available with A freemium model and you're able to type In certain keywords that Define who your Target audience is and then sparktora Will spit out a list of Brands companies Pages and people that you can align with To reach them and drive your long-term Growth Now lastly what I want to say here is There's a common mistake that people Make with digital marketing the first is Their create content that doesn't Generate a quick profit the reason it

Doesn't is because it doesn't resonate Within Market buyers so the kinds of Content that will resonate within Market Buyers will be something like a top 10 List of the best website designers Something like a buyer's guide to B2B SAS CRM software that kind of thing Quickly segues into a conversation That's going to generate sales pipeline For you now the second big mistake is They create content that doesn't Generate growth because it simply Doesn't reach enough people so the Answer to this is to create just a few Very important key content assets and Distribute them widely through number One reach advertising and number two Partners that already have a lot of Reach now next in this course we're Going to know some detail of specific Platforms and give you the tools you Need to drive your short-term and Long-term growth

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