Facebook Advertising for New Brands

Most of the sales or Revenue that a Company generates today are the result Of marketing that was done far far far Into the past Now to highlight this point I'm going to Demonstrate with two examples The first would be a low or mid price Product and the second is going to be a Very expensive product So let's think about Nike and someone Spends 150 dollars to pair to buy a pair Of Nike shoes or maybe they only spend Twenty dollars to buy a pair of Nike Socks What influenced their decision to do That Well if you think like most Facebook Advertisers do you would say oh it's Because they saw an ad for Nike on Facebook they decided to buy but that's A very simplistic perspective really What's happened here is Nike already Existed in people's minds it was already In their consideration set it was Already a brand that they knew and and Appreciate it for a very long time and They've they've heard of it before They've seen advertisements perhaps for It all their lives maybe they've seen it Advertised at sports events on TV and uh Through Facebook videos So that decision to buy Nike although The attribution might say they bought it Because of a retargeting ad on Facebook

The real driver there was the brand was The brand advertising the brand Marketing that was done over decades Now the other example is when somebody Goes and buys a Mercedes well uh did I Buy a Mercedes because they saw an ad on Facebook today or yesterday no it that Would be ridiculous instead it was Advertising and other types of marketing That was done over decades Decades of Influencing people of uh making them Associate Mercedes with luxury Associated with uh sedans associated With SUVs with sports cars Etc So here we see that people's purchase Decisions are are not just sort of this Reflexive I saw an ad and I bought it Was an influencing Behavior or an Influencing effect that happened over a Long period of time Now another thing to think about with This is uh we look at some of the Research on CEO performance and some of The research I saw indicated that the Results that a CEO experiences are Actually just reaping the effects that Were done by previous CEOs so how much Impact you have uh may not be realized Or may not be tangible until far into The future because anything that has a Serious impact that impact is is almost Rarely immediate it's something that Builds over time and you plant the seeds Today and you reap the Harvest next

Season So that's what we see when we're doing Broad advertising effects are not Necessarily immediate So now what I want to do is I want to Give you some tips for launching a new Brand so we talked about some very Established Brands like Mercedes and Nike uh that have are reaping the Rewards today of Decades of marketing But what happens when you launch a new Brand and to to do this I'm going to Highlight a quote from how Brands grow Part two this is a book that's based on Very robust research Um that's been done over long periods of Time looking at tons of sales data Across numerous types of products in Different Industries and services The first Most essential memories to build are Simply what this brand is and what it Looks like so that it can be found Often this is a case of saying we are in Another Accounting Service Or we are another Accounting Service or We are another soft drink and this is Our name this is what we look like and This is where and how are you can buy us People aren't looking for difference So This is very different from the approach That most advertising gurus would advise They would say okay

Let's find some super narrow position Let's find a super narrow audience That's going to appreciate the value of Your product and then we'll we'll do Sort of this tactical sniper type Activity with our Facebook ads but here We're getting advice that's very very Different it's basically saying we are Another generic sort of form of whatever The product category is because the Reality is that for most products people Aren't really looking for something That's all that different from what's Already out there There's a lot of variety that's out There because that's what people value That's what there is demand for so Highlighting how you're different is Almost Highlighting why people shouldn't buy You So when you're doing broad advertising Often all you're really trying to do is Build memory between the product Category and what your product is an Example that I often highlight is live Chat software So if you're selling software that is a Live chat plug-in for people's websites Uh you just want to say hey we're a live Chat software you don't necessarily need To talk about how you're different same Thing if you're selling um anti-sock Software socks just say we're anti-anti

Sweat or sweat wicking whatever Terminology you want to use and Associate that with your brand and your Name and uh go to town with that Okay here's the the disappointing part Context-specific memory uh is not Something that's easily tracked without Doing your own research so a lot of the Impact of broad advertising is Influencing people's psychology Influencing their memory but that's not Something that you can easily look at a Facebook interface or your CRM or your Software and say hey I was able to get a Five percent of people's brain activity Or I'm able to embed myself in people's Memories that's not something you can Track easily digitally Uh so often what you need to do is Either do your own research which is may Not be worth it so for example if you're Only spending 500 a month on Facebook Ads are you really going to do a survey That's going to cost you 700 uh probably Not it's not going to be worth doing the Research so uh really what you're going To have to rely on are the metrics that Are easily available and I would say That uh since memory isn't really Practical reach is going to be the main Kpi that you're going to track over time Is are you reaching a lot of people and Perhaps what you could do is uh to see The impact on memory just sort of get

Some qualitative feedback from people uh When you when you show them an ad uh the Creative that you're doing for Facebook Advertising and that that might be a More realistic way of um of getting Input without spending a lot of money

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