Facebook Reach Ads (How to Maximize Reach!)

Research from Byron sharp suggests that One of the single most important things That you can do as a marketer is Maximize reach reach as many people as Possible because that's where you're Going to get the greatest potential Market share And it would seem like it's pretty easy To do but it's actually much more tricky Than you might think So in Facebook you create a campaign With brand awareness as the objective It's pretty straightforward and then you Go down to optimization and delivery and You make sure that you're optimizing for Reach so it seems pretty simple Facebook Should automatically use your budget to Reach as many unique people as possible But it's a little trickier So let's go through an example I had a Campaign for brand awareness and I Created numerous ad sets with different Targeting methods so for some for Example I use lead enforce to use more Sophisticated custom audience targeting I used it to Target people for example That like certain pages And then I decided no I want to go Bigger so I'm going to go with the Broader targeting which is essentially What Facebook allows with interest Targeting so this would be one of the Broadest category targeting that there Is and and then I even added more

Targeting to expand the groups so going After people that belong to certain Schools I included not just us English But also UK English and you can even see Here that the audience definition Is fairly broad so it's in the middle Between specific and Broad and that the Estimated audience size is between about Three and four million people so when You look at this it might put your mind At ease oh I'm going to reach a few Million people great that's a big enough Audience but in reality empirically you Can see that this campaign has been Running since September 1st to December 10th I've only reached 46 000 people So you might think well I I'm just not Spending enough money but that's not True because if you look at the Frequency it's already over one it's Almost at one and a half so I'm already Reaching the same people multiple times Within the budget that I have so it's Not really a budget issue it's a reach Issue Now fortunately with Facebook we have a Very large user base and a very active User base so people are logging into Facebook quite frequently this is going To be a much bigger challenge when You're using something like LinkedIn That people might only use once a month And what's going to happen there is it's Going to be far more likely that you

Cannot reach unique people you're going To end up reaching the same people Multiple times So Facebook is actually one of the Channels where you're most likely to Maximize reach to avoid this problem but One of the reasons that I switched to Facebook was because I was becoming Overly optimistic about these audience Size numbers in fact I was only able to Reach around 50 000 people using YouTube Ads and you can see that empirically That's ultimately what ends up happening Here with Facebook So there are a couple of lessons here One is don't just rely on the total Audience number because Um for one reason you don't know how Many of these people are going to be Active or how competitive it's going to Be to reach some of that audience You want to look at the estimated daily Result so you can see here that the Estimated reach is between one thousand To four thousand per day so then you can Map that out over several months to see What your estimated reach would be and Most social media platforms are going to Provide some version of this The other key lesson here is you don't Want to obsess over granular targeting a Lot of marketers get into this granular Engineering exercise of figuring out oh Let's target this group and that group

And let's create a custom audience here In a retargeting group there and we're Going to retarget People based on Engagement we're also going to retarget People that visit at the website what Ends up happening is you just get a Smaller and smaller audience and you're Doing a lot of work without a lot of Yield so even in a case where I'm just Straight up trying to reach as many People as possible it's actually very Difficult to even hit a million so at The end of the day what may end up Happening is you just end up expanding The audience that you're hitting so Adding more and more criteria here Getting looser and looser with your Definition of who your target audience Is and even though this may produce a Lot of waste Stitch the economics works Out such that you s it's better just to Reach more people even if a higher Percentage of those people are not not Actually Prime targets for your product

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