Facebook Reels Settings: 3 Settings You May Not Be Aware Of!

If you post Facebook reels either from Your business page or your personal Profile in professional mode there are a Few Facebook real settings you'll want To be aware of to get the best results So I'm going to cover them in this video Let's Start by looking at my phone Screen set up any text or effects you Want and tap next then you'll land on This screen at the bottom you'll see Some settings you'll want to look Through the first one being your Audience now in this screen share I'm Viewing things as Life Marketing not as A personal profile so because I'm Creating this reel from a business page I only have the option to set the Audience as public if you're creating The Reel from a personal account you'll Have more options other than just public The available default audiences for Facebook reels may include public which Means anyone including people off of Facebook can see you're real people on Facebook can use your original audio in Their reels and you can choose to allow People on Facebook to create remixes of Your reel friends which means only your Friends on Facebook can see your real And Friends accept which means your Friends on Facebook except for the Friends you choose can see your real Facebook says you control who can see Your reels on Facebook by selecting an

Audience for their reel setting a Default audience will set the audience For your future reels this includes Reels you share from your Instagram Account you can change the audience for A specific reel at any time including When you create it your future reels Will still use your default choice to Set a default audience for your reels Tap this icon in the top right of Facebook top settings in privacy tap Settings and Below audience invisibility Tap reels tap the audience you'd like Then tap the arrow your choice will be Saved automatically it's also important To note that if you share a reel from Your Instagram account to your Facebook Account and you haven't selected a Default audience for reals on Facebook Your default audience on Facebook is Automatically set to friends for a Private Instagram account or public for A public Instagram account this will be Your default audience for reals on Facebook until you change it on Facebook And keep in mind that your followers on Instagram may not be this same as your Friends on Facebook so if you share a Reel from Instagram to Facebook you may Be sharing your Reel with different People if you're a business owner Looking to grow you'll want to ensure That your real audience is set to public Now before we move on to the next

Setting I want to quickly mention that If you'd rather have professionals Handle your short video marketing for You so that you have time to focus on What you do best while still marketing Your business we do that for small Businesses every single day so I'll put Our contact link below in case you're Interested in learning more about that All right moving on to the next Facebook Real setting paid Partnerships you can Tag business partners in your Facebook Reels now this won't make sense to do For everybody watching but if you do Collabs of any kind you'll need to know How to use this if you tag a business Partner in your reel a paid partnership Disclosure will be viewable on the post So when do you tag a business partner Facebook says if a post includes a Business brand or product other than Your own of course then that business Page must be tagged that business will Be notified and have access to certain Ad metrics so this is something I can See a lot of influencers being Interested in or businesses that are Partnering together for a joint giveaway Or something doing a joint giveaway with Non-competitive businesses can be a Great way to generate brand awareness Followers and more just again make sure The business you partner with is not a Direct competitor but is one that still

Complements your brand and or is likely To share an audience with similar Interests like a blanket company and a Book club for example if you collaborate With businesses in any way you'll need To know how to set that up in your Facebook real settings Alright and then Lastly we have our third setting Monetization where you can earn money on Reels Facebook says earn money from your Wheels with monetization tools make Money on your reels when you allow ads To be shown with a button to set up There so this is separate from the reels Play bonus program which you may have Heard about the reels play bonus program Is still invite only at the time that I'm filming this this is a different way To monetize your reels that doesn't Require an invite if you allow other People's advertisements to be displayed On your Facebook reels you will get paid For allowing that now I cover all the Ways you can make money from Facebook Reels in this video and I share a full Guide to Facebook reels in this video so I will link both of those below Otherwise please like subscribe and ring The notification Bell if you found this Video helpful and I'll see you guys in The next episode

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