Graphic Design FAQs for Marketing

In this video we're going to be Answering frequently asked questions About graphic design and marketing so be Sure to stay tuned how's it going Friends welcome back to the channel this Is jelly from Life Marketing and we are A digital marketing agency dedicated to Helping small businesses grow before we Get started this is your reminder to Subscribe to our Channel and to hit that Notification Bell icon to get notified As we upload more videos that'll help You grow your business graphic design is An important skill to know when you have A small business of course when it comes Specifically to marketing some aspects Of graphic design need to be tackled More than others so without further Ado Here are our answers some frequently Asked questions about graphic design for Marketing number one Donald asks how Important is graphic design to marketing A business graphic design helps optimize Your marketing and ensures that you're Showing the best possible visuals for Your business it improves your brand Recognition and encourages engagement by Attracting and retaining your audience's Attention of course great graphic design Will also help you stand out from your Competition giving your brand a well put Together look before we continue if you Want to have professionals handle all Aspects of your business's digital

Marketing marketing for you including Your marketing Graphics click the link In the description to get your free Proposal today second question Norma Asks is it a good practice to use Stories created on FB and uploading These as reals Facebook Stories are Natively 1080 pixels in width and 1920 Pixels in height the same goes for FB Reels so size wise you're good to Publish the exact same video file for Both stories and reels now if you're Asking if it's good practice to use Stories created on FB as the only source Of videos for your reels then the answer Is no the duration limit for FB stories Is 26 seconds while the maximum duration For FB reels is one minute given that Stories are mainly for connecting with The audience you already have and reels Are set to help you be discovered by Potential followers you need to utilize The extra time you're given in reels to Real your audience in third we have ax Who requested for a walkthrough of how To create an ad graphic if you've been Following our channel for a while you Know that we always recommend canva to Create professional looking business Graphics so let's start with opening Their website to start designing let's Go ahead and click the create a design Button here on the top right corner of The home page then type in which

Platform you're making your app for Let's say we're making an Instagram ad Once your canvas is created you can Either start with this blank white space Or scroll through the templates and find One that fits your product best if You're looking for more inspiration Composition wise Pinterest is a great Place to look for references on ad Designs if you're for example selling Energy drinks simply search energy drink Ad designs and you'll have a bunch of References to visually emulate for your Own ad once you've decided on a design Either from a canva template a reference Graphic or a concept you thought of Yourself you can then start designing And editing your graphic since we're Making an ad we're going to need a Business logo a headline a call to Action button and of course an image of Our product or service two out of the Four will need to manually important to Canva ourselves we can do that by going To the uploads tab here on the left side Of the page clicking on the uploads Button and some selecting our files or Simply by dragging and dropping set Files directly into the canvas for this Guide let's start with the preset Template if you have a branding guide be Sure to have that open throughout your Design process so that your colors fonts And styles stay in brand with the rest

Of your brand visuals you can then start Editing your canvas to fit your brand And product canva has a fairly simple User interface if you want to move a Specific element simply click on it and Drag it to where you want you can also Resize by clicking and holding one of an Element's edges and dragging it to the Size you want if you want to remove it Simply hit delete on your keyboard while The element is selected a good number of Canva illustrations and solid color Backgrounds can also be changed and if Its colors are changeable you'll see This color box here which you can then Click to select a different color to Edit text simply click on it and you'll Have the option to change the font face Color size spacing among other things to Add your logo and product images go to The uploads Tab and drag the images to Where you want them to go and resize Them to the size you want for Backgrounds you have the choice to use Solid color or pick any of their Royalty-free stock images on the photos Tab once your design is tailored to your Brand and product you can go ahead and Download it and you're done number four Benefactor asks how to use canva with a Mobile phone great news is we have a Full guide on how to use canva with a Mobile device so be sure to check that Out if you haven't already number five

Alien world asks how to resize pictures Transferred from Instagram resizing Images is fairly simple in canva simply Type in the dimensions you want to size Your existing image into drag your photo Into the canvas and you're done you can Then download your image now in the Dimensions you set your canvas to number Six cats Shiba Inus asks how to design a Cover photo with a transparent Background and then add photos of her Dogs onto it so to do this in canva we Just need to click on create a design Button type in cover click on Facebook Cover and it'll set up a cover size Canvas for you you can either upload a Background image by dragging it into Your Canvas OR or selecting one of Canvas royalty-free stock images in the Photos tab once you have your background We can then upload the images of your Subject in this case dogs I'm assuming By transparent you want the background To be seen even with your dog's image on Top of it and to do that you'll need to Use canvas background remover select the Image of your dogs click on the edit Button and then click on background Remover and you're done number seven Finji asks have you ever encountered Issues with ads being disapproved for Copyright content when using canva fonts Should I only use common fonts or I own The copyright too all the fonts

Available on canva are free for Commercial use that means that you can Use any of their fonts on any type of AD Design and you're not going to have Copyright issues the same cannot be said About fonts that you yourself have Manually imported into canva and you Have to make sure that you have Authorized use of those imported ones And lastly kuya champ asks if audios From canva are safe from copyright Strike on Facebook and on YouTube you May get a Content ID claim if you don't Verify your canva premium audio license And use it on Facebook or YouTube if You're using audio for Facebook reels And stories this is less of an issue but YouTube does have a tendency to Copyright flag audio that came from Canva alternatively you can get license Audio from sites like epidemic sound Which you can connect directly to your YouTube channel or sites like and photo Elements that offer stock music and That's it for today's video what are Some graphic design questions you have In relation to marketing let us know in The comments down below also don't Forget to subscribe to our channel for More tips and tricks to grow your Business once again this is jelly from Life Marketing and I'll see you in the Next one

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