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In this section I'm going to teach you How to write the single most important Part of your copywriting which is Headlines We have a quote here from dawn Belding Inquiry returns show that the headline Is 50 to 75 percent of the advertisement That's why headlines should get a Disproportionate amount of attention and Should be the one thing that perhaps you Test more than any other piece of copy To give you an example of this In my early years I wrote this piece of Copy this headline that went very viral And resulted in a product that was so Popular it ended up getting pirated all Around the world And here's the copy how to run a web Design business and sell websites for Fifteen thousand dollars each now later I'm going to get into the details of What makes first successful ad but to Give you a quick preview here first Thing that I did here was I put how to As the beginning of the headline very Important thing the other thing is I'm Appealing to the audience's Self-interest they'd like to learn how To run a web design business and they'd Certainly like to be able to sell their Websites for fifteen thousand dollars Each Another key thing here is that I've Called out the audience within the

Headline I'm calling out web designers The people that would be potential Buyers for the product that I'm selling And I'm being specific by saying Specifically fifteen thousand dollars The ad is more believable the headline Is more effective Now looking at the book tested Advertising methods let's look at the Three major types of successful Headlines the first and easiest is to Appeal to people's self-interest so for Example we have the headline retire at 55. this is something people are Interested in getting number two we have News discovered a new kind of hand Cleaner news is quite effective it Sounds like a newspaper article it Sounds like something people want to Read and get excited about And lastly number three we have Curiosity lost thirty five thousand Dollars Now generally speaking self-interest Headlines are the best while curiosity Is generally the worst this isn't always The case but it's just much easier to be Successful when you're appealing to People's self-interest rather than Trying to be clever and witty by Arousing curiosity and getting attention And risking people not understanding What exactly it is you're trying to sell Or what your promise is another key

Thing here is although we can categorize Headlines in these three ways these Aren't mutually exclusive you could Theoretically have an ad that focuses on Self-interest also delivers news and Arouses curiosity of course sometimes This requires some level of creative Genius Now if you're going to factor in all of Those threes into a headline then there Are two other qualities that you may Want to consider when you're writing Headlines the first is are you providing A quick easy way that's what most people Are really looking for they're somewhat Lazy and number two are you believable And the easiest way to be believable is To be specific as I did in my headline When I mentioned fifteen thousand Dollars and didn't simply say sell your Websites for more or for a ludicrous Amount that could never be achievable And generally you want to avoid clever Copywriting especially when you're Trying to generate quick sales so this Last Point comes specifically from me Because a lot of the copywriting advice Out there including those from the book Tested advertising methods are really Talking about the copywriting the Headlines that are designed to generate Short-term sales but when you're doing Long-term copywriting and you're trying To build a brand there is more room

There to be clever because humor is a Good way of embedding yourself in People's long-term memory but when You're trying to persuade them to buy Today tomorrow and the next month then You're probably going to be better off With a more logical rational clearly Understood message So an example I'd like to call out here An ad that I feel has some good elements But also some bad elements is Vancouver Ranks in the top 10 rainiest cities in Canada but we're number one in Ryan Reynold's heart vessey the part here That I think is trying to be witty is But we're number one in Ryan Reynolds Heart I don't think that's particularly Effective because I don't think it helps People remember the vessi brand and it Also doesn't do anything to help vesi Generate short-term sales really what That's doing is appealing to Rhino Reynolds personal brand so this is often What copywriters think when they're First starting out as their job is to be Clever to be witty to use puns to be Creative in this way that's generally Not what your objective is your Objective is to talk about how people Can get what they want ideally in a Quick easy way generally speaking The best headlines are ones that aim at A specific audience so I did that in my Headline for example by calling out web

Designers and offer that Target Market Something its readers want and want Badly So here's a general five-step headline Formula and we'll talk about some Additional formulas later but this would Be reasonably foolproof number one Identify what the self-interest is and Communicate that number two if there's News so for example a new product or a New feature leverage that and Incorporate it number three avoid merely Arousing curiosity Number four avoid the negative slash Gloomy and instead focus on the cheerful Positive side of what you're Communicating and number five offer a Quick easy way to get what you want Clear-cut formula very effective So I want to emphasize this whole point About people wanting a quick easy way to Get what they want and I saw this ad on Facebook it's for calm an app that I Assume is for meditation relaxation it Says in the headline If you have anxiety listen to this for 55 seconds and see what this does to Your brain so you see that's very quick That's very easy just give me 55 seconds And I'll show you what happens they're Not asking for commitment they're not Asking you to input anything they're Just asking for less than a minute Here's another example give me five days

And I'll give you a Magnetic Personality Let me prove it free Quick easy way to get a Magnetic Personality in just five days And it's uh it's a guarantee and it Doesn't cost anything Another thing to consider when you're Writing keywords for headlines is to Start with one of these so by starting With one of these keywords you're you're Already set up for success in your Copywriting You don't necessarily have to do this in Every case but particularly if you're You're just beginning or you're trying To experiment and generate new ideas for Headlines is a great place to start so You could start the headline with the Word announcing Started with introducing presenting new Now all of those are really conveying News this is something new and exciting To get it attention for Now there's another cluster of keywords We can go with how how to These are extremely effective I Personally have had a lot of success With these now another key thing that You can do when you write ads is call Out the audience so some examples here To car owners To the man Girls with an exclamation Port Exclamation mark Sportsman with an

Exclamation point advice to wives you See that all of those have identified The target audience within the headline And that's going to get attention this Is a method a gimmick that I've used a Lot as well Some other keywords to start with why You yours this free things that Captivate people's attention So let's take a look at some examples of Headlines and try to identify what the Keywords or key methods that are being Used here so how to run a web design Business and sell websites for fifteen Thousand dollars each that's simply Starting with the keyword how to I saw this other Article ad that looks like an article in An online newspaper and it says Surrey Resonance now breezing through customs With Nexus now that specific keyword Surrey residence doesn't show up in the List on the left but it's employing the Same method the same method that we use When we say to car owners to the man Girls Sportsmen advice to wives we're Calling out Surrey residents this is Something that may appeal to them Very effective method Now we have another ad that uses the Same approach it says attention Course creators I'm a course creator This is an ad that would resonate with Me at the very least it would get my


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