How learning compounds over time in business

Learning compounds over time and with Each new piece of information so Essentially as you acquire new Information as you learn as you go Through all of these steps the learning Builds on itself and it really starts to Accelerate because you're able to think More clearly and have a better Foundation of the the key things that You need to know in order to be Successful let's use marketing as an Example when you first start marketing It is this terrifyingly overwhelming Diverse field there's things you need to Know like segmentation and positioning And differentiation and you need to know About value propositions and structures When you first start a business there's All these things that you have to learn Very quickly about accounting and Bookkeeping and taxes and fulfillment And delivery and optimization of your Structure and team building and Leadership all these things all of this Learning starts to build on each other And you realize that hey because I Learned all this learning this becomes Easier and learning that becomes easier And it really starts to grow exponential

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