How to Become Famous Quickly

The single most important factor Determining whether or not you become Famous Is reach Reach basically just means the number of People that you're exposed to the number Of unique people now for many decades Advertisers and media gurus have used Reach as one of the most important kpis But in modern digital marketing you Don't really hear about it all that much People are much more interested in Things like leads Clicks Short-term sales And as much as these things are great When you're trying to have a small quick Impact on something they're not really That helpful when you want to become Famous when you're truly ambitious what You need to do is reach a lot of people Now most people do not Famous by going viral this is a common Misconception We also don't get famous by slowly Building followers this is another Misconception The way that people get famous is they Leverage things that already have big Audiences in other words they already Have wide reach So for example what you could do is work With an influencer who already has a big Audience

You can leverage the news and get Attention in the media because that has A very big audience Or you can do advertising in ways that Gives you maximum reach These these are more proven ways of Becoming famous than going viral or Building followers slowly So let's think about this visually how Do most people think you become famous And that's the diagram in the upper left It's people exist in these networks of Word of mouth and social connections and They think okay well we're living in a Democracy we're living in the age of YouTube anybody can publish a video Anybody can write a blog post Etc so I Just need to create something that's Really cool and it has strong viral Potential people are going to talk about It and then they're going to share it With other people and then it'll Eventually become super popular That's not really how it works in most Cases the visual to think about how Things become famous is more like the Diagram in the lower right it's more of A top-down spread where the people at The top or the channel at the top has Really wide reach and is able to Disseminate to a lot of people Now I'm going to give you a little short Case study here It's the Mona Lisa so if we think of the

Mona Lisa as a famous person How did she become famous Now the answer to that question is Usually something along the lines of the Mona Lisa is a stunning work of art it Is a masterpiece it is an optical Illusion but really the Mona Lisa is not That special a lot of portrait drawings Exhibit the same characteristics as the Mona Lisa And if it were true that it became Famous because of Word of Mouth through The fact that it was a great painting That really has a limit to how famous it Could have become so there might be some Small medium networks of people that are In the art critique world that talk About it maybe some collectors And it could have gained a small Following but the Mona Lisa has massive Global appeal it is truly famous and the Reason is not because it's a great work Of art it's because it was stolen and Because it was stolen there was this Whole media frenzy centered around that Story and that's really what made it Famous it wasn't the intrinsic value of The product Or the person It was the attention that was gotten by The media which had massive reach and That's really the story of how things Become famous

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