How To Build A Successful Brand Through Social Media

There are three things you need to know If you want to build a successful brand Or business using social media first you Need to use Mission driven marketing and Not knowing what this is or ignoring it All together is the single biggest Reason that most social media marketing Campaigns out there just don't work at All so in this video I'll show you Exactly what that is and how to use it To your advantage next you need to Understand a psychological phenomenon Called confirmation bias which sounds Way more complicated than it is and Basically just comes down to showing you Share and support the beliefs and Opinions of your audience and customers Which is going to earn you a ton of Trust and loyalty very quickly so I'll Show you a simple way to do this in just A minute as well finally you need to Follow a simple three-step formula that I call hookum shookum Book Em which I Appreciate isn't technically Grammatically correct but it works and It's the best way to turn all of the new Likes and comments and followers and Subscribers that you're going to be Getting into customers and brand Ambassadors for your business so let me Show you how it's done starting by using The all-important mission-driven Marketing the problem with most social Media marketing plans and strategies out

There today is that they're often full Of relatively useless pieces of advice And superficial information telling you Things like how the Akita success is to Just post more yeah but how much more or To make better content yeah but what Kind of better content what does better Even mean or how all you need to do is Hustle 24 hours a day sacrifice Everything you've ever known and loved And commit yourself to studying the Algorithm in hopes that one day they Reward you with a viral post I haven't Seen my family in three months I mean yikes this is why the first step In any social media marketing strategy Is to First identify and clarify the Mission of your Marketing in other words What are the goals the objectives and The desired outcomes that you're hoping To achieve or to put it more bluntly What do you do in all this social media Stuff for in the first place taking just A few minutes to write down answers to These questions at the start of your Marketing can save you countless hours And thousands of dollars further down The road by Saving you from wasting your Time and money and energy on things that Really didn't have a chance working in The first place for example is your goal Just to get more likes more comments and More shares if so that's actually really Easy and a simple targeted paid

Advertising campaign through using Facebook ads or Instagram ads well it's Going to get you all the likes you could Ever want but as I like to say you can't Feed your kids with likes so you might Also want to think of a plan that's Going to allow you to turn all of those Likes and comments and shares into Actual leads and customers and sales for Your brand and business if you're just Getting started with all of this though There are a few metrics some analytics And kpis fancy talk for key performance Indicators that you may want to keep in Mind the first metric is Impressions and This occurs anytime that any of your Stuff shows up in front of someone Generally speaking more Impressions is a Good thing to get a little deeper here Though Impressions is made up of two Other metrics known as reach and Frequency reach is the number of unique People that have seen your content and Frequency is the number of times that They've seen it so for easy math here if You've got a piece of content that Reaches 100 people and it reaches them Two times each well you've made 200 Impressions okay next are two metrics That come with an obvious and a not so Obvious explanation the first is called Audience growth rate the obvious part is That this metric tracks how fast your Audience is growing the not so obvious

Part is figuring out what kind of people This audience is made up of and whether They're the right fit for you or not the Next metric is audience engagement rate The obvious part is that this metric Tracks how much your audience is Engaging with your con content See Marketing is pretty simple the not so Obvious part is trying to find that Sweet spot between the Right audience Size and engagement for you generally Speaking a smaller but more engaged Audience is worth a whole lot more than A larger but less engaged audience and This is why it's just so incredibly Important to get clear on what metrics And what goals and what objectives You're aiming for right from the start And whatever you decide make sure to Write it down this is important because At the end of your campaign you want to Be able to look back and see what you Were aiming for and whether what you did Was successful or not that said one of The best ways to make whatever goal You're trying to achieve successful is To use this next tip right here which is Confirmation bias but before I show you That first a real quick message from This video's sponsor Munch Munch aside From having an amazing name is also on a Mission to help content marketers decide What content to create how to repurpose It distribute it engage with their fans

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Munch account right after this video so With that said next let me show you how To use the powerful psychological Phenomenon of confirmation bias to build Your brand now let's play a game I'm Going to ask you a simple question and I Want you to hit the buzzer as soon as You see the right answer come up we Didn't we didn't mail them the buzzers How they gonna play okay so apparently We're just gonna have to do this based On the honor System so here goes which Type of people do you like the most and Feel the strongest connection towards is It a people that like and believe the Same things that you do or B people that Don't like or believe anything that you Do okay thumbs up so my friend how'd you Do well if you're like 99 of the people Out there then the odds are pretty good That you went with option A this is Because we as humans tend to like people That like the same things that we do and We actively seek out and engage with Others who share our same views and Beliefs and values and essentially who Confirm our identities and how we view Ourselves the flip side of that though Is that when we're faced with new Information or information that goes Against our beliefs or values or Identities most people immediately and Often subconsciously write that Information off as false they call the

Messenger a liar or a fool or the worst Insult of all a cotton-headed ninny Muggins that's shocking so if your goal Is to build a successful brand in Business through social media then you Absolutely positively Supercalifragilisticexpialidociously Need to be talking about things that Your current and desired audience Believe used supports and identifies With and the way to do this is to really Try to put your yourself into your Customers your audience and your Followers shoes not not literally of Course hey give me back my shoes it's Cold but by being empathetic and Understanding and creating your content In a way that makes them feel heard and Acknowledged and understood after all Customers don't buy when they understand They buy when they feel understood so The best and fastest and arguably Easiest way to do this is to try to Identify the things that most of them Have in common now it could be Demographic details like that most of Them are men or women or fall within a Certain age range or it could be Geographic similarities like maybe they All live in the same city or state or Province or country but more likely it's Going to come down to some kind of Overlapping similarity in psychographic Characteristics like maybe they all love

Hiking or coding or cooking or Volunteering alright next let me show You how to put this all together using The framework that I call hookem shook Em Book Em the path to building a Successful brand of business today has Never been more clear and there are Countless examples of people doing this Every day all around you from businesses That started small and local like Jenny's ice cream that now has over 400 000 followers to health and fitness Coaches like my friend Brix who's got Over 700 000 subscribers and even Smaller more Niche down Brands and Businesses like my man Jason who talks About old analog film cameras and Photography on his channel grainy days Their content as well as most of the Other popular social media accounts out There all follow a simple formula or Framework that acts to get someone's Attention build a considerable amount of The three key business ingredients of Know like and trust and work to turn Passive viewers into raging Fanboys and Fangirls but for every Jennys and bricks And Jason well there's a thousand others Doing it wrong so let's make sure you Get this right by following a simple System to create engaging and brand Building and dare I say even viral Content for social which is where Hook Em bookum comes into play so here's how

It works starting with step one Hook em All right fun fact for you here today Fair or not it's not the best business That wins but the business with the best Marketing this is because nobody can buy From you if they don't know you exist And nobody will buy from you if they Know that you exist but they don't know Why they should care or how doing Business with you is going to help them This is why the first thing you need to Do with all of your content is to hook Them give them a reason to tune in pay Attention stick around and actually care About what you have to say this is why The first part of pretty much all of Your content whether we're talking about A social media post a sales page a video A podcast whatever needs to be focused On them their pains their problems their Fears their frustrations all of the Challenges and obstacles that they're Trying to overcome basically just show Them that you get them you know who they Are and you've got something that they May be interested in as an example this Is exactly how I introduced this video When I said there are three things you Need to know If you want to build a successful brand Or business using social media but let Me give you some more examples as well Like say if you're selling residential Solar panels well your intro hook could

Be something like are you a homeowner Who's tired of high expensive monthly Hydro bills it needs a little polishing But I think you get the point an Alternative hook here is you could just Come right out and say it by letting Them know that solar Powers provide the Cleanest and safest and most efficient Energy out there available today now I'm Not actually sure that's true but you Get the point or maybe your brand or Business or content is around say Knitting mittens for kittens in which Case your intro hook could be something Like do you love your cat more than you Love yourself oh that was uh that was That was kind of sad I hope hope that's Not the case well then show your cat you Care with our handmade Kitten Mittens That'll keep their paws warm all year Round but getting their attention is Really just step one so next you need to Shook them I really just want to say Shake them here but then it doesn't Rhyme and the whole thing falls apart so We're gonna go with shook them your goal Here in the shookum phase is simple give Them value beyond what is worldly Possible and blow their mind so they Have no other option than to arrive at The clear and logical conclusion that You are a master a giver and a person Worthy of their follow or if that sounds Just a little too over whelming well you

Can just do what I do which is really Just to try to give as much value as you Possibly can that's it when I sit down To create content or write a post or Send an email or work on a course I go Into it with the intention of trying to Help as many people as much as I Possibly can and that's really it Sometimes the stars align and Magic is Made other times I end up with a piece Of content that gets two likes from my Mom she logs in twice from two separate Accounts will feel better but the beauty Of going into this with pure intentions Of actually trying to create something That's going to help people is that People can tell they know where your Heart is so do your best to show them Something or teach them something or Entertain them in some way or Essentially just try to make their lives A little bit better and then move on to The next step which is to book them okay The Book Em part is pretty simple but It's arguably the most important step of All essentially the book and part of Your content is the CTA the call to Action where you're going to provide Guidance and lead them in the direction That you feel is best for them for Example at the end of your con contains You could ask someone to like or to Subscribe or to follow or to do the Hokey pokey or to do whatever you think

Is going to give them the most value Probably not the Hokey Pokey unless you Sell courses on Hokey Pokey now this Next part's important so pay really Close attention here what's best for Them could very well be to hire you or To do business with you or to buy from You so if that's the case don't be shy And hold back your offer for fear of Offending them or asking too soon as It's not doing them or you any good at All that said in the case of this video Right here I think the thing that I Could give you next that's going to Provide you the most amount of value is Some more of my best marketing Strategies tools tips tricks and tactics So in order to do that I've put together A video right here highly suggest you Check it out now and I'll see you in That next video

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