How To Build A Thriving Brand Community (Examples From Top Brands)

What's up brand Builder Stephen Houraghan here at 
Brand and in this video you're   Going to learn how to build a thriving 
brand Community with top brand examples   So you can bring your audience together through 
their challenges and goals and lay the foundations   For a passionate following now brand communities 
are a powerful asset why because they bring a   Specific group of people together who just so 
happen to be the Brand's target audience around   Their shared interests including their problems 
their Solutions their obstacles their challenges   Their goals and their passions now most of 
us internalize what we think around many of   The things that we do and we don't always get the 
opportunity to chew the fact to ask questions and   To Simply join conversations around the things 
that we're trying to do and that's where brand   Communities come in in providing a platform 
for conversations and engagement Brands build   Relationships earn trust and learn more about 
their people they're trying to help and in this   Video you'll learn how to build a brand Community 
for your people around your brand now the beauty   Of about building brand communities is that you 
already know the people you want to create the   Group for if you're creating a brand Community 
then you have a brand if you have a brand then   You've done your research on your audience and 
you know exactly who you want to help so let's   Look at how you can bring those people together 
and help them in the process number one get clear   On your audience and their passions their brand 
communities aim to bring people together through   Their shared interests and their passions as well 
now the more acutely aware of those interests and   Passions you are including challenges and desires 
the more engaged a community that you can create   Now for Brands to help their customers in some 
way to live a desired lifestyle an opportunity   Exists to illuminate the picture of that desired 
life and align themselves to the positive emotions   Associated with it number two get clear on your 
brand fundamentals now your brand exists to serve   Your audience that's why your brand exists without 
that audience there is no reason for your brand to   Exist but you need to get crystal clear on what 
reason you're going to provide that audience to   Choose you over your competitors that is your 
differentiation strategy and the position that   You're going to take in the market once you're 
clear on the position that you're going to take   In the market you then need to define the method 
that you're going to use to communicate with   That audience how are you going to show up what 
way are you going to speak how are you going to   Communicate how are you going to look and feel how 
are you going to sound these are all fundamental   Questions that need to be answered through your 
brand strategy and getting crystal clear on your   Brand strategy is critical at this point the more 
clearly you define your brand and what it stands   For the more effectively you can communicate 
this to your target audience being clear on   Why you exist and how you're going to help makes 
it easier to bring people together on that shared   Path through a brand Community number three Define 
the goals for your community now before you invest  

The time and effort into fostering a great brand 
Community consider the primary objectives of   That community so what are you hoping to achieve 
from setting up a brand Community answering this   Question will help you to make customer oriented 
decisions about how you interact with your   Community to achieve your goals so think about how 
you plan to engage with your community how can you   Turn new customers into brand loyalists how are 
you going to measure the success of your community   Your engagement levels and your conversations 
what metrics will you track on a daily weekly or   Monthly basis and how do you think the community 
will achieve the broader company goals and finally   How can you strengthen your relationship with 
your community members consider these questions   Before you proceed with any Community Building to 
ensure that you get the most out of the process   Number four choose a community platform where will 
your online brand Community meet to socialize and   Share information you have many options at your 
disposal here forums are a great way for larger   Communities to get together and discuss a variety 
of topics related to your brand or industry so   Much of modern discourse takes place on social 
media platforms and you probably already have a   Presence on Facebook Instagram or LinkedIn you 
can build a brand community on social networks   By engaging with members through your account or 
creating a dedicated LinkedIn or Facebook group   Rewards and affiliate programs are another option 
for a brand community base these are specifically   More focused on giving back and rewarding 
Customer Loyalty but they can still be used   As a place for discussion and to exchange ideas 
affiliate programs directly contribute to business   Growth as consumers get rewards for referrals 
incentivizing the spread of your brand experience   Private communities are also another great option 
with slack and mobilize being great tools for   Community engagement that allow the brand to 
create various channels and topics for each   Discussion so this gives you a bit more freedom 
than the likes of Facebook where your visibility   Might be a little bit more restricted and don't 
forget there's always room for offline and   In-person meetups as well many Brands organized 
groups where customers can meet up to enjoy the   Brand's products together and to socialize as 
well gyms and sports club often do this to help   Generate the sense of community spirit and bring 
people together under their Banner number five   Plan your engagement so whichever platform you 
choose you need to give customers a reason to   Interact with the community and there are a few 
different considerations for this first ensure   That you're active in responding to customer 
comments and queries as well customers expect   You to answer questions promptly and you should 
see this as part of the customer experience that   You off offer now of course there will be other 
members within the group answering those questions   But as the community leader as the brand leader 
as the brand building this community you need   To have active engagement within that group that 
means engaging in group discussions but also at an   Individual level as well this approach shows that 
you care about your loyal customers second you  

Need to create a Content plan for things to share 
within your brand community and then stick to   That what are you going to share with your loyal 
customers that provides valuable information and   Keeps them checking your community and actively 
taking part now this should be fun competitions   Educational videos blog posts surveys news update 
anything that really gives them information that   They can use on their Journey on their path to 
achieve their goals or to Foster that sense of   Communication faster that sense of discussion 
and connection that will really bring people   Back to your platform time and again now look the 
type of content you post the way you engage it's   All going to depend on your brand personality and 
the way you want to show up but what's important   Here is that you're maintaining a presence within 
the community that encourages further engagement   Number six consolidate the emotional relationship 
it's not enough to create a space for discussion   You need to encourage emotional bonding within 
your community most loyal customers don't love   Brands out of logic they become fans based on 
an emotional connection with the brand now that   Emotion comes from a constant brand experience 
that aligns with their values and outlook on life   So within your brand Community you need to inspire 
that connection through brand storytelling that   Leans on your brand personality to resonate with 
that fan base now this is done in a multitude of   Different ways you can share stories of success 
from your customers who have been through the   Journey who have been through the challenges and 
come out the other side you can share your own   Stories of your own challenges and the problems 
that you overcame as well you can play games   Within the community you can discuss what's going 
on within the industry itself or The Wider World   These are all ways to really engage your community 
and get the discussion going so that people are   More compelled to engage within the conversation 
than to come back for more so now that you have   Some solid steps to go out and build your own 
Community let's have a look at some examples   Of brand communities that showcase the power of 
community engagement now apple is a poster child   For Brands around the world and when it comes to 
Brand communities it's no different Apple uses   Its brand Community to shape a lifestyle that 
goes beyond the products themselves Apple Vans   Don't just gather to discuss the latest iPhone 
updates or the latest MacBook or iOS updates   They gathered to discuss opportunities that exist 
through using the Brand's products Steve Jobs once   Famously said the people who are crazy enough to 
think that they can change the world are the ones   Who actually do and apple have built a community 
of people who are crazy enough to think that they   Can change the world and in this modern era today 
with so many businesses being created online so   Many use the Apple products to do just that along 
with a community for people to gather and think   Differently they also created an Apple support 
Community this encourages community members to   Engage with each other to troubleshoot problems 
while offering other suggestions to improve   The product experience even when addressing 
potential issues Apple turned troubleshooting  

Into an opportunity for increased engagement and 
to solidify that Community Spirit Starbucks is   Another example of a brand with a vibrant brand 
Community often the detail is in the Small Things   Starbucks calls its Baristas Starbucks partners 
and this label already sets out the ethos that   Starbucks is an inclusive brand as it Embraces 
employees as partners now Harley Davidson is   A brand that is renowned for its Army of loyal 
fans but it wasn't always roses for Harley and   In the 80s they faced an uphill struggle there 
were a brand with no clear Direction then they   Made a conscious decision to Pivot as a Lifestyle 
brand around a brand community of Harley-Davidson   Riders the hog or Harley Owners Group is a highly 
engaged brand community based around the lifestyle   Associated with the brand they celebrate real-life 
road trips Adventures spirits and a general   Fun-loving attitude that captures the dreams of 
Harley-Davidson owners community members motivate   Each other to get out on the open road and to 
enjoy the lifestyle that goes alongside with   Owning a Harley-Davidson the hog brand Community 
is a perfect example of making that emotional   Connection between a brand and its way of life 
the motorcycle is the literal vehicle through   Which community Unity members Express themselves 
now I really love this example because it is about   Bringing people together through their passions 
and through that lifestyle as well remember these   Are things that people already think about they 
want to be out on the open road they want that   Freedom from the constraints of modern society so 
Harley Davidson creates this environment for their   Passions to come out and if you have a community 
of followers or if you support a certain type of   Lifestyle then lean into that lifestyle put that 
lifestyle on a pedestal and use that to attract   Engaged followers now if you're wondering 
would a brand Community work for me from my   Brand for my industry well let's look at a few 
critical questions to get to the bottom of that   Do our customers have shared interests are they 
passionate about these interests are we involved   Directly or indirectly in those interests do 
they or would they gather to discuss their those   Interests if the answer to these questions is yes 
then there is an argument in favor of creating a   Brand Community for your brand having a loyal 
community of brand lovers can bring countless   Of benefits for your brand from customer insights 
from the horse's mouth to a breeding ground for   Brand ambassadors an effective well-managed brand 
Community can be an invaluable asset for your   Brand but it's important to remember that it is 
the feeling of community of emotional connection   And regular engagement that distinguishes 
engaged and valuable communities from the   Rest bring your audience together on shared and 
passionate interests create an environment to   Share and connect and you might just build an 
asset that breeds loyalty and advocacy now if   You want to dive deeper into brand strategy then 
this video here will help you out but before you   Click it if you want to become a master of brand 
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