How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn is an awesome platform for B2B Companies to make connections with the Decision makers in their target audience So today I'm going to show you how to Create a LinkedIn company page and Optimize it first you'll need to sign Into your regular personal LinkedIn Profile if you don't already have a Regular LinkedIn account you'll need to Sign up for one for free with your email And a password once you're logged in Click the work drop down in the top Right corner then scroll to the bottom Where it says create a company page from There it'll take you to this page where You can choose your page type company Showcase page or an educational Institution if you're a small medium or Large size business you'll want to hit Company from there it'll take you to This page where you can fill out all the Prompts under name put your business Name and it'll automatically create a URL for your LinkedIn company page based On your business name now as you can see It will alert you if there's any Business that already exists with that URL and it allows you to view the Existing page in question in case you Want to request admin access to it that Will likely be unnecessary if you've Never created a LinkedIn company page Before but if you do find that a company Page has the same URL as yours you can

Edit the URL directly now if you've Watched our channel for a while then you Know I always recommend keeping your Name and usernames the same across all Of your company's social media pages and Making them all your business name if Possible as a newer or small business You want to encourage brand recall as Much as possible and you're probably not Doing that if you're Roger is Consulting On LinkedIn or Consulting on Facebook And Raj console on Twitter so try to Keep things as consistent as possible With your name and URL here next up You'll want to input your website and Choose your industry LinkedIn has a lot More Industries to choose from than Other social media platforms because it Is a more B2B oriented platform so make Sure you pick the industry that best Suits your business from there select Your organization size and organization Type and upload your logo then you'll Need to fill out your tagline and you Can see on the right right hand side Where that appears when someone is Looking at your page LinkedIn says use Your tagline to briefly describe what Your organization does this can be Changed later and they give you 120 Characters to do that then you'll need To agree to their terms by checking the Box and hit create page and voila you're Done now there are some other things

You'll want to fill out on your page After you've created it so we can look At hours as an example but first I want To mention that if you'd rather just Have professionals handle your B2B Marketing for you from top to bottom we Do that for small businesses every day So I'll put our contact link below in Case you're interested alright so Looking at our page you can see we have A cover photo in addition to our logo as Our profile photo the cover photo is a Space where you can speak directly to Your target Market's goals and pain Points for us our main message is Marketing that drives sales because we Know marketing that fails to drive sales Is a huge pain point for our target Audience a lot of businesses come to us Because their previous marketing company Didn't drive any sales for them and They're frustrated so we use our cover Photo to address that right out of the Gates we're also using that space to Cross promote our YouTube channel Because that makes sense for us and our Marketing funnel but of course you'll Want to promote what makes the most Sense for your business you can see our Tagline is we help small businesses grow Because that's really what it all boils Down to then our two call to actions are To follow us or contact us which we've Set up to link out to our contact page

You've got our about section which tells Our audience as well as LinkedIn About Us by including valuable information and Specific keywords and beneath that you See our people highlights and posts so Now let's cover how to edit your page Once you've created it while logged into Your personal LinkedIn account that You've created the company page with hit The me drop down and scroll down to Click on your page under manage this Will bring you to an admin view of your Company page meaning you are seeing Extra things on the page the general Public isn't seeing if at any point you Want to see what your page looks like to The public click view as a member Otherwise you can scroll down and see a Few editing pencils click the editing Pencil over the cover photo to change That it has to be 1128 by 191 pixels in Size and you'll also want to play around With it so that everything is visible Both on the desktop and mobile view Click the blue edit page button to edit Most everything else on your page on the Left hand side you'll see your menu bar And it automatically brings us to the Overview section under about where you Can edit your description website URL Company size type phone number year Founded and Specialties under header and Page info you can edit your page logo Name page URL and tagline under buttons

You can choose the button CTA you want Shown on the page and where it links out To and they'll show you a button preview There before you save your changes and Those are the most basic things you'll Want to edit and keep updated through The years the other features in the menu Bar are optional depending on what makes Sense for your business like if you're Hiring and want to seek out Talent on LinkedIn or collect leads directly Through your page Etc I would recommend Adding hashtags at the bottom though no Matter what industry you're in to help You be more visible as a page that's Really all there is to it once you've Got your page created we have a LinkedIn Playlist full of videos on how to get You started with LinkedIn advertising LinkedIn stories and more so I will link That below for you to check out next Otherwise please like subscribe and ring The notification Bell if you found this Video helpful and I'll see you guys in The next episode

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