How to Create Business Motion Graphics for Beginners

Motion Graphics are a powerful way to Capture your audience's attention and Effectively retain your viewer much Longer than you would if you'd use Distal graphic luckily in this day and Age turning a still graphic into a Moving one can be as easy as a click of A button and in this video I'm going to Show you how you can make Motion Graphics for your business Welcome Back To Life Marketing a digital marketing Agency dedicated to helping small Businesses grow and in this channel we Make videos to help with just that Before we get started be sure you're Subscribed to our Channel don't forget To hit that notification Bell icon to Get notified as we upload more of our Business growing videos our eyes are Naturally attracted to movement which Makes video graphics a Surefire way of Effectively communicating your Businesses offers with more than 60 of Viewers watching videos to the end You're able to place more information in A visually pleasing and easy to consume Format if you've been watching our Channel for a while you already know our Go-to graphic design tool is canva Because it's beginner friendly but at The same time gives you all the tools You need to create professional looking Graphics and of course in this video We're going to show you how to use canva

For Motion Graphics whether you're Making a standard social media post for Organic following an ad for sales or a Facebook story or maybe even a tick tock Video you can easily create video Compositions with canva just type in the Type of video you want to make let's say We want to make an Instagram reel simply Click on the create a design button type In real and click on the top suggestion Size canva shows you once canva has Opened a new design page for you you can Go ahead and start designing now if we Were making a still graphic you would be Limited to adding your brand logo a Headline a still image in elements but Since we're making Motion Graphics we Can add animating elements and videos Into the mix before we continue if you Want to have professionals handle all Aspects of your business's digital Marketing for you including your Business ad in social media Graphics Click the link in the description to get Their free proposal today now for Today's guide we're using our mock Coffee beans brand Coffee Cat let's say We're making an informative reel to Promote the benefits of drinking coffee Regularly if this were still graphic We'd most likely need to cram a bunch of Info into a single page but we can now Take advantage of the video format and Turn our motion graphic into a multiple

Scene video Let's do three scenes the First scene will be a text headline of What the real will be about Second scene will contain the Informative part and the third and last Scene will feature a call to action Button to buy our product it's important To note that you do want to have your Visual branding guide ready for Referencing as you make your motion Graphic starting with the first scene Which is represented by this box in the Timeline down over here we can start With any of canvas available templates To start with but let's say we want to Make this scene from scratch we just Need a headline for the scene so it Doesn't have to be too complicated I Think a translucent video playing in the Background would also be nice to do this Let's set our background to Black or White if you want dark color text and Elements above it then to add a video in The background simply go to Canvas video Tab here on the left and search for the Keywords of what you want in your design Once you find a video you like drag it Into the design space like so to add up Transparency of the video click on this Box here on the upper right side and set The transparency percentage to an amount That would leave your video still Visible it will also let you read a text Of it I think this is good then we'll

Drag our logo file onto the design space Which is a shortcut for uploading image Files now let's position it to where It's visible but won't overpower the Main headline which is the benefits of Drinking coffee regularly which to add Will click on the text tab over here on The left click on add a heading and type The send headline in we can then change The fonts by double clicking and Searching for specific font names here On the search bar once you've selected a Font that's in our branding guidelines We can edit the scene duration by Clicking on the number here on our Scenes box which represents the seconds It will appear on screen and setting the Time to how long we want it to be for The first scene we want to give enough Time for the viewer to read our headline So let's set the scene to three to four Seconds which I think should be enough Lastly we want to add transition Animation for our scene so let's click On the animate button here and hover Over animation options to preview till We find one we like to apply simply Click on the anime Nation preset now Let's say you just made a still graphic In canva this preset feature will Basically turn any static design you put Together into a motion graphic with a Simple click of a button just find a Preset you like save as MP4 or GIF and

Voila you have a motion graphic for this Video graphic let's go with fade now for Consistency it's a good idea to stick to One transition style throughout your Video so we'll be using the same fade Animation for the remaining scenes as Well and so we're done with our first Scene and can now proceed to the next One To add a new scene into your Videographic click on the plus sign here Beside our first scenes box for the Scene let's say we want to start with a Pre-designed template since we've Decided that our second scene will Contain the informative part aka the Infographic let's look for an Appropriate starting template let's say We want to present our info in list Format so we're going to want to start With a list type template type in list In the template search box here on the Left side of our scene and find a Template we like let's say we like this One so let's go ahead and click on it of Course we'll need to edit it to fit our Branding of course for any design you do For your business be sure you have your Visual branding guide open so you're not Straying from your branding let's start Customizing by deleting all decorative Elements because we want to swap these Out with elements that fit our branding Better to delete items in your design

Simply click on them and hit delete next We want to edit the template by changing Its colors I think I want an orange Background for this one and then Alternating brand colors on the list Background boxes I can do that by Clicking on them clicking on the color Box here and then changing the colors to Our branding colors with the help of our Branding guide now if you don't have a Branding guide we have a previous video On how to make one for your business so Check that out if you haven't already Next up let's change the text by double Clicking and adding the correct wording Then we can change the fonts similar to How we did in the previous scene now Let's change the icons here on the right To more fitting icons from the elements Tab which is the tab for all Illustrations that you can accompany Your graphics with remember that in Canva the search box is your best friend Type in keywords for what you're looking For and once you find Icons that you Like go ahead and click on them to add To your design a quick note on selecting Illustrations in the elements tab for Graphics be sure you're picking ones in The same or very similar visual style Visual consistency and uniformity is Essential for making any brand graphic Look professional and well put together Next let's move on to decorative

Elements for our second scene let's add Relative keywords into the element Search box and add them to our graphic Now because our graphic is going to be In video format we can also search for Animated illustrations to add to our Design so let's say for Aesthetics I Wanted to add cute Sparkles into the Scene type in Sparkle in the search box But before hitting enter click on the Settings icon here on the right side of The search box and check the animated Box now click on apply filters and hit Enter on your search box you'll then be Shown animated options for decorative Elements to select from once you find One you'd like click on it and position It in your design now let's make sure Fade animation is selected and now our Second scene is done the third scene is Going to be fairly simple we just want To feature our own products with a call To action let's say we want to use the Same background as the first scene so Really all we need to do is duplicate it And delete the layers above it to do This select the first scene right click Then click on duplicate and drag the Duplicate to the end of your timeline Like so now delete all elements leaving Only the background then let's try drag And drop our product images into the Canvas they will then show up on the Left side of your screen here you can

Then click on them to add to your scene Once they're in a position we'd like we Can now add our call to action which in This case is order or purchase now now Your CTA can simply be taxed on a shape Background like so or you can search for Your specific CTA on the elements tab Still with the animated option on so Canva can then show you if it has Animated ctas with the same wording you Need this one looks very cute and Visually fits our branding so let's go Ahead and add that to our design now Since we've duplicated the scene from Our first scene we've also copied the Preset transition animation so we don't Have to edit the animation anymore Lastly let's find music to go with our Video go to the audio Tab and search and Listen to audio till you find one you Like to apply to all scenes make sure You have your first scene selected and Click on the audio you want to use and We're done we've just made Motion Graphics without leaving canva we we Have officially entered a new age of Visual marketing where we have more Options for creating graphics and with Canva offering easy to use motion Graphic tools you're well on your way to Creating a wider variety of graphics for Your business and that's it for today's Video do you have any questions about Motion Graphics let us know in the

Comments down below also be sure to give This video a like if you enjoyed it Don't forget to subscribe to our channel For more tips and tricks to grow your Business once again this is jelly from Life Marketing and I'll catch you in the Next one

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