How to Learn About Digital Marketing in 5 Easy Steps!

Trying to Market your new or Small Business Online can feel very Overwhelming if you've never dabbled With digital marketing before within the Umbrella of online marketing their Social media marketing SEO email Marketing SMS marketing Google Advertising reels tick tocks website Design you name it so where do you start How do you start well this video is a Good place I'm going to show you how to Learn about digital marketing today in Five easy steps so make sure you watch To the very end alright so like I said When talking about digital marketing There's a lot of subcategories you can Dive into I'm going to cover the five Main ones in these five steps to help You get started with each one so let's Start with social media marketing some Of the top social media platforms right Now are Facebook Instagram Tech talk Twitter and Linkedin social media Marketing includes both organic as well As paid efforts on social media Platforms like those organic social Media marketing includes any regular Posts you put out for free and paid Social media marketing means running Social media advertisements in which Case your paying the social media Platform to promote your content we have Several playlists that can help you find The information you need to get started

With any of these platforms we have a Social media advertising playlist that Can help you get started with social Media ads and we have platform dedicated Playlists in case you're specifically Wanting to get started with Facebook Marketing Instagram marketing Twitter Marketing and so on in those playlists We share a lot of beginners guides Step-by-step tutorials strategy how to's And much more that you can watch for Free so I'll link those below for you to Check out next but if you're looking for Something a little bit more in-depth we Do offer a paid social media advertising Course that Sherman leads so you can Visit the link on screen to learn more About that social Media as Mastery social media in general Is a tool that can be used to generate Targeted brand awareness for your Business and drive direct sales and Leads it's just a matter of finding the Right platform for you and leveraging it Effectively the YouTube videos we have On this channel are a great place to Start and figure out how to do that next Let's talk about short video marketing Short video could technically fall under Social media but it's become so big that I decided it needed a category of its Own short form videos include Facebook Reels Instagram reels tick tocks and YouTube shorts and as you just saw we

Have introductory tutorials on every Single one of those so I'll link those Below but essentially they have become The number one preferred media type by Social media users people spend hours Every day just scrolling through short Form videos and because of that they're The easiest way for small businesses to Go viral organically the biggest reason People don't purchase from new Businesses is because they have never Heard of them before they're not Familiar with the brand and ultimately Don't trust them yet they don't trust Your website with their payment method Or don't trust that your product is Going to be as high quality as you say Etc short videos are the best way to Quickly dismantle those thoughts and Establish some brand consumer trust and Credibility I think the reason a lot of Small business owners have not yet Tapped into the potential of short Videos is simply because they're busy And some may even find it intimidating To learn but I promise it's super easy And those videos I linked will literally Show you step by step how to make them As well as give you some ideas to get You started now I will mention that we Offer a short video marketing services Along with a lot of the other digital Marketing Services I'm covering today For small businesses so if you're

Interested in having professionals Handle all of this stuff for you I will Put our contact link below the third Facet of digital marketing I want to go Over today is email marketing email Marketing is the process of emailing Leads and potential customers to keep Them engaged with your brand until they Purchase or repurchase your product if You're a service based business like we Are then this means until they become a Client and either remain a client or Refer others to your business either way No matter which business type you are You should know that for every one Dollar spent on email marketing the Average return is 36 dollars and if it's Set up right email marketing should work For you in your sleep sending out the Right automated emails at the right time To convert people while you work on Other things we have two great intro Directory videos on email marketing so I'll link those for you to watch next Because it's super simple to get started With once you have all the right tools Next up let's talk about Google Advertising the importance of Google Advertising is directly tied to the Importance of Google in general 8.5 Billion searches are made on Google a Day meaning Google processes over 99 000 Searches every single second so think About what your target audience searches

On Google in relation to the product or Service you offer if you own a mechanic Shop does your website appear in the top Results when someone types in mechanic Near me if you own an e-commerce store And sell women's clothing do your Product listings appear when someone Searches Christmas card picture outfits Or a dark green dress if not you're Probably missing out on potential Customers you want your website to Appear in the top search results when Somebody searches for something that you Offer the quickest way to do that is With Google ads with Google ads you're Paying Google directly to appear when Certain keywords AKA search queries are Searched Google ads are also known as Sppc which stands for pay-per-click or Sem which stands for search engine Marketing now you should note that Digital advertising is a little bit Trickier to learn than some of the other Organic marketing methods I've mentioned Today but it's not impossible we have an Entire playlist dedicated to Google Advertising with beginner videos Explaining what it is and how it works As well as tutorials to help you get Started setting things up so I'll link That below for you to check out next and Then the last one on the list for today Is SEO which stands for search engine Optimization SEO is very similar to PPC

In that it helps you rank in the top Spots on Google for certain Search terms But the difference is it's an unpaid and Therefore much longer process you can See in this screenshot that the Google Ads are marked with an ad icon and Appear at the very top of the page and Then the organic SEO results start Immediately below that there are pros And cons to both marketing methods the Two big ones being time and money Google Ads or PPC will get you to the top Almost instantly but it takes an Advertising budget to fuel that and as Soon as you stop advertising you stop Appearing in the top results whereas With SEO it takes way more time to Appear in the top results like I'm Talking years plural depending on where You're starting from but once you get There it's harder to unrank and it Doesn't require an ad budget to obtain And maintain your spot there are Hundreds of ranking factors that Google Looks at when deciding which websites to Put in the top spots and therefore there Are hundreds of things you can do to Help yourself rank we cover a lot of Them in this playlist so I will link That below now before we wrap up I do Want to address a comment we got related To the topic how to learn about digital Marketing they said please do a video on How to execute various digital marketing

Tasks like content creation landing page Creation ads creation organic SEO Etc Side by side since running all these Activities in parallel smoothly is a Hectic task tell me about it why do you Think so many people pay us to just Handle it all for them learning any one Of the digital marketing tactics we went Over today is a fee in itself let alone On executing them all at the same time All I can tell you is to become a master At each thing one at a time once you Master social media marketing with your Strategy nailed down all your automated Tools set up Etc then it's easier to Tack on email marketing and then Google Ads Etc trying to learn all of it at the Same time while running your small Business is next to Impossible the key Is becoming an expert at each thing one At a time and being so familiar with the Right tools to help you make it happen Every day so that you have the time and Mental capacity to then start tackling The next facet of digital marketing or Like I said just hire us and we'll take Care of it for you from day one please Like this video subscribe and ring the Notification Bell if you found it Helpful and I'll see you guys in the Next episode

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