How to Make Holiday Graphics in Canva

Foremost small businesses Christmas Brings in more sales than any other time Of the year which means getting your Audience to feel the holiday spirit with Festive Graphics is a step you Definitely don't want to skip and in This video we're going to show you how To make holiday graphics for your Business so be sure to keep watching Welcome Back to Life Marketing we are a Digital marketing agency dedicated to Helping small businesses grow and in This channel we make videos to help with Just that before we get started be sure You're subscribed to our Channel and Don't forget to hit that notification Bell icon to get notified as we upload More of our business growing videos if You've tuned in to our channel before You know that we recommend canva for Creating quality professional looking Graphics because it doesn't need Professional know-how to operate and of Course in this video we're using canva To create holiday themed Graphics so Let's start with the 1080×1080 blank Page for a standard social media post Graphic in canva the search box is your Best friend using it you can pull up any Element photo video sound and template Amount others from their huge library to Use for your own design with special Event Graphics you can simply type in The specific holiday in this case

Christmas and you'll have tons of Relevant elements to choose from if you Don't have much experience with graphic Design the templates tab is a huge help And will give you a ton of options on Designs to start with let's say we want To start with this design now we can Start importing our businesses branding Visuals to the design you'll want to Have at least your Brand's logo and Photos of your product or service to Incorporate to the designs and then you Can supplement this with relevant Background images and elements the right Color and branding to fit your Personalized holiday graphic to delete Any existing elements in your design Page simply click on it and hit delete You can then add in your own brand logo Photos and videos by going to the Uploads tab here on the left side of the Page clicking on the uploads button and Selecting our files or simply by Dragging and dropping your files Directly into the canvas as mentioned Earlier using canvas search bar you can Now pick any element from canvas library That are Christmas themed to add to your Graphic just be sure they are on brand Now the content of your graphic will Depend on the type of post you're doing But a standard social media graphic Should feature a business logo a hero Image or illustration if it's an

Infographic a headline text Complementing background and some On-brand decorative elements now if You're making a sale graphic you need to Add a call to action button into that Mix alternatively you can start with a Blind canvas with any of your business's Graphics without the need to edit from An existing preset template from canva Just be sure you're following your Visual branding guidelines to be sure You're staying on brand we have a video On how to create your own visual Branding so be sure to check that out if You haven't already so let's say you put Together your business's holiday themed Visual in canva and you're happy with How it looks do not stop there again With Chris's being such a huge driver For sales we need to make sure we're Pulling all the stops with our festive Graphic I mean technically yes we can Stop here and we have a great still Graphic ready for the holidays but Because we're using canva we can take Our graphic to the next level and make Our audience feel the holiday cheer even More by adding movement and music sounds Complicated but it's super simple to do In canva whether you're designed Selected you'll see here at the top left Above your design page and animate Button once you click that you'll see a Bunch of preset animation templates

Hovering over one will start a preview On how it will look on your design once You find one you like you can simply Click to apply to your current design to Add audio go to the audio tab type in Christmas as your keyword hover over the Audio and click on the play button to Listen to it and once you've found one You like click on the audio to apply to Your design now you can click on the Download button save as an MP4 video File and now you have a business graphic Ready for the coming holiday season and That's it for today's video if you have Any questions leave us a comment below Don't forget to subscribe to our channel For more tips and tricks to grow your Business this is jelly from Life Marketing and I'll catch you in the next One

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