How to market your service (service business marketing tips) #shorts

A product something tangible that you Can hold that you can see that you can Touch and that you can taste a service On the other hand is intangible you Can't hold it can't touch it can't see It can't taste it with Services you Often need to pay in advance which Requires a whole new level of trust if You're marketing a service based Business and you try to Market it like a Product based business well it's gonna Be very disappointed now when it comes To marketing products you have the Opportunity and the advantage of being Able to explain and to show and to Demonstrate how a product works what it Looks like you want to show it in action Show the features show the benefits that The features will deliver show the story Behind it so the main thing when you're Promoting and marketing Services is you Want to sell the end essentially the end State or the benefits or the outcome or The results that someone will experience After working with you

There Are 3 Ways To Launch Your Business Online

If You Pick The Wrong One, It Could Cost You Everything...

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