How to Optimize Your Facebook Bio

If your Facebook page bio doesn't have These five things in it that I'm Covering today you're probably missing Out on followers website traffic and More importantly leads and sales so make Sure you watch to the very end of this Video to find out if your Facebook bio Is making you money or costing you money What's up everybody welcome back to the Channel I'm Brandi with Life Marketing The digital marketing agency with a Mission to help small businesses grow Real quick like subscribe and ring the Notification Bell so you don't miss any Of the marketing videos we put out every Week that can help you grow your Business all right so today we're Talking about how to optimize your Facebook bio so let's go ahead and jump In with tip number one update your page Category Facebook has a lengthy list of Page categories otherwise known as Different types of businesses you'll Want to select the category that best Fits your business your page category Does two things it tells new faces who Have never heard of your business before What it is that you do and it also tells Facebook What You Do by telling Facebook What type of business you own it can Adjust your page 10 template accordingly For example if you're an e-commerce Company you're not going to need a Physical address displayed on your page

But you will if you're a local Restaurant the other thing to think About is if someone is typing in seafood Restaurant Atlanta Georgia into the Facebook search bar Facebook won't know To show your page in the top search Results if your category is set to Something other than a restaurant so Having your page category set correctly Is important for multiple reasons when It comes to optimizing your Facebook bio Tip number two is to make sure your Contact information is correct I've seen A lot of business owners with outdated Contact info on their business page and I'm not just talking about our clients I'm talking about in my own day-to-day Life when I need something and I'm Looking up information about a business On Facebook their contact info either Isn't there or doesn't work you are a Facebook business page is Facebook's Version of your website and should be Maintained as such if information on Your website changes make sure it Changes on your Facebook page too Outdated or non-existent contact Information nation is the fastest way to Lose out on business and customers who Were otherwise interested but not Anymore so make sure your email and Phone number are correct and another tip Here is to only put the contact Information that actually works in your

Business flow meaning don't add an email Address if you never check that email Only add contact information that Actually helps people contact you all Right moving on to tip number three add Your website and Social Links if people Are scoping out your business page on Facebook their next step is likely to Check out your website make it easy for Them to take that next step in your Marketing funnel by having your website Linked in your Facebook bio Facebook Also gives you the option to link your Instagram too which I'm going to do Right now it just helps create Continuity and improve brand recall so People know which account is you on Every platform one of the most common Hurdles customers have to get over when It comes to purchasing from a small Business for the first time is trust They want to know if your company is Real and legitimate and not a scam if You don't have a website link on your Facebook page or if the link is broken Or if your website looks like it was Made in 1999 which is a whole other Story then that's going to deter them From buying from you they're probably Not going to trust you with their Contact information let alone their Credit card information so make sure You've got that squared away in your Facebook bio and real quick before we

Move on I want to say if you just want Professionals to handle your Facebook Marketing for you from top to bottom we Do that for small businesses every Single day so I'll put our contact link Below for that in case you're interested Tip number four is to update your hours And price range these two features will Probably seem straightforward but it's Important that your hours on your Facebook page reflect the actual hours You can service customers and your price Range should reflect how cheap or costly Your offering is when editing your hours You can add multiple time frames a day And you can select different time ranges For different days if you don't want Your hours to show to the public on your Facebook page you can select no hours Available if that makes sense given the Nature of your business or on the other Hand you can select always open if you Have a brick and mortar store that's Going through a renovation you can Select temporarily closed hours and so On whatever you choose just make sure These hours reflect the true times in The day that customers are able to Contact you visit you or buy from you For the price range you can select cheap Moderate expensive Splurge unspecified Or not applicable choose the best price Range for your business don't put cheap If your product or service isn't cheap

Because all you're doing is Disqualifying your potential customers And on the other hand don't shoot Yourself in the foot and put expensive If your offerings aren't really all that Expensive you want to accurately Describe your price range to best Qualify your Facebook followers and then Lastly tip number five is to update your Description looking at your about Section click details about you and look At your description your description Should do two things number one it Should tell your Facebook audience the Most important things that they need to Know about you and number two it should Hold important keywords related to what You sell looking at hours you can see Keywords like Atlanta social media Company search engine marketing short Video services and more having these Keywords in our Facebook bio helps us Appear in the top search results when Someone searches these keywords on Facebook you'll want to include keywords In your description that are relevant to What you offer and are words that your Target market would search just remember Your description does still need to make Sense don't just list out a bunch of Keywords try to make them read naturally And organically in a paragraph so please Like subscribe and ring the notification Bell if you found this video helpful and

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