How to Optimize Your Twitter Bio

The way your Twitter bio is set up can Make or break whether you get followers Engagement website traffic and Eventually sales so today I'm showing You how to optimize your Twitter bio Alright I'm covering the entire Twitter Profile in this video not just the text Portion of the bio so let's start with The profile photo and cover photo your Profile photo needs to be your logo Period it's the most identifiable part Of your brand and as a newer smaller Business you want to encourage that Brand recall don't make it something Weird and don't change it often make it Your logo and stick with that for your Cover photo you want to speak directly To the goals and pain points of your Target audience you can see in hours our Main message is marketing that drives Sales because that's a goal for our Target audience a lot of our clients Come to us because they have not seen Success with other marketing companies And they want marketing that actually Works in Drive sales we're also cross Promoting and pointing our Twitter Audience to YouTube because they can see Our full videos there and growing our YouTube audience as has been one of our Main goals this year now if we look at Everything from a mobile view we can see That the main message is still within View so you want to make sure your cover

Photo is the right size for both desktop And mobile next let's go over your Twitter name and username ideally you Want these to be the same thing and you Want them to match your name and Username on other social media platforms As well if we were Life Marketing on Twitter but LM Atlanta on Instagram and Life mktg on Facebook that wouldn't help With brand recall and could confuse our Audience resulting in a loss of Converted followers or followers at all For us so just do yourself a favor make It easy and make your name and username Your business name now let's look at the Actual Twitter bio it can be up to 160 Characters long and ours says number one Digital marketing agency top strategies For online marketing done for you Digital marketing and follow us for more Growth all with Emojis and hashtags Throughout we've added the emojis to Help with formatting and to make get More engaging for the user people are More likely to read text on social media If there are emojis in it and we've Sprinkled both hashtags as well as Regular keywords throughout our bio for Maximum reach when somebody types in Digital marketing agency in the Twitter Search bar or online marketing we want To be the first account that shows up Including relevant hashtags and keywords In our bio will help us do just that so

Think about what keywords are relevant To your business what would somebody Search on Twitter if they were in need Of your product or service make a note Of those words and then include those Words in your bio and then give them the CTA or call to action you want them to Take next up we've got location we've Got hours listed as Atlanta Georgia just Because that's where we're based out of But we do service the entire country and Some outside of the country and while We're on this let me just mention that We do handle social media marketing for Small businesses every single day so if Letting professionals just take care of It for you is something that you're Interested in I'll put our contact link Below but for you I would either put the Area you service the most or the area That you're based out of then for your Website put the URL to your website or Whatever you're trying to promote for Instance if you have a landing page You're driving people to for your free Lead magnet put the landing page URL in There but make sure whatever link you Use that it works it isn't broken and Doesn't look sketchy to followers when They land there you want to earn their Trust as a new consumer not drive it Away now to edit any of these things Simply go to your profile and hit edit Profile and everything we just talked

About will be right there and you can Hit save to save your changes when You're done otherwise please like Subscribe and ring the notification Bell And I'll see you guys in the next Episode

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