How to Organize a Small Business on Social Media in 6 Easy Steps!

If you're running a small business and Figuring out your social media strategy It can be hard to know where to start Especially if you're basically running a One-man show right now so in this video I'm going to show you how to organize Your efforts for a small business on Social media in six steps so let's go Ahead and get started with step number One customer research you need to know What your target market looks like on Social media this is priority number one Because if you do everything else on This list for the wrong audience Nothing's gonna work we had a client That was actually featured on cnbc's the Profit I'll link the clip from that Episode if you want to check that out But the client sold coolers he thought His Target demographic was groomsmen Because he thought it would be a good Bachelor party idea or gift giving idea But then Quran asked the all-important Question does the data tell you that's Who your customer is turns out it made More sense to pursue people who were Likely to need a cooler such as outdoor Enthusiasts soccer moms tailgaters and So on I think sometimes as business Owners it's easy to get caught up in one What you think your audience would look Like or maybe even what you would like Your audience to look like when in Reality your audience should be strictly

Defined by the data and customer Research that you perform so how do you Gather that data and create a buyer Persona that is the first thing I show You how to do in this video and I also Have a whole video dedicated to nailing Down your target audience so I will link Both of those for you to check out next The second thing you need to do is Perform competitor research list out Your direct and indirect competitors and Then determine which of them are active On social media these are the accounts Going after your shared target market if They're doing well on social media then They're likely stealing attention and Ultimately customers away from your Business if they're not doing well on Social media then use it as a roadmap of What not to do look at the content They're putting out and analyze how your Target market is responding to it so you Can adjust your content accordingly Morgan has a great seven Step video on How to complete a thorough competitor Analysis so I'll link that below step Number number three is to start writing The copy for your social media calendar Steps one and two should give you a Clear idea of at least five main topics Your social media posts will be centered Around so now you can start writing the Captions of the post you want to publish And for me personally I include hashtag

Research in this step because hashtags Are a part of the copy so the first Thing you want to think about here as a Small business owner is time management Are you personally going to create the Content calendar for your social media From week to week or do you need to Outsource that task you could hire Somebody but oftentimes it's cheaper to Just pay a professional agency like Life Marketing to handle your social media Instead which I will mention we do for Small businesses every single day so I'll put our contact link below for Anybody who's interested in learning More about that but for all of you Wanting to tackle this on your own let's Press on when you're writing social Media captions there are three key Things you want to keep in mind the post Type the goal of this post and who it's For starting with the post type I'm Referring to things like is this a Caption for a Facebook real an Instagram Story a YouTube Community poll Etc Knowing the post type should absolutely Guide you in the format and style of Your caption for the goal of the post You need to know why you're posting it Is it to drive sales engagement new Followers not every single social media Post needs to have a CTA to purchase but Some of them do not every single social Media post needs to be an engaging post

To Garner likes but some of them do Being salesy all the time will drive Away followers but on the flip side Never being salesy means you might not Be capitalizing on your followers there Should be a balance in the type of Social media posts you publish and you Achieve that balance by knowing in Advance what the goal is of each social Media post and then the last thing we Said to know was who it's for after You've established who your target Audience is you may find that you have Sub audiences running with the client Who sold coolers for example some of Their posts may be geared towards soccer Moms whereas some of them may be more Focused towards outdoor enthusiasts we Can look at our own social media as Another example as a whole we help small Businesses grow via online marketing but Online marketing encompasses many things So some of our posts may help people who Are interested in social media marketing Whereas some may help people interested In Google advertising and so on knowing The post type the goal of the post and Who the post is for will help you write A better social media caption every time For more help with this step I'm going To link these two videos below for you To watch next alright step four is to Create the photography videography and Graphics for your social media again

You'll want to start thinking about if You have the time and or skill set to Manage this because it will need to be Done for every single social media post You put out if you want to actually be Successful on social media you need to Get comfortable posting reels or Whatever this short form video is called On the platform you're working with be It reels tick tocks YouTube shorts Etc If you're not posting videos you are not Going to get the same amount of views Engagement brand awareness and Ultimately website clicks leads and Sales as you would good posting short Videos now having said that regular Photos and graphic designs still matter Because when someone looks at your page Specifically on Instagram or Tick Tock They don't see the videos they see what Thumbnails and a lot of times how Aesthetically pleasing your feed looks Can make the difference in whether Someone follows you or not plus it's Good practice to ensure everything looks Branded and cohesive because that's Going to help with brand recall and when You're a new business you need all the Brand recall you can get jelly has an Entire graphic design playlist with Helpful tutorials on how to create Thumbnails using free programs like Canva so I will link that below step Five is to monitor your social media

Messages daily every single comment or DM you receive needs to be acknowledged And responded to promptly within 24 Hours responding to or at least Harding And liking comments does several things Number one it shows people that you are Responsive and that this page is active And up to date number two it helps Create more engagement when p people see That you answer their questions they're More likely to comment and ask their Questions and the more engagement you Get the more the algorithm is going to Serve your post organically and number Three it's just good customer service One of the biggest reasons consumers Engage with brands on social media in The first place is because it gives them Direct access if you're not really Responding to people or taking days and Weeks to get back to people it sort of Defeats the purpose of why a lot of People would follow you to begin with Plus there will be a portion of people Who are reaching out to you on social Media because they're dissatisfied with Their transaction and if you're not Responsive that's only going to add fuel To the fire next thing you know you've Got two new Google reviews and they are Both terrible so just make sure either You or someone on your team is Responding to social media messages and Comments every day in a professional way

That matches your brand voice and the Last thing to take into consideration When organizing your small business Social media efforts is to designate Someone to gauge your performance Somebody whether it's you an agency you Hire or a team member you employ needs To have a pulse on your social media Performance because what you're doing Actually working you don't want to just Keep doing the same things month over Month with no clue as to whether they're Actually helping you reach your goal or Not when looking at your social media Analytics these are some of the Questions you want to ask what type of Content is getting the most engagement Versus the least AKA what should you Post more of and less of where are the Holes in your social media funnel are There Trends you're missing out on where Are people falling off you need someone Who isn't swamped with day-to-day tasks That can take the time to analyze your Strategy and pivot when necessary Someone to steer the ship if you will And alert the rest of the crew when and If things need to change to actually Realize results so those are the six Basic things that need to happen when You're starting to implement a social Media strategy for a small business I Hope that helps give you an idea of how To organize your small business for

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