How to pick your perfect customer #shorts

You really want to go deep rather than Broad whenever I ask somebody well who's Your target market and they say everyone Or people with money there's like 8 Billion people on the planet and I Promise you you don't want all of them Even if they all wanted to do business With you some of them are just terrible Terrible fits for your business so why Don't we Reign that in a little bit and Even if we were to say separate men and Women well now we're down to like 4 Billion or then we separate to this Country now we're down to like 100 Million and then maybe this area now We're down to 30 million I mean still We're going to want to carve that down To a significantly lower number someone That you're going to be able to connect With on a deeper level so the easiest Way to do this is to take a look at Yourself and your business most people When it comes to business they're Solving a problem that they had at some Point they're solving something that They know about that they care about That they want to share and help other People so you probably understand a Little bit about your situation and what They're going through and therefore You're more likely to attract people Similar to you

There Are 3 Ways To Launch Your Business Online

If You Pick The Wrong One, It Could Cost You Everything...

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