How to Post Facebook Reels

Posting Facebook reels is the easiest Way to grow organically on Facebook so I'm going to show you how to post Facebook reels in this video alright so First you need to determine if you want To post reels from your personal or Professional Profile or from your Business page the steps are generally The same but you need to decide at the Beginning where you want this reel to Live if you want to post it from your Personal profile go to your profile on Your mobile device and tap the word Reels and create a reel if you want to Post it from your business page go to Your business page and tap reel under Create a post pick whether you want to Post from your profile or your business Page and then once you do that this is What the reels camera will look like you May need to give Facebook access to your Camera roll and mic if you haven't Already but otherwise you can get Started from here along the bottom you Can tap the arrow to see recents from Your camera roll that you can upload to Use or you can use the record button to Record a new video to use then starting At the top we have the option to add Music and we can either type in a song To search or look for songs by genre you Can change the speed of your video you Can add effects to your video you can Set a countdown timer to start recording

After 3 or 10 seconds and you can set a Duration limit for how long you want it To record and you can set a green screen Background using one of their existing Options or something from your camera Roll your video will have to be at least Three seconds long before you can go to The next screen so once you've got your Video The Way You Want It click next on This screen you'll have the ability to Add or change the music and effects if You didn't do that on the previous Screen you can also add text to your Video here and set it so that certain Texts are only on screen for certain Time periods but Pro tip you'll want to Edit your Clips first before you add or Edit text or else you'll have to redo The timing on your text you'll also be Able to add stickers gifs or emojis on The screen if at any point something Isn't working right you can tap the Three dots in the upper right hand Corner to let Facebook know that once You've got everything the way you want It you can tap next if you're posting This from your personal account you can Adjust to was able to see your reels by Setting them to public friends or Friends except from there you can enter In your text in the description box and Share your reel now a third option is You can just have a professional Marketing agency handle all of your

Short videos for you which is something That we do for small business owners Every day so I'll put our contact link Below for that in case you're interested Otherwise there are a couple things to Know before you go running off posting Facebook reels this video covers best Practices when creating reels the Differences between Facebook reels and Instagram reels and it also Dives a Little deeper into what reels are Overall in case you're totally new to Them so I'll link that video below for You to watch next as you start getting In a rhythm with posting your reels You'll probably want to come back and Watch these videos Six tips to get more Views on them and some Pro tips on how To work the Facebook reels algorithm to Your advantage and then lastly if you Get an invite to the Facebook reels play Bonus program you'll be able to monetize Your wheels meaning you'll make money Just from posting them so I'll link These videos to walk you you through That should you get the invite otherwise Please like subscribe and ring the Notification Bell and I'll see you guys In the next episode

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