How to Schedule Facebook Reels: More Reels in Less Time!

If you're a small business owner posting A lot of Facebook reels to grow and make Money being able to schedule your reels In advance will save you a lot of time And headache instead of fumbling on your Phone the day of trying to get a real Posted and thinking of a smart caption On the spot you can dedicate one day to Scheduling however many reels out in Advance that you have and from there you Can spend your day-to-day focusing on Your other priorities so I'm going to Show you how to schedule Facebook rules In this video with some Pro tips along The way alright so you'll want to start By going to Creator Studio make sure you're logged Into whatever profile has access to your Business page and make sure that Business page is selected here on the Left hand menu click published select Reels and make sure Facebook is toggled At the top from there click the green Create new button select the video you Want I'm going to pull a reel we've Already posted just for example's sake And it'll start uploading so it's Important to note here that your videos Will already need to be created to Schedule them in advance like this so if You haven't done that yet you'll need to Create those videos either on your phone With the reels camera where you can tap Save to your device so you can upload

Them here to schedule later or if you're Like us we create micro content out of Our long form content so we just Repurpose and resize parts of our YouTube videos to fuel our reels however You make your reels you'll just need to Do so in advance so that you have the Videos ready to go here once you've got Your reel uploaded here you'll want to Add your caption and include any Hashtags you want to use in that caption You can also add a collaborator if Applicable by sending them an invite Facebook says if your collaborator Accepts their name will be added to your Reel and it will be shared on their page Or profile your collaborator will be Able to see aggregated insights for this Content if your collaborative reel is Eligible for monetization earnings will Be available only to the primary Creator If your collaborator removes themselves From their real their name will be Removed from your reel you can remove Your collaborator anytime this will Remove their name from your reel and it Won't be shared on their their page or Profile so if you're working with an Influencer or doing a joint brand Giveaway or something like that that may Be something that you want to do from There you'll move from the create screen To the edit screen the only editing Tools they really give you here is to

Trim the video or resize it if necessary So again you'll want to have your video Already made and pretty much ready to go By the time you start scheduling it then Lastly we move to the share screen this Is where you'll click schedule instead Of share now so that you can schedule a Day and time in the future for this reel To publish note that a scheduled reel Must be shared between 20 minutes to 75 Days from the current time make sure you Pick a day and time that will get you The most engagement and if you don't Know what day and time that is make sure You watch this video next link below Determine whether you want to allow Remixing or not and who can see the real Although if you're publishing this from A business page it will automatically be Set to public and you cannot change it Once you've got everything the way you Want it you can hit the blue schedule Button if you want to save it and come Back to work on it later click save as a Draft and then hit save or of course you Can always share now from the screen as Well to publish immediately but the Point of doing it this way is to be able To schedule it in advance if you're Going to share the Reel now it probably Makes more sense to just do it from the Reels camera screen on your phone once You've scheduled your reel you should See it appear on this screen with the

Status as scheduled and it's okay if you Don't see it there immediately sometimes Facebook does take a few minutes but if You don't see it there after like 15 Minutes or so it likely didn't save and It's not scheduled just FYI you can also Change the calendar dates you're viewing On the screen if you want to see which Reels have been scheduled for the given Month and so on and that's how you Schedule Facebook reels now like I said Scheduling reels in advance will save You a lot of time and headache in the Long run but I also want to mention that If you'd rather professionals just take Care of your short video marketing Entirely so you don't have to worry About fiddling with social media Calendars and scheduling and so on we do That for small business owners every day So I'll put our contact link below in Case that's something that you're Interested in other otherwise please Like subscribe and ring the notification Bell if you found this video helpful and I'll see you guys in the next episode

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