Instagram for Small Business: Tools That Actually Help You Grow!

Instagram continues to be one of the Hardest social media platforms for small Business owners to master we never hear That the algorithm is getting easier to Work with right but there is so much Money to be made from marketing your Business on Instagram if you know how to Work the algorithm and leverage the Platform’s tools effectively so in this Video I’m going to share nine ways you Can use Instagram for small business so Make sure you watch to the very end [Music] Welcome back to the channel I’m Brandi With Life Marketing the digital Marketing agency with admission helps Small businesses grow real quick like Subscribe and ring the notification Bell So you don’t miss any of the marketing Videos that we put out every week that Can help you grow your business all Right let’s dive in with the first Instagram tool for small business number One reels way back in early 2022 maybe Even late 2021 the head of Instagram Adam baseri said himself that Instagram Is no longer a photo sharing app Instagram has made it very clear that Videos and specifically short form Vertical videos like reels are the way Of the future so if you haven’t already Accepted this and adapted to your Content strategy to reflect this you are Doing yourself a disservice I feel like

A lot of small business owners think to Themselves yeah yeah reals work I get it But let me try everything else on this List to see if that helps me grow Because I don’t have time to make reels That is the wrong approach my friend Nothing else on this list is going to Propel your brand awareness as much as Producing quality targeted a Real’s will And let me say reels do not have to be Complicated to be successful if you have A smartphone and a good idea you have All you need to create a viral reel that Brings in thousands if not hundreds of Thousands of views engagement followers And ultimately website clicks so check Out this video if you feel at all Intimidated or hesitant about getting Started with reels because that will Show you everything you need to know and Give you some ideas to get started Instagram tool number two is stories Stories are the vertical photos or Videos we see at the top of our Instagram feed or if you’re looking at Someone’s profile their profile icon Will be highlighted with a colorful ring If they have a story uploaded that you Haven’t watched yet they’re a great way To cut through the feed noise and Algorithm to put your profile icon at The top of your audience’s feed again Stories are visible for 24 hours unless You dock them in your highlights where

They will live permanently unless you Undock them the best practices when it Comes to your highlights are to dock the Things that are most important for Consumers to know about your business I’ve seen some people people have a Bajillion highlights that just go on and On forever and that’s great for them but Most people are not going to go through And watch all of those upon discovering A page as a small business Instagram Page you want to keep information Consumable for us we have five story Highlights YouTube because we like to Cross promote our channels for maximum Exposure and value services so people Understand exactly what we offer and our Service stories actually link out to the Corresponding page on our website life At life to show off our achievements and Team members and to make ourselves more Personable to our clients we’re not Robots behind the scenes we’re real People executing real marketing Campaigns client results to show Potential leads exactly what we’re Capable of doing for them and reviews For further social proof If you haven’t Created any story highlights yet I would Suggest making a list of the top three To five things you think your audience Cares about or considers when deciding To purchase the product or service you Offer what pros and cons do they weigh

When deciding to purchase from you or Your competitor job that list down and Let that guide you in what your first Top story highlight topics need to be Otherwise Morgan’s got a great video on Instagram stories for small business so I’ll link that below for you to check Out next Instagram tool number three is Going live going live means you will Film either yourself or whatever your Camera is pointed at live in real time You can use the back or front camera but People will be watching whatever you’re Filming in real time and they can Comment in real time as a result going Live can be very intimidating if you’ve Never done it before because what if you Mess up what if you’re not perfect the Truth is that doesn’t really matter Brand transparency and brand Authenticity are some of the top Influencing factors and what makes Consumers purchase today consumers want Real the reason lives are so powerful on Instagram and the reason they cut Through the noise and the algorithm so Well is because people love to watch Them and Instagram knows that if you go Live a lot of your followers will get a Push notification telling them you’re Live and your profile icon will likely Get pushed to the very front of the Story section at the top of the feed if You open your Instagram camera and tap

Live you can even see exactly how many Of your followers are active before Deciding to go live but for all of you Who are watching like no way am I going Live that is too scary I have a tip for You go to the live camera and tap the Eyeball you can set your audience to Practice mode where you can go live by Yourself or with others if you want to To practice nobody will be notified and You can change the audience when you’re Ready that way you can get a feel for What it’s like get used to the functions And somewhat practice what you’re going To say before going live it’s a good way To get your feet wet without doing the Real thing just remember that the point Of lives are to strengthen brand Consumer trust by sharing exclusive Content that gives viewers a peek behind The curtain of your brand if you want More information on how to create a live Streaming strategy I’ll link Morgan’s Video on it below now before I get into My fourth tip really quick I want to say That if you just want someone to handle Your Instagram marketing for you so you Don’t even have to worry about it we Offer profitable social media marketing For small businesses every day so I’ll Put our contact link below in case You’re interested in learning more about Our services alright Instagram tip Number four is to take advantage of the

New location hack this Instagram tool May not be applicable to all small Business owners but if you own a local Business and Target local consumers You’ll definitely want to pay attention To this new tool there’s a new location Feature on Instagram that shows Businesses in the users area filtered by Categories and I made an entire video About it with tips on how to optimize Your account to get the most out of this New feature so that’s all I’m going to Say about it in this video if you want The tips watch my other video linked Below Instagram marketing tool number Five is Instagram’s shopping tools one Study found that 80 percent decide if They want to buy a service or product Right from the Instagram platform E-commerce stores in particular will Want to take advantage of this and Utilize Instagram shopping tools to Increase their sales be it on their Website or natively within the Instagram App my advice would be to get your Instagram shop set up which Morgan shows You how to do in this video but the Reason I say that is because there’s a Shop tab on Instagram where people can Peruse through shops they follow as well As similar shops and recent products They’ve looked at and you’ll also find That products and shops are suggested to Followers and the home feed as well not

Just the shop tab customers can add Products to cart and check out directly On Instagram with shops that have Enabled that feature otherwise they’ll Be directed to the website to purchase One of the top reasons consumers are Hesitant to purchase from new or small Businesses they’ve never heard of before Is a lack of trust do they feel Comfortable in putting their credit card Information on your website you’re not a Scammy business right allowing them to Purchase your products via Instagram Does two things number one it bridges That Gap in trust because they know and Trust Instagram so it takes the Hesitation to purchase away and number Two it allows them to purchase in fewer Clicks they don’t even have to leave the Platform they were on to make the Purchase making them more likely to do So so in addition to Morgan’s video I Will also link Shawn’s video on Instagram shopping if you want a full Guide on this strategy Instagram Marketing tool number six is Instagram Ads if you need to jumpstart for your Small business Instagram page and you’ve Got an advertising budget to work with You can run Instagram ads through Facebook ads manager if you’ve watched Our channel for a while now you know That I do not recommend running as Directly through the Instagram app

Because you get a lack of targeting Options or campaign objectives to choose From instead you’ll want to run Instagram as through Facebook ads Manager so you can run optimized ads and Have full control over the success of Your campaign if you’ve never ran Instagram as before I have a Step-by-step tutorial here and I have Another video on 11 mistakes to avoid When setting them up so I’ll link both Of those below but essentially Instagram Ads can help you accomplish any small Business school you have in a fraction Of the time because you’re putting Advertising dollars behind it whether Your goal is to generate leads more Followers direct sales or all of the Above Instagram ads have proven to be a Tried and true method for small Businesses looking for growth Instagram Tool number seven is influencer Marketing influencers as we know are Internet personalities who have a lot of Followers and therefore have a lot of Influence Brands can often partner with Influencers and pay them to promote Their product or service to their many Followers in hopes of driving Mass brand Awareness and sales for them the best Kind of Partnerships occur when you as a Business owner can find an influencer That is Affordable to work with and Holds a high amount of followers within

Your target audience if your target Market is female it doesn’t help to Partner with an influencer whose Audience is predominantly male so you’ll Want to be strategic in picking the Influencers you want to work with but if You can find the right ones that can Make for a very profitable relationship And influencers followers trust the Influencers recommendations almost Exclusively so in this instance an Influencer is again helping bridge that Gap in trust by telling their follow Followers that they love and trust your Products so their followers can too it Can be just to think small businesses Need to jump start their Instagram Growth and get some sales coming in I Have three videos on influencer Marketing so I’ll link all three of These below for you to pick and choose Which one you think will be the most Valuable for you to watch next Instagram Tool number eight is to optimize your Bio as Instagram continues to double as Both the social media platform and a Search engine it’s become increasingly Important to optimize your bio for Relevant social media searches if you’re A pet groomer the words pet groomer and Any other related commonly searched Keywords need to be in your bio there’s A reason why digital marketing agency Online marketing and small business

Owners are listed in our bio it makes Your page more likely to appear when People type those words into the Instagram search bar if you want to Learn all the ways to optimize your bio Check out this video link will be below And last but not least Instagram tool Number nine is to pay attention to your Professional dashboard you’re your Professional dashboard previously known As insights will show you all of the Analytics you need to be aware of to Make informed marketing decisions it’ll Show what type of content your followers And non-followers alike are engaging With best when they’re online what days Are the best to post and so much more so Make sure you keep a pulse on what your Analytics are looking like for month to Month so you can pivot your marketing Strategies accordingly one of the Easiest ways not to grow is to do the Same thing every month without ever Gauging if it’s working or not if you Want me to do an updated video on the Professional dashboard available on Instagram now comment below and let me Know otherwise please like subscribe and Ring the notification Bell if you found This video helpful and I’ll see you guys In the next episode

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