Is traditional marketing dead? #shorts

Traditional marketing and traditional Advertising and everything that goes Into it well it still works but there Are some significant advantages to using Digital marketing digital marketing Tends to give you a much larger audience Size really you can reach anybody that's Online and there's billions and billions Of people online next is audience Targeting because not only are you able To reach these billions of people well You don't want to reach all of them Because all of them are not going to be The perfect fit for your business rather You can be laser focused and selective On only the most ideal and perfect People that you want to Target digital Marketing also tends to be significantly More cost effective than running say an Ad in the New York Times or heaven Forbid a Super Bowl commercial digital Marketing also allows you to get Immediate feedback and this is probably One of my favorite benefits of the Channels

There Are 3 Ways To Launch Your Business Online

If You Pick The Wrong One, It Could Cost You Everything...

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