Kindle Ads Quick Intro (KDP Advertising Campaign for Amazon Book Ads)

This is a quick introduction to Amazon Kindle ads here I am in the Amazon ads Manager and you can see that there are Three different pain types that I can Choose from sponsored products sponsored Brands and lock screen ads sponsored Products is where your advertising Individual products this is going to be The simplest way to start especially if You only have one product to sell Sponsored Brands is essentially creating A mini micro ECommerce landing page if you're selling A variety of products and you're not Quite sure what individual product that Individual might choose or you just want To promote your your brand or your Portfolio at large lock screen ads are Going to be much bigger ads that you use To Target individuals rather than just Individual Search terms so let's start With the most basic which is sponsored Products I'm going to hit continue First thing that we can do here is we Can decide do we want to customize the Text ad or do we want to go with a Standard ad that Amazon generates for us So let's go with the simplest which is Allowing Amazon to create a standard ad And then what we do is we select the Products that we want to advertise so For example I have this book on Launching products and perhaps I want to Launch another book as well

So let's go with this become a product Marketing manager we're going to Market Both of these products now we have some Different options here we have automatic Targeting Amazon will Target keywords And products that are similar to the Product in your ad so let's go with that Because it's the simplest and then we Can decide on a CPC bid and you can see The recommended range of 45 cents to a Dollar 47 and I'm just going to go with The default bid here of 83 cents as you Collect more data you you may get more Controlled in terms of what your bidding Will be You can also set your bids by targeting Group So for example if the keyword is a close Match you might want to bid higher if It's a loose match you might want a bid Lower we also have the ability to go With negative keyword targeting so for Example if people are searching for Words such as free or maybe there's a Certain keyword that you have that is Relevant to non-fiction but is also used In fiction well you might want to figure Out the fiction context and and put Those in as negative versions you can Also do negative product targeting now We have some campaign bidding strategies So the most conservative here would be Dynamic bids where you will bid a Maximum of what you've set as the bid

But then Amazon will automatically roll Your bid down in cases where you're less Likely to convert to a sale the least Conservative would be dynamic bids where Amazon May bid higher or lower and it'll Inflate your bid considerably if it's Likely to result in a sale so that's if You want to give full control to Amazon And then there's fixed bids which is Kind of the in-between option where You're you're just going to bid whatever Your bid is period without any Adjustments now the other option we have Here is to inflate the bid in certain Situations for example to get on the top Of search or to get into product pages Lastly here we can schedule when the Campaign starts when it ends and set a Daily budget for example of ten dollars Per day so in the examples I just gave What we did to a large extent was give Amazon control so what we're going to do Now is get a little more control in Terms of what the ads are going to look Like and how they operate so instead of Standard ad we're going to go with Custom text ad and then what I'm going To do is I'm going to add one of my Books here And then we can scroll down And we can see a preview of what the ad Looks like But now we have the option of creating Custom text so learn from one of the

Best marketing instructors and former Fortune 100 Marketing executive Buy now Get the last few copies of product Launch So you can play around with the text There So in the first example not only do we Allow Amazon to automatically create the Ad text but we also allowed it to do Automatic targeting now what we're going To do is manual targeting a more Advanced feature And we have two different options here Keyword targeting and product targeting I'm going to focus here on keyword Targeting And we can see that Amazon automatically Populates a list of suggested keywords So real estate for example broad match Phrase match or exact match exact match Would be the most conservative so we Could simply add that as a keyword we Can also adjust the bid here we can go To add all now you can see here that the Keywords that Amazon generates are Actually not very relevant so for Example real estate's not that relevant Free books is not that relevant this is Relevant this is relevant this is Relevant but it's very broad so this Demonstrates why you probably want to go With keyword targeting with manual

Control because you're going to be able To identify keywords that are much more Tightly tied to what you're selling So you can manually go in here and add These you can also enter a list so for Example I can start typing in keywords Like product marketing Marketing plan marketing manager and Then I can add these keywords You can see them populating here with Some automatic bid options from Amazon You can also choose to upload a list Maybe there's somebody in your company Or an assistant who's populated a list We can import the Excel document here Let's take a look at the results of a Sample campaign so here I am in the Amazon ads manager I'm in this section Campaign manager under management you Can see the total spend we can see the Sales and then we can see the Advertising cost of sales you'll notice That this is over a hundred percent so It's about 142 percent what that means Is that the campaign is actually not Directly profitable so the spend is Higher than the sales in some cases this Absolutely makes sense if your ebook is Or or your physical book is kind of an Entry point or a low-level offer that's Designed to either Market or get people In the funnel for a more expensive offer Then it's perfectly fine to spend more Than you generate in Revenue if you're

You're able to get permission to sell Your product for free then absolutely Your advertising cost of sales will Always be over a hundred percent or Essentially Infinity so so uh it really Depends what what the goal is here the Other key thing is to recognize whether You're trying to be immediately Profitable with Roi or are you trying to Use the book to generate broad awareness To eventually sell more products so uh Be careful in understanding what your Goal is if it's designed to be Profitable for every single click then This campaign will definitely need to be Adjusted and we can get more granular Here and see the specific campaigns Keywords books Etc and how they're Performing and what the budget is now What we're going to do is create a Different type of campaign so let's hit Create campaign so we already covered Sponsored products now as you get bigger And you have more clusters of products To Market and your brand overall let's Go with sponsored Brands hit continue Can name the campaign we can set a Budget let's say ten dollars per day And what Amazon is going to do is it's Automatically going to generate a Landing page for you there's a similar Feature available through other Advertising programs like Facebook for Example but you have a little more

Control over what the landing page looks Like So I've identified myself as the author We can choose which books we want to Promote so since we're marketing the Brand and not individual products we can Are going to want to add multiple Products here I'm going to choose also This one And the Kindle version so the digital Version as well as the the physical book And then what we can do is we can Preview the landing page You can see what it looks like here we Have uh this product seen in large we Can see what it's like when I click this One you can see what it's like when I Click this one so we can direct people To a higher level collection of products So that we're not getting too granular We're getting more economies to scale From our marketing by going with Clusters of products we're also not Assuming we know which individual book People want to buy they can go here and Choose among many Lastly we'll go with the Third campaign Type which is a lock screen ad hit Continue You'll notice that the targeting here is Going to look quite a bit different so We would set a lifetime budget let's say 150 dollars let's spread that over the Duration of the campaign and let's make

The campaign run longer Let's choose a product or products that We want to promote in this case I'm Going to go with this cheap Kindle book Now where things get interesting here is We're targeting based on interest so the Focus here is more on the individuals That we're targeting rather than the Behaviors rather than the keywords or The products So let's go into topics that people Might be interested in in my case so Entrepreneurship and small business Perhaps they're interested in investing Maybe they're interested in taxation as Well we can take a look here a lot of These are fiction categories which Aren't really relevant for me since I'm I'm selling these non-fiction books Maybe they're interested in computers These These are going to be much more Higher level targeting than would be With individual keywords especially when We're talking about exact match keywords Bidding per click let's just try one Dollar here and uh You can see here that Amazon allows us to go with one dollar But we can see how low it will allow us To go And in fact they'll even allow one cent I'll add five cents Uh excuse me they'll allow as low as two Cents so we could theoretically go that

Low but we probably won't get a lot of Impressions so I'm just gonna go with a Quarter We can create custom text so you can see What the ad looks like here's the cover Of the book very large and then on the Kindle you can also see the small Version that shows up at the bottom of The screen so let's say award-winning Marketing instructor teaches You modern Product marketing management In this affordable Kindle book And then you can see the text that shows Up here where they can hit read now and Swipe to unlock Kindle And what you would do is you would Submit for review That wraps up a quick overview of the Three types of Kindle ads that you can Run

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