Lots of Clicks, No Conversions! (Facebook Problems Solved)

So you're getting a lot of clicks you're Not getting a lot of conversions one of The indications may be that your Placements are messing up your metrics You're not getting reliable data And what we can do is we can go into our Campaigns and we can see what the Placements are and what I would do is I Would check off this app option which is Manual placements now you can set Automatic placements and that's fine When you're doing something like Performance Marketing where you're Telling Facebook to optimize for Conversions on your website for example Or for leads through Facebook itself and That basically means Facebook is going To look across all the placements across All the targeting and they're going to Do everything in their power to spend Your budget to get a conversion but that Is not something that you want to do Necessarily when you're doing broad Facebook advertising because the the Placements and the targeting are Something you need to control that's Basically what you're optimizing for so What we can do is we can start making Some cut off decisions so for example we Can decide okay we're going to advertise On Facebook we're going to advertise on Instagram but we do not want to Advertise on the Audience Network Because there may be some sketchy or odd

Ad placements that people don't even Notice so you'd as much as you don't Necessarily need to pay for placements That get any sort of special attention When you're doing advertising you want To at least be visible and it can be Much more reliable when you control the Placements on Facebook and Instagram That's something like the Audience Network you may decide also to uncheck Something like messenger So uh you can go through here and you Can see all the specific ad placements So for example here I chose to go with Facebook feed and Instagram feed but not Go with Facebook Marketplace Uh Facebook Marketplace maybe a lot of People that are looking for second-hand Products they're sort of in that buying Mindset so logically I just decided That's probably not the person I'm going After uh nothing wrong with running ads There but it may not be the most optimal Place and that that's the decision you Have to make based on your situation Now one of the most important things That you probably want to uncheck would Be something like apps and sites one of The biggest culprits in terms of Inflated click through rates and clicks Is going to be mobile app placements so People are going to hit Those ads by Mistake you're going to be dealing with A lot of sort of sketchy type of uh back

Alley advertisement placements when You're dealing with mobile apps so I Tend to rely more on the placements that I understand better which are going to Be on Facebook and Instagram So the other culprit for uh inflated Conversion or inflated click numbers Would be using something like interest Targeting and to give you an example Here we can look at the targeting that I Have set up to go after people that are Interested in association football or What most of us just call soccer in the Western Hemisphere Uh or at least in North America and you Can see here that the estimated audience Size is around 300 million so that's a Huge audience and when you're dealing With a huge audience like that the Inaccuracies tend to compound because Facebook is is using Uh perhaps unreliable signals if some Research has shown that when somebody Goes to comment that they don't like Something they're put in the bucket if They do like something uh so that this Targeting may not be the most accurate You might want to go with something That's more certain like is their job a Coach or what school they went to or What Academy were they trained at these Types of things are going to be more Reliable than interest targeting but in Some cases you may just have to rely on

Interest targeting it may come with a Lot of inefficiencies but you may have No other choice Now I want to reference some data and You can take this with a grain of salt Coming from this website there was some Leaked information from within Facebook Itself that's That's basically Discredits Facebook's targeting accuracy That it's dishonest And we can see here that Facebook's Accuracy claims are 89 Some people are alleging that the actual Accuracy is a one is around 41 we saw The research from North Carolina state Which suggests that it's around say 70 60 accuracy and then there's a minimum Alleged accuracy of nine percent so There is some variance here in terms of How accurate people think the interest Targeting is on Facebook and there's Certain conditions that would make it Less accurate and one of those is Whether you're doing Global targeting so You can see that by default when I run Consumer ads on Facebook I tend to go Worldwide and I think it's nice that Facebook gives you the option of going Worldwide whereas uh with platforms like LinkedIn you have to manually type in Each of the continents or each of the Countries that you want to go after but Here's what we have from Elite internal

Email at Facebook Interest Precision in the U.S is only 41 That means that more than half of the Time we're showing ads to someone other Than the advertiser's intended audience So that's a little bit shocking that More than half are going to be Inaccurate but then they say it is even Worse internationally we don't feel We're meeting advertisers interest Accuracy expectations so this is an Internal leaked email that suggests that The targeting may be quite a bit off and That the targeting accuracy gets even Worse when you go globally so this is a Big problem for me because I do like to Run a lot of global targeting campaigns Uh it also means that you need to take Data that's coming internationally with A grain of salt you can't rely on that Too much you can't be too precise in Your evaluation of the metrics that you See within Facebook because uh there's An accuracy problem that is going to Make the Precision much less reliable Next we're going to talk about a broad Facebook advertising and why it just Fundamentally has some advantages over Narrow advertising

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