Marketing a Clothing Brand: 5 Steps to Drive Sales

We asked if you guys were interested in Us making more industry specific videos And a few of you commented yes Specifically for marketing a clothing Brand and we've gotten several other Clothing and accessory marketing Questions over the last few months so I Thought hey why don't we make a video on It we are nothing if not a channel for The people so I'm going to cover five Things you need to do if you're Marketing a clothing brand starting with Step number one share the most Descriptive high quality product Listings most Shoppers who are perusing Through an e-commerce store do not have A physical store location close to them Your product listings need to fill in The gaps and tell them everything that They could possibly want to know to make The purchase this includes multiple Images sharing the different angles of Your clothing both on a model and laying Flat these images need to be high Resolution and aesthetically pleasing Being descriptive also means including Every measurement available the clothing Material and what size the model is Wearing in your photos if people can't Try things on before buying your clothes Then you need to help them understand Exact how it will fit before buying to Limit the amount of returns you receive Later or if you don't make returns easy

For Shoppers AKA if you make them pay For the return shipping then you're Likely not going to get the sale in the First place if you don't have clear Descriptive product listings if you're Getting a lot of traffic to your product Pages but not getting many add to carts Or sales it's either that you're sending The wrong audience to your product pages To begin with OR that they're not Finding all the information they need to Make the decision when they get there Let me share a real life example before We move on I'm five foot ten right when I buy clothes off Amazon or any online Retail store I do not buy dresses or Jeans if they don't have the length of The dress or the inseam of the jeans Listed sometimes I may take a chance on Amazon clothes just because it's free Shipping and free returns but for the Most part I absolutely need to know the Length of things before buying because a Lot of these retailers out here think Everybody is five foot five or shorter But that's another story for another day The point is make sure your product Listings answer any and all the Questions your customers would have or Would normally get answered in store by Trying the clothes on and also I do have A video on how to write product Descriptions that drive sales so I will Link that below for you to check out

Next alright step number two is to set Up your Instagram shop if you followed Along with all my Instagram updates over The past year then you know that Instagram has started to double as a Shopping platform not just a social Media platform people are shopping Finding new brands and buying clothes And accessories on Instagram and I think It makes sense because Instagram was Always one of the more visually oriented Social media platforms from the Beginning it's easy to share outfit Inspo on there and get people excited About the clothes that you offer now to Set up an Instagram shop you first need To set up your product catalog and Morgan has a great video on how to do That for Facebook and Instagram so I Will link that below once your catalog Is set up it should be easy to set up Your Instagram shop from there and I Will link these two videos as resources On how to do that you can set up your Shop so that people people are able to Check out right there directly within Instagram or you can set it up so that They are redirected to your website to Purchase there are pros and cons to both Methods allowing them to check out Within Instagram makes it easier for Them to purchase your items it's a few Less clicks or taps for them and they Can check out within the app that they

Were already on if your brand is still Fairly new to them Instagram can feel Like the safer option for the customer Because instead of inputting their Credit card information into a website They're not entirely familiar with or Sure of they're doing it through Instagram which they're extremely Familiar with and trusting of on the Other hand driving traffic to your Website is ideal because you own your Own website you don't have any control Over how Instagram operates or if it Goes down one day Etc ultimately you'll Want to get people converting on your Website but if you're a brand new Business to these consumers getting them To purchase your clothing off of Instagram may be an easier first step Now before we move on to step three I Want to quickly mention that if you'd Rather have a professional marketing Agency handle all of this for you so That you can just focus on your business We do that for small businesses every Day and we've specifically helped many Clothing and e-commerce Brands grow with Case studies for a few of them live on Our website so I'll put our contact link Below in case you're interested alright Step number three is to start posting Reels and tick tocks of different Outfits with your clothes short form Videos are the fastest growing media

Type on social media people consume Countless hours of short video content Every day across all the major platforms Within the retail and e-commerce World Outfit of the day videos are extremely Popular so show off your clothes pair Different accessories with different Outfits show how your items can mix and Match and how people can build an entire Wardrobe with your pieces now I have a Couple videos that can help you further Brainstorm ideas and capitalize on some Trends this video has some ideas for Reels in it and this video can be Applied to either Tick Tock or reels so I will link both of those below if you Want to learn about best practices or How to put a short video together but in General you should absolutely be showing Your clothes off in action in the form Of a real or Tick Tock every single Weekday if you can and this step flows Nicely into step number four which is to Partner with influencers the influencer Marketing industry is a billion dollar Industry in itself because it helps both Influencers and Brands generate sales Like crazy an influencer if you don't Know is a person on social media with a Lot of followers who works with Brands To promote products to their followers There are different levels of Influencers like you've got micro Influencers with a thousand or so

Followers all the way to celebrities With millions of followers the basic Transaction that occurs between a brand And an influencer goes something like This you as the brand want to find an Influencer whose followers match your Target audience once you find that Person you partner with them and pay Them a flat rate to promote your product Or you can give the influencer a promo Code specifically for them so instead of Paying a flat rate you give them a Commission of all the sales that they Bring in between the two of you you'll Negotiate how they're getting paid and What the promotion looks like be it a Real on their feed a story with a link To your website Etc then they will Create the content to promote your Product and hopefully you'll start Seeing sales from their followers as a Result influencers have played an Instrumental role in driving sales for Newer clothing brands the reason is Because their followers trust them and The recommendations they make when an Influencer posts a real showing Different outfit ideas from a retailer Their thousands or millions of followers Are going to go check out that retailer And that's why I said the last step ties In nicely with this one because you can Combine the two strategies and have Influencers make reels for you posting

Outfit of the days with your products And so on plus outside of social media Platforms like Instagram you've got apps Like like to know it where creators can Link all their favorite products so Consumers can shop their curated gift Guides product collections outfit of the Days and more and tap on the product to Shop directly from the website creators Make commission from their retailers Through these affiliate links and the Retailers read the benefits of more Direct sales so if you haven't already Partnered with influencers I would Strongly recommend that you do and I Have this video on it with step-by-step Instructions on how to get started with It alright and then lastly step five is To retarget your engagement and website Traffic with Dynamic retargeting ads if You've seen a handful of our videos Before I'm sure you know how important Retargeting is customers do not buy Products from you the very first time They see or hear of your brand they need To have several touch points with your Brand before they feel comfortable and Trusting enough to purchase from you That's why you need to retarget people In your sales funnel again and again Until they purchase we know that that's Why retargeting is effective but Specifically for clothing any Commerce Brands you'll want to run Dynamic

Retargeting instead of just running a Generic ad to your entire retargeting Audience you'll want to show each Individual person the products they are Specifically interested in and or looked At on your website and since you already Set up your Facebook and Instagram Catalog in step one you can do this Really easily on the ad level you'll Just want to select Dynamic ads and for The ad set you'll want to have created Custom audiences of your website traffic Instagram engagement and Facebook Engagement if you need help doing any of These things I'll link these videos Below as a helpful resource otherwise Please like subscribe and ring the Notification Bell and I will see you Guys in the next episode

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