Most marketers ignore this saying but you can 10X your sales if you don’t #shorts

There's this super cliched saying in Marketing that says you want to sell the Benefits not the features or sell the Sizzle not the stake the problem is is That like most cliches there's that Element of truth to it that's absolutely The fact here is like when it comes to Marketing into representing what it is That you're selling and what you're Trying to promote it's not about the Features it's about what those features Are going to deliver through the Benefits that's what they're after Benefits are emotionally driven and Emotion far more powerful driver than Logic doesn't mean we can't have logic Doesn't mean we shouldn't use logic we Absolutely should but emotion is the Money maker that's what compels somebody To take action when they feel it like Deep down in their core this is going to Make my life better this is going to Help me achieve the goals that I want This is going to increase my status this Is going to make me healthier or happier Or wealthier or any of those intrinsic Drivers that we have as humans when We're able to properly communicate that That's when conversions happen that's When sales happen

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