New Creative Tools on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook has introduced new tools for Creators to build businesses on Facebook And Instagram so I'm going to cover what Those new tools are in this video if you Want to learn how to learn how to Customize your business growth Scrums then make sure you watch to the Very end starting with updates to Digital Collectibles Facebook says Creators will soon be able to make their Own digital collectibles on Instagram And sell them to fans both on and off Instagram they'll have an end-to-end Toolkit from creation starting on the Polygon blockchain and showcasing to Selling people can easily support their Favorite creators by buying their Digital Collectibles directly within Instagram we're testing these new Features with a small group of creators In the US first and hope to expand to More Country soon we're also expanding The types of digital Collectibles that You can showcase on Instagram to include Video and adding support for the Selena Blockchain and Phantom wallet in Addition to the blockchains and wallets That we already support lastly Information for select collections where The metadata has been enriched by openc Such as collection name and descriptions Will now be available on Instagram there Are no fees associated with posting or Sharing a digital collectible on

Instagram which is nice for you as the Creator and as just another tool in your Pocket to make money off the Instagram Platform next we have subscriptions on Instagram Facebook says we're expanding Access to subscriptions on Instagram to All eligible creators in the US so more Creators can earn predictable income and Connect more deeply with their most Engaged followers since launching Subscriptions earlier this year we've Seen creators like Cole Sprouse Alan Chao and Sky Jackson use subscriptions To get even closer to their most engaged Supporters so with subscriptions you can Create exclusive Instagram content and Offer benefits with subscriber lives Stories badges posts reels group chats And broadcast channels so for you as a Content creator and a business owner you Can create exclusive content that only Paying subscribers can see this will not Only make you a little extra cash in the Process but it'll also move the Subscribers deeper into your overall Sales funnel the more invested they are Into your content online the more likely They are to purchase your main offer so Comment yes subscriber video if you'd Like me to do a video going more in Depth on how to leverage subscriptions And subscriber only content otherwise Let's move on to stars and Gifts Facebook says we are making it easier

For people to discover stars on Facebook By automatically enabling stars on Public Creator content including reels This means that people can learn about And use stars in more places across Facebook we are testing with a select Number of creators globally for creators Already using Stars we're launching new Features to make it easier to earn stars And interact with star senders those new Features include bringing Stars party to Reels a Stars party is a star's Community challenge that ends in a Celebration if the Creator reaches their Goal testing a new set of virtual gifts Tailored to specific content for example If you're watching a puppy reel from Your favorite pet Creator you'll be able To send that Creator a dog themed gift Giving creators more tools to engage With star Cinders like adding a filter And comments manager that displays all Of a Creator star's comment it's in one Place and this surface creators will be Able to reply to multiple comments at Once and bringing stars to non-video Public content like photos and text Posts Facebook is also introducing gifs On Instagram starting with reels so Creators have a new way to earn money From fans who love their reels to Support their favorite creators fans can Send gifts on reels by purchasing Stars Within Instagram Facebook says we're

Testing this with a small group of Creators in the US first and hope to Expand to more creators soon so as you Can see Facebook is making it easier for Consumers and followers to show Appreciation for their favorite creators Across Instagram and Facebook which then Helps creators strengthen their Community and build their business now Before we get into my last update really Quickly I want to say that if you'd Rather have a professional agency handle Your social media marketing from top to Bottom so you can focus on building your Business we do that for small businesses Every day so I'll put our contact link Below in case you're interested in Learning more otherwise the last update I have for you today is professional Mode for Facebook profiles if you guys Have seen some of our Facebook videos You may have already heard about this Update Facebook says we're launching Professional mode for Facebook profiles A new profile setting that allows Creators around the world to build a Public presence while maintaining their Personal Facebook experience Professional mode offers creators and Anyone that wants to become a Creator a Set of tools and opportunities to begin Growing a global Community from their Personal profile with professional mode Creators can become eligible to earn

Money through stars as on Facebook reels In-stream ads and reels play they will Also have access to content and audience Analytics educational resources and more So if you've sort of built your business From your personal Facebook profile to Date and feel hesitant about fully Investing in a Facebook business page For fear of losing your following maybe Changing your personal profile to Professional mode may be the way to go Otherwise that's all the updates I have For today please like subscribe and ring The notification Bell and I will see you Guys in the next episode

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