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Business owners are making a lot of Money from Facebook groups and Facebook Recently announced that they're adding Some new features so if you utilize Facebook groups or if you're thinking About it you're going to want to watch To the end of this video alright so if You've seen either of these two videos Of hours about Facebook groups then you Know Facebook groups are a fantastic Organic way to grow your business and Clientele group members tend to be a Little bit more engaging than business Page followers I'm guessing because Groups are set up to encourage back and Forth discussion better but let's look At the new Facebook group features Starting with reels and groups Facebook Says reels and groups let you express Your voice in your communities through Creative and immersive videos with reels Now in groups community members can Share information tell stories and Connect on a deeper level imagine people In a makeup obsessed group sharing their Latest techniques and Beauty finds with Fellow members group admins and members Can also add creative elements such as Audio text overlay and filters on top of Their videos before sharing to bring Their stories to to life so running with Facebook's example there about a makeup Centric group if you sell makeup Products imagine sharing a get ready

With me reel using all of your makeup Products to that group reels are the Number one media type on Facebook anyway And now you're sharing it organically to A relevant audience in a Facebook group It's great for targeted brand awareness Engagement and ultimately sales the next New feature includes updates to your Group profile Facebook says with these New updates you can customize the Information in your About Me section to Highlight information you want to share With your community this can help both Admins and members learn more about one Another and create content that best Reflects the group's interests and you Can add an indicator to your profile if You're open to messaging this can help Other like-minded members know that You're willing to connect over shared Interests so again this will better Foster engagement as well as one-on-one Messaging with people who fall within Your target audience the next update for Groups includes new admin tools Facebook Says earlier this year we announced that Admins can begin to create channels as a Way to connect with their groups in Smaller more casual settings for example Community chats which let people connect In real time around the topics they care About via text audio and video is now Available in more than 140 countries Globally black girls culinary a Facebook

Group where people share their latest Recipes uses Community chats to create Chat channels for a topic like meatless Mondays and audio channels to talk Through cooking tips in real time they Can also seamlessly add an event chat to Group events allowing people to discuss Events before during and after they take Place we're also testing the ability for Group admins and moderators to create View only chats to send one-way Communications to all of their members Without having to actively maintain or Respond to messages in the chat so they Can stay up to date on important group Information admins and moderators can Also use an admin only chat for in the Moment collaboration so those are the Tools that already exist there was a Nice little summary from Facebook to Catch us all up to to speed now let's Talk about what the new tools are admins Have new tools to help them effectively Manage and drive their groups culture Forward and engaging useful and Responsible ways so before we continue Think about everything you're hearing From the Viewpoint of creating a Relevant and targeted Facebook group Yourself you've built up an amazing Community with your Facebook group and Now these are the new tools that you Will get as the admin of the group first Is community contributions Facebook says

We're testing a new way for admins to Highlight top contributing members who Can earn points by taking on an active Role with a set of responsibilities in The community or for receiving reactions And comments on posts for example gaming Communities can identify helpful tips That other members share about new Features games and characters by Accruing points top contributing members Will earn badges to feature on their Group profiles making it easier for Admins to select members for roles so This will encourage your members to Engage more and the more engaged they Are the more more invested they'll be in Your brand products and services Facebook said they're also testing a new Role for admins to recognize active Members who help others feel welcomed Connected and motivated to contribute in A community for instance socializers and Music festival communities can be Recognized for sharing their Festival Experiences and motivating others to do The same by sharing photos and videos Next we have the updates on admin assist But before we get into that I want to Quickly mention that if you'd rather Have professionals handle all of your Facebook marketing for you we do that For small business owners every single Day so I'll put our contact link below In case you're interested and learning

More about that now Facebook says their New admin assist updates will help Admins efficiently moderate their groups By automatically taking action based on Specific criteria they set starting with New treatments for false information to Help ensure content is more reliable for The broader community group admins can Automatically move posts containing Information rated as false by Third-party fact Checkers whether the Posts are identified as containing false Information before or after being posted In their group to pending posts so that The admins can review the post before Deleting them we also have the new daily Digest group admins can easily review How admin assist helps them manage their Community with a new daily summary of Actions taken in a community based on The criteria admins have set and lastly We have flagged by Facebook Facebook Says as we shared in our recent Community standards enforcement report We're testing an extension within Flagged by Facebook that gives some Admins of eligible groups the ability to Use additional context and allow some Content that might otherwise be flagged For removal as bullying and harassment We use a variety of criteria to define a Group's eligibility for this feature Including that the group admin must not Have been the admin of a group we've

Previously removed this is an example Facebook gives of what they mean by Allowing additional contacts they say an Admin for a group of fish tank Enthusiasts could allow a flag to Comment that called a fish fatty which Was not intended to be offensive we Still require groups to follow our Policies and we'll remove violating Content that's reported to us so all of These admin updates are meant to help You as the group admin have better Control over your group and what's being Shared obviously when you're trying to Build up a targeted Community to Eventually purchase from your brand you Don't want one person ruining it for Everybody with a bunch of span posts or Vulgarity Etc and on the flip side it's Nice to reward positive relevant and Consistent engagement to encourage more Of it so those are all the Facebook Group updates I have for you today Please like subscribe and ring the Notification Bell and I will see you Guys in the next episode

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