New Instagram Features in 2023

If you've been on Instagram lately You've probably noticed a few changes We've got the new Instagram notes Feature at the top of your DMs group Profiles and Instagram's answer to be Real today we're going to cover these New updates and how you can leverage Them for business starting with Instagram notes Facebook said we're Beginning to roll out notes a new way to Share your thoughts and see what your Friends are up to notes are short posts Of up to 60 characters using just text And emojis to leave a note go to the top Of your inbox select the followers you Follow back or people on your close Friends list and your note will appear At the top of their inbox for 24 hours Replies to notes will arrive as DMS in Your inbox during testing we learned That people liked having a lightweight Easy way to share what's on their mind And start conversations from asking for Recommendations to sharing what they're Up to notes give people a casual and Spontaneous way to express themselves And connect with each other so here are A couple ideas of how you can use the New notes feature to grow your business If you're dming with someone Instagram Algorithm considers you very close with The person you're dming and therefore Puts your content in front of them more Often organically posting notes with

Witty funny or interesting 60 character Statuses can be a great way to get the Conversation started with your target Audience also specifically this is an Opportunity to show your brand voice so Be funny be creative this is not the Place to be stuffy you want to show your Followers the social witty side of your Brand whatever that looks like for your Specific audience and business alright Next we have group profiles Facebook Says people often create group Chats on Instagram to share entertaining content Bond over memories and make plans with Friends we're testing new features to Give people more ways to collaborate and Connect with friends in groups first we Have group profiles soon people will be Able to create and join this new type of Profile to share posts and stories in a Dedicated shared profile with friends Whenever you share content to a group Profile that content will only be shared To group members instead of your Followers and will be posted on the Group profile instead of your own to Create a new group profile tap the plus Icon and select group profiles then we Have collaborative collections Facebook Says we're testing a way for people to Connect with friends over their shared Interest by Saving posts to a Collaborative collection in your group Or one-on-one DMS you can start or add

To a collaborative collection by saving A post directly from feed or sharing a Post to a friend via DM and saving it From there so we've talked about groups A few times on this channel I will link Some of our Facebook group videos if you Miss them but essentially the perk of Groups for small business owners is that You get to move your followers a little Bit further down your sales funnel think Of your followers as being top of funnel And then your group members being a Little bit deeper in the funnel more Invested in your brand and closer to Making a purchase group profiles will Give you the ability to create a similar Funnel on Instagram connecting with your Followers establishing brand trust and Inching them closer to making a purchase Now before we get into my last update Real quick I have to mention that if You'd rather just have professionals Handle all of your social media Marketing for you so you don't have to Worry about it we do that for small Businesses every single day so I'll put Our contact link below in case you're Interested in learning more about that But all right the last update that I Think is Instagram's answer to be real Is candid stories Facebook says we're Starting to test candid a new way for You and your friends to capture and Share what you're doing right now in a

Story that's only visible to those who Also share their own capture a candid From the stories camera the multi-author Story at the top of the feed or from the Daily notification reminder that starts After your first candid for those who Don't want to receive the daily Notification reminder you can always Turn it off in your settings we're also Testing a similar feature on Facebook Stories now for those who don't know be Real is a social media app that asks Users to post unfiltered photos of Themselves once a day the app notifies Users at random times each day to share Unfiltered snapshots of what they're Doing during a two-minute it window now We know that Instagram has a history Right Snapchat stories Instagram stories Vine Instagram video Tick Tock reels and Now be real candid so we'll see how long Be real survives now that Instagram is Testing out what's essentially the same Function on their app but for business Owners this is a great way to share Behind the scenes of your company and Your team people love exclusive content And consumers are more likely to buy From a brand that they feel like they Know and trust so you can use canvas Stories to your advantage and build that Trust so please like subscribe and ring The notification Bell if you found Today's video helpful and I will see you

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