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The Instagram insights we know and are Used to have changed now when you open Your Instagram app you should see the New Instagram professional dashboard I’m Going to walk through some of the new Features you’ll want to know about as a Small business owner marketing on Instagram [Music] What’s up everybody welcome back to the Channel I’m Brandi with Life Marketing The digital marketing agency with a Mission to help small businesses grow Real quick like subscribe and ring the Notification Bell so you don’t miss any Of the marketing videos we put out every Week that can help you grow your Business all right so let’s start by Answering the question what is the new Instagram professional dashboard Instagram says it’s a new Central Destination to help you turn your Passion into a living on Instagram there Are three key features of professional Dashboard one you can track your Performance discover insights and Trends Based on your accounts performance two You can grow your business easily access Tools you use to run your account more Efficiently discover new tools to help You build your business and check Monetization status and eligibility and Three stay informed learn how to make The most of Instagram through curated

Educational resources including tips Tricks guidance and inspiration so next I want to walk you through everything But first really quickly I want to Mention that if you are looking for a Professional marketing agency to just Handle your digital marketing for you From top to bottom or take Instagram Marketing off your plate we perform Profitable social media marketing for Small businesses every day so I’ll put Our content link below in case you’re Interested alright let’s walk through What the Instagram professional Dashboard looks like looking at your Profile tap the professional dashboard Button which already at a glance tells You how many accounts you’ve reached in The last 30 days when you tap into it You’ll see your account insights next Steps your tools and tips and resources So if you tap see all on account Insights at the top this will take you To the previous Instagram insights we’re Used to I have an entire video covering That part of Instagram analytics so I’ll Link that Below in case you want to walk Through of all of those insights and how To interpret them the next section is Next steps this section will alert you Of features you still need to set up so It’s important to note that everyone’s Professional dashboard screen may look a Little different depending on what your

Account is eligible for already has set Up and so on for us our next steps Include setting up subscribe questions And finding new potential customers with Subscriptions we can let subscribers pay A monthly fee to access exclusive Content and a badge so their example Here is posting Instagram stories that Only your subscriber audience can see And if you’re thinking about setting Subscriptions up too you should know That Instagram currently does not Collect any fees for subscription so Make sure you follow us on Instagram if You don’t already because you never know We may start sharing exclusive content Over there if we go back and top find New customers it takes me to this screen Which is almost like a little Instagram Blog resource on how to spark Conversations with potential customers It has tips on how to manage your Instagram chats and check your results So again your next steps may be Different than mine but regardless Instagram should have prompts there for You to follow to set things up Accordingly next up is your tools I’m Going to tap see all and this is the List I have ADD tools branded content Saved replies frequently asked questions And then shops under Tools to try Opening an Instagram shop doesn’t really Make sense for us since we’re a service

Based business but if you own an E-commerce store and haven’t set up your Instagram shop yet you’ll definitely Want to do that ad tools allows me to Create new boosted posts or manage past Ads but as I’ve said before on this Channel do yourself a favor and only run Instagram as via Facebook ads manager Don’t do them through the Instagram app And if you don’t know why you haven’t Watched enough of our videos yet branded Content allows me to set up branded Content tools so I can start using the Paid partnership label as well as manage Our paid Partnerships and approve Creators safe replies are exactly what They sound like they replies you Probably have to send often and Therefore want to save so you can just Send them with the top of the button Instead of typing them out every single Time and then lastly we have frequently Asked questions use FAQs to help people Start a conversation with you when Turned on these questions will appear at The beginning of a chat with your Account so these are questions you Receive often that you think your Audience would likely be messaging you About you can make it easy for them and Offer these as buttons they can tap to Send the questions right when they open A message thread with your account the Last section at the bottom is as I

Mentioned tips and resources from Instagram so that’s almost like another Little blog section down there but then If you scroll back to the top there is One more thing I want to cover tap the Setting wheel in the top right corner And it brings us to Instagram’s business Settings this is another Pathway to some Of the items we’ve already looked at Like subscriptions and saved replies and So on but we also see new tools here Like you can view your monetization Status or set the minimum age of people Allowed to view your profile and content And so on so be sure to go through your Professional dashboard settings to see If there’s anything you can do to Further optimize your Instagram Marketing efforts now the last two Important things to know before we wrap Up are number one if your app is up to Date and you’re still not seeing the Professional dashboard it could be your Account type it’s important to note that The professional dashboard is available To business and Creator accounts only on Instagram and number two Instagram said They will add to the professional Dashboard over time as they continue to Build out a suite of tools that help Creators and businesses grow and succeed On Instagram so be sure to keep a Lookout for upcoming changes in your app Otherwise please like subscribe and ring

The notification Bell if you found this Video helpful and I will see you guys in The next episode

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