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Yell past some new features that you as A business owner are going to want to Know about so I'm going to cover them in This video the big headline is that Yelp Has introduced projects to help people Easily manage service projects and Confidently hire professionals and more Importantly for small business owners The new redesigned Yelp for business Inbox helps service businesses more Easily manage and generate leads so We're going to get into what all of this Looks like and how it's going to work But first let's talk about why Yelp is Adding these features they said people Come to Yelp every day to discover Connect and hire service professionals Across a broad range of categories from Landscapers and auto repair services to Tailors plumbers lawyers movers and More In fact millions of Yelp users have Utilized request a quote and request a Call to hire Pros that can best service Their projects to meet this growing need Yelp has doubled down on building new Features and updates that help consumers Seamlessly connect with local Services Professionals as well as deliver an Increasing number of quality leads to Business owners so if you're a business Owner on Yelp this should be music to Your ears and even if you're not Currently Super Active on Yelp yourself Your customers may still be finding you

Via Yelp so these features are being Launched with the intention of making That process easier and to improve the Discovery and hiring experience for both Consumers and businesses so now let's Look at the new features starting with The project feature Yelp says people Will now find a new project experience In the Yelp app where they can easily View and manage all their services Projects as well as swiftly reply to Messages through an easy one-click email Authentication link so this is a new way For consumers to manage projects and Compare quotes in one place the new Projects experience on the Yelp app lets Consumers better create manage and Organize all their requests to quote and Request to call details in one place This new experience helps people save Time when comparing multiple quotes and Most importantly higher service pros With confidence users can easily create New projects by requesting quotes Through Yelp schedule consultations Compare prices and track their project Status Yelp says once a project is Created with a request a quote Yelp Users can easily View and manage it Along with all of their active projects By navigating the new projects tab in The app the new tab organizes projects By most recent quote requests with Category specific icons users can select

A project to view and respond to Messages from service pros for consumers Juggling multiple projects they'll be Able to view the status of each one at a Glance including if there are more Quotes on the way how many unread Messages they have or if there's still Awaiting replies from businesses when Consumers receive an email notification That a business owner has messaged them Back we're making it easier for them to Quickly respond through a unique email Link that seamlessly and securely Authenticates with one click this Authentication link allows consumers to Auto sign in to the Yelp app in order to Swiftly reply to messages and connect With business is to get their projects Done building on our optimized search Experience we continue to further Improve the user search and request a Quote experiences to better capture Consumer intent for services jobs and Help better match people with the right Services businesses for their unique Projects so as you can imagine this is Going to keep things super organized and Streamlined on the consumer end making Them more likely to follow through with The project with the business that They're in contact with on Yelp now Before we get into the other new feature First I want to quickly mention that if You'd rather have professionals just

Handle your digital marketing for you From top to bottom we do that for small Businesses every day so I'll put our Content link below if you're interested In learning more about that all right Now let's talk about the new redesigned Business owner inbox on Yelp Yelp said To further help Services businesses Seamlessly manage their leads we've Redesigned the inbox experience for Business owners into a more centralized Message center the new inbox service is The most important information front and Center including project titles location Timing and preview of the message this Helps business owners easily View and Interact with customer leads from Request a quote request a call and Nearby jobs on Yelp the redesigned Services richer project details that Make it easier for service pros to Evaluate the value and differences Between each job rather than the Previous auto-generated message from a Potential customer so both of these Features the new projects Tab and the Redesigned business owner inbox should Help make the lead generation process a Lot smoother from both ends to explore The new projects tab consumers can Download the latest version of the Yelp IOS or Android app and business owners Can access the redesigned inbox Experience by logging into their Yelp

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