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Coca-Cola is one of the world's most Successful consumer products yet the Typical customer only buys it once or Twice per year Most business to business marketers are Really only interested in generating Short-term results Yet only five percent of business to Business buyers are even remotely Considering buying this quarter These bizarre findings teach us Something about product marketing it's That product marketing is not intuitive It's full of surprises that go against Conventional marketing wisdom That's why this course is needed my name Is Decker Fraser and welcome to become a Product marketing manager I was a vice president of marketing for Google accelerator startup I was a Global product marketing manager for Sony PlayStation I was a senior product Marketing manager in Silicon Valley and I was a product marketing manager for a Google Venture startup I've done product marketing Consulting For countless companies of all sizes in Business to Consumer and business to Business I received my MBA in marketing from Philip kotler's Kellogg School of Management the number one ranked Business school for marketing in the United States

I taught college level marketing and I Published two product marketing books My general philosophy guiding this Course is that you either go big or you Go back to selling services Unlike marketing something like an Agency or a professional service firm Product marketing is fundamentally about Scale Economies of scale and market share will Beat even the best targeting messaging And positioning let's get started

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