Outdated Facebook Ads Tips You SHOULD NOT Be Doing In 2023

If you've been seeing your Facebook ad Results declining your advertising costs Skyrocketing or your ads going nowhere And not getting the results you were Hoping for then you're probably already Well aware that there have been a lot of Changes going on inside the Facebook ads Platform lately pretty big changes that Are leaving a lot of business owners and Marketers and advertisers frustrated and Confused and jumping ship to another ad Platform or giving up on their Advertising goals altogether and that's A shame because despite what you may Have been told the problem isn't the Algorithm or iOS 14 or even Facebook Themselves and the fact that their terms Of service says that they can reject or Remove any ad for any reason no the big Problem is that much of the Facebook ads Advice that's being shared and passed Around right now just hasn't caught up To these changes which is leading to People trying to win this new Advertising game using yesterday's old Advertising rules Old advertising rules that no longer Work don't apply and often prescribe Doing the exact opposite to what you Should be doing if you want to get more Clicks more leads more customers and More sales from your ads Which to me sounds like the exact Definition of a recipe for Facebook ads

Disaster so the first outdated Facebook Ad tip and piece of bad advice that I Want to share with you here that could Be the reason that your ads aren't Performing as well as you were hoping For has to do with the advice on which Facebook ad objective you should be Using in your campaigns also a big thank You to HubSpot for sponsoring this video But more on that later for now let's Talk about Facebook ad objectives here's The deal when you create a Facebook ad Campaign one of the first options you Get is which campaign objective do you Want to optimize for awareness traffic Engagement leads app promotion or sales This is an important step and is Essentially your way of telling Facebook What kind of people you want them to put Your ad in front of and what action you Want them to take and the general rule Here is to just tell Facebook exactly What you want in other words if you want Sales choose sales if you want leads Choose leads and if you want awareness Well my suggestion here is to choose Sales or leads say what I know crazy Right but this is because despite what Many people think the internet included Brand awareness is not the best Facebook Ad objective in fact the brand awareness Objective has never really been and will Probably never be the best objective This is this is because even according

To Facebook the brand awareness Objective is there to help you reach the Largest number of people who are most Likely to remember your ad but you don't Just want people to remember your ad you Want them to actually do something buy Something sign up for something I mean That's kind of the main reason to run Ads right To generate sales cash flow Revenue a Positive Roi return on investment now in The past the best way to do this was With conversion ads and while these Still play an active role in most of the Campaigns I create and advise on they've Taken kind of a backseat to the new kid In town who is actually the old kid in Town but who is kind of a bully that Nobody really liked so he got sent away And got some therapy and did a little Bit of soul searching and then came back Nicer than ever I am of course talking About Facebook lead ads and the outdated Advice here is that you should avoid Them but that's a mistake and here's why Facebook lead ads were ones a terrible Choice for businesses that only ever Seemed capable of delivering low quality Leads that never seem to buy anything And often forgot signing up for the ad In the first place but now thanks to a Whole bunch of things including the Decreased effectiveness of the Facebook Pixel and cookies thanks to Apple's IOS

14 as well as improvements and changes To the Facebook lead ads interface and An increased willingness among Facebook Users to actually engage and interact With Facebook lead ads well lead ads are Now amazing and they've quickly become One of my top picks for most businesses Out there in order to generate leads and Make sales they're easy to set up easy To launch and don't require installing Any pixels or cookies or code on your Website or landing page that said Facebook lead ads aren't a magic Solution that'll solve all of your Facebook ad problems especially if You're still following this next piece Of absolutely terrible and outdated Facebook advice but before we get to That first a big thank you and quick Message from this video's sponsor HubSpot and I want to introduce you to Their free Facebook advertising Checklist hubspot's Facebook advertising Checklist is a free downloadable Checklist that you can use to plan and Launch a successful Facebook ad campaign And it contains hacks and tips directly From hubspot's Paid ads team the real Benefit to me though is that it helps Make sure that nothing gets missed by Outlining and walking you through all Six phases of launching a Facebook ads Campaign first Planning by making sure You're doing important things like

Duplicating existing campaigns if you Have them or assigning the right Objective whether traffic conversions Engagements and so on now next budgeting Because if you're going to be spending Money on ads you better be sure that you Know how much you can afford to safely Spend in order to acquire a customer and Then set up your campaigns from there After that it's time for Designing and Copywriting and it's here that the Checklist gives you a few tips as well As outlines the design specs for image Video and Carousel ads then it's time to Schedule both your release date time to Run and daily ad spend a bit of a side Note here but what I'd like to recommend For your budget is to set your daily ad Spend per ad set at three times to five Times your max desired CPA or cost per Acquisition in other words if you're Trying to generate leads at three Dollars a piece then your daily ad spend Per ad set should be anywhere from nine Dollars to Fifteen dollars then it's Time to launch them and see what happens And by see what happens I mean watch Them closely and monitor which ad sets Are performing well and which ones Aren't which ultimately leads you to the Final Phase which is analyzing it's here That you want to measure which goals you Achieved paying special attention to Your CAC or customer acquisition cost

See LV customer lifetime value and row As return on ad spend but all of that is A lot to remember which is what makes Having this checklist just so handy and When you standardize your Facebook ads This way it means better and more Predictable results More Time Savings by Not having to go back again making sure You didn't miss anything and ultimately A higher rowas also known as return on Ad spend from your ads which means more Profit in your pocket so make sure to Download the free Facebook ads checklist By clicking the link down in the Descriptions right after this video and Now let's make sure to correct this next Piece of terrible and outdated Facebook Ad advice which is focusing on the wrong Metrics specifically CPL when it comes To running Facebook ads and any Advertising in general there's a lot of Metrics that you can track in order to Make sure that you're generating a Profit for example Impressions show how Many times your ad has been seen or Shown CPC stands for cost per click and Shows you how much it's costing to get Someone to click and take some kind of Initial action on your ad and your Conversion rate which shows the Percentage of people who are doing what You want them to do the other metric Though that pretty much everybody talks About is CPL or cost per lead but this

May very well be the wrong metric to be Looking at or at least basing the Success of your campaign upon now don't Get me wrong CPL is an important metric After all you should know how much it Costs to acquire a lead or a customer When you're running ads the problem Though is prioritizing CPL over the next Largely ignored mostly forgotten and all Too often neglected metric EPL which Stands for earnings per lead and not Knowing and not paying attention to this Metric could cause you to mistakenly Turn off profitable and winning ads or Worse continue to fund the losing ads Until your bank account and credit cards Run dry so let me give you an example of What this looks like now let's say You've got a Facebook ad campaign and One ad has a CPL a cost per lead of ten Dollars but has an earnings per lead of A hundred dollars so with this ad every Lead you get ends up making you a Hundred dollars another ad in your Campaign though could have a cost per Lead of five dollars which on the Surface sounds better than the 10 cost Per lead you were paying in the other Campaign but this ad isn't generating Any sales at all which means your Earnings per lead here is zero or Actually negative because you're still Spending money to generate leads but Again on the surface what sounds better

A five dollar lead or a ten dollar lead And this is why you can't just focus on Top Line metrics like Impressions or Cost per click or even cost per lead and You should certainly never base the Success of your campaign off vanity Metrics like likes or comments or shares The secret here is that you really need To know your metrics all the way through Your funnel if you want to run Profitable and successful advertising Campaigns okay next outdated tip micro Budget ad campaigns there was a time not So long ago where you could do a whole Lot of damage with Facebook ads with Just a little bit of money and while There are still exceptions and hidden Gold mines waiting to be tapped or or Mined I guess the fact is that tiny Micro ad budgets of one dollar two Dollars or five dollars a day are very Hard to make work anymore so what is the Right budget or the minimum or the best Amount that you can spend in order to Make a Facebook CAD campaign work well Here's how to figure it out your Advertising budget should be based on Three things your offer price your Targeting and your funnel your offer Price is what you're charging is it one Dollar one hundred dollars one thousand Dollars or more the higher the price the More you usually can afford to spend on Ads your targeting is a combination of

How many people you're trying to Target With big audiences generally being Easier to reach and more scalable but Also how relevant the audience is to Your offer then there's the funnel the Big thing here is how well optimized Your sales and Lead gen process is are You optimizing for conversions at each Stage or are you just dumping people Onto your website's homepage and hoping That they figure it out on their own Basically this should sound obvious but It's a lot easier to be successful when You're selling something at a higher Price to a larger but highly targeted And relevant audience with a Well-designed and optimized sales and Marketing funnel and on the topic of Funnels well let me walk you through the Next outdated piece of Facebook ad Advice which I'm calling all ad no Funnel here's the deal as nice as it Would be to just write a single Facebook Ad and launch it and set it out free Into the world and have it come back With buckets of cash unfortunately there Are a few more things that you've got to Do in order to set yourself up for Success the big thing here though is That you don't want to ask or expect Your single Facebook ad to do everything For you your ad essentially has just one Main job to get the click so that's Where the focus needs to be not in

Trying to get your ad to get the click And the lead and the conversion and the Call and the sign up and hey why not try To save the world while you're at it Nope the rest of your marketing funnel Needs to chip in and help out a little Bit too for example your Landing Page's Job is to take that click and then turn It into a lead and your follow-up email Sequence's job is to turn that lead into Some kind of a conversion possibly a Conversation a sales call or maybe even A sale and you're retargeting ads your Sales page your SMS sequence and any Other marketing that you have all need To work together in order to further the Main objective of that ad we're a team Here people gotta work together what's Cool about all of this though though is That when everything does work together Really really cool things start to Happen for example you could double the Amount of leads you're getting by Increasing the ads that you're running You can double your conversions by Optimizing your ad and your landing page And the rest of your marketing with some Of the advice here as well as on other Videos on the channel you can double the Purchasing frequency that you're getting From your marketing by focusing on meta Retargeting sources which I'm going to Talk more about in just a second and you Can double the average transaction size

Of those sales by using upsells or Downsells or cross-sells or even Changing the offer entirely and focusing On something with a higher margin a Higher price and when you add up all of These little changes they grow and Compound on each other in order to Deliver 16 times more growth and one of The best places to start implementing These changes is on retargeting but not Retargeting like the way it used to be Done back in the old days that's Outdated old news doesn't work anymore So let me show you a better way when it Comes to running retargeting ads and Setting up retargeting audiences to Target Facebook divides your warm Retargeting audiences into two different Categories your sources and meta sources Now in the past my bread and butter was Custom audiences built off a customer List a leads list website visitors and The almighty email list but things have Changed tracking pixels cookies they've All been canceled not literally I mean They're all still there but they're not Nearly as effective or as cool as they Once were so what do you do well you Transition your retargeting strategy Away from your sources and towards meta Sources creating custom retargeting Audiences based off how people have Engaged and interacted with your content On Facebook and Instagram and other meta

Platforms rather than off of your Website or your email list the results Are better and more accurate tracking And retargeting audiences but a big Thing here is to make sure that you Don't just dump your retargeting Audiences into one of your other Campaigns rather you set things up and Structure them properly right from the Beginning which just happens to be the Next piece of bad and outdated Facebook Advice that I want to share with you now Something I'm calling lump and dump Campaigns thanks to the ease of signing Up for a Facebook ads account onto the Recent improvements to their ads manager And navigation and that tempting but Still mostly terrible boost post button More and more people have been moving to Facebook ads in hopes of getting rich Quick and living that sweet ad life Overall this is great news as it makes Advertising more accessible to new Business owners and marketers and Essentially levels the playing field Just a little bit by giving you access To the exact same ad platform that well Pretty much every big business in the Entire world can and mostly does use the Downside though is that it can often Lead to a whole lot of people losing a Whole lot of money a whole lot of Quickly by failing to understand the Important marketing and advertising

Fundamentals that go into running a Successful campaign and they wonder why Nothing is working like how I still see Advice almost all the time about how you Should just take all of your ads and all Of your campaigns and just dump them all Into one big bucket or how you need to Be running dozens and dozens of split Tests all at the same time in order to Find that one key winner or how you need To watch your ads like a hawk and Micromanage them making sure to shut Down the losers the second they show any Sign of weak but all of this is wrong so Here's what to do instead first you want To make sure that you're setting up your Campaigns properly right from the start This means choosing the right objective First and then setting up anywhere from One to three ad sets per campaign Depending on your budget and then maybe A couple of ads under each ad set if You're spending less than one thousand Dollars a month on Facebook ads then one Campaign with two to three ad sets is More than enough and if you're spending Less than ten thousand a month then Three campaigns with two to three ad Sets per campaign is also usually plenty Even in accounts that are spending Millions of dollars a year on Facebook Ads it still usually just comes down to Two to three different ad sets that are Delivering most of the results more

Isn't better better is better so you're Much better off by trying to have a few Very highly targeted and well-written Ads rather than spreading yourself super Thin splattering stuff everywhere but to Get to that level you need to make sure That you're doing the right things in The right place for the right people so To help you do that I've put together Some of my very best marketing tips Tricks and tactics in this video right Here so make sure sure to check that out Now and I'll see you in there in just a Second

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