Quick Quora Ads Tutorial (9 Minutes!)

This is a quick introduction to quora Ads once you get into the ad manager you Want to hit this blue button to create a New campaign And the most important selection Criteria here is going to be the Objective so you can see that there are Six of them conversions which are very Useful if you're trying to generate Sales from your website or if you're Generating leads from your website app Installs if you have a mobile app this Is going to be important traffic not Generally an objective that I use a lot But could be useful in some cases Awareness is something that empirically Has been shown to generate strong Results over the long term Video views can be useful if you have a Video ad but you need to be careful Because often the frequency of the views Gets too high and then lead generation Which is incredibly useful if you're Selling a service or you're selling a Business to business product or you have Some sort of complex sales pipeline So for demonstration purposes let's just Go with lead generation and we're going To set a maximum daily budget of a Hundred dollars in this case but you Don't have to do that you could go as Low as whatever you want So let's go with a hundred dollars and We're gonna say begin advertising

Campaign immediately hit continue I'm going to set the location as the United States in this case because it's A very profitable large place to go with But you could go much much broader than That or you could go narrower than that If you're marketing some sort of local Product or service So here's where things get really Interesting and really this is one of The fundamental differences between the Different ad platforms is the types of Targeting the other major difference Being the size of the user base so the Reach that you can have So here we have contextual targeting Which is basically where your ads are Displaying within quora so you can do it By topic so for example I can put in Here SAS software as a service and then It's going to suggest some other SAS Topics so I'm just going to add a whole Bunch of these And you can see that on the right here We're getting a potential weekly Impressions eight hundred thousand eight Hundred fifty thousand okay great so I Can Get about a million impressions per week And then it summarizes the number of Topics and locations and you can put in Here whatever topic you want so business To business uh you could put in Something like Star Wars uh pretty much

Any topic people are going to be Discussing and that's really what the Power of quora is is you can get some Context specific categories of questions That people are inquiring about and Pegging your brand to that specific Scenario or that particular Trigger or Specifically targeting people that are Inquisitive about this topic perhaps Because they're going to make a purchase Decision fairly soon So that's topics now we can also display Next to certain keywords so for example If there's a question related to product Marketing as a keyword I could add that You can see that we're only getting 10 000 to 20 000 reach with our weekly Impressions with that we can also put in Specific questions which is not Something I generally do but what you Could do is compile a list of questions That you you want to be displayed next To on quora and then you could do a bulk Ad to to do that sort of targeting Now the other targeting option we have Here is audience targeting so we can Create an audience by uploading people That had visited our website we can do Look-alikes of people that perhaps are Customers or we can just do a match to Existing customers and some sort of Database that we've imported I would say That generally this is probably less Useful with quora just because you're

Going to be able to reach more people Using something like Google or Facebook So the the custom audience features less Important It'd be it'd be more useful to use Something like context targeting or Behavioral targeting so let's take a Look at behavioral targeting you see Here that instead of Targeting and displaying our ads next to Specific topics instead we're going to Target people that are interested in Specific topics so again I could just go With something like people that are Interested in business to business Marketing Target them people that have a History of searching for certain Keywords so let's say in the last 100 Days they searched oh 30 is the maximum So in the last 30 days maybe they Targeted certain keywords like product Management Software management entrepreneurship Or maybe we want to get more specific And we say okay well they've been Searching for keywords relating to Accounting software and we're selling Accounting software you can also exclude Keywords and again we can also do the Question history too which uh I think is A little too granular for most cases the Last option we have here is Broad Targeting so we can specify genders Devices and we can exclude certain

Groups we can also choose specific Placements so do we want to be in the Feed in the questions or just the Questions or just the feet I I would say this is a little too broad And Um the questions would be a little too Narrow for for most situations One targeting method that I would find The most useful would be behavioral Targeting showing ads to people that Have interest in a specific topic so in My scenario here I'm interested in People uh that are interested in SAS so Software as a service so I'm just going To put that and we'll continue forward From there And we're going to go with all Placements And here we have to choose how we want To optimize now in a lot of cases you're Just going to want to optimize for Impressions to maximize the number of People that see your ad however I set The objective as leads so let's try to Optimize for leads and I'm going to say That we'll pay up to 51 dollars per lead In the next section what core is going To do is allow us to create the ad Itself so we can create an image ad a Video ad A text ad And we can also just promote an answer So maybe we provided a very insightful

Answer to a question we could simply use That as an ad uh business name let's Just call this Decker Fraser Corp And I'll just say this is a sample Headline You can see the headline populates here On the right you can see the logo here Let's say this is sample body text Get your offer now Call to action would be In a case like this maybe contact us Maybe sign up Something like a free trial we can Upload an image You can add tracking data if we want and Uh the key thing here is that you can Capture the leads within quora the same Way you can with LinkedIn and Facebook And you can see what that form will look Like and you can see that it pops up After you hit sign up So what you would do here is you would Create a lead gen form and you might Call this test form offer headline get a Free trial Of Decker's Marketing software And you'd select the information you Want to collect so perhaps you need to Know the country for legal purposes uh I Generally try to go with the minimum Here so maybe just uh email is a way to Follow up with them you'd put in your Privacy policy and uh and there you have

It a lead capture form to immediately Capture leads Within quora So that was a quick overview of how to Create an ad once again you can create Different types of ads for any one of These objectives I think a very useful Thing to do would be to start with an Awareness campaign to see just how broad A reach you can achieve with quora and Then segue eventually into an additional Campaign that's focused on something Like lead generation or conversions and And this will vary if you're doing Business to consumer or business to Business or depending on how long your Sales cycle is The other thing I want to do is just Briefly highlight the sections above so We've been focused on the manage ad Section which is where we can see some Of these performance metrics and see The Impressions clicks click-through rates It's also where we can create new Campaigns we all also have this section For pixels and events for the tracking Purposes our audiences which will be Here custom audiences if you want to Import a list of customers and create Things like look-alikes lead gen we can Do an integration with zapier into your CRM your Salesforce your Zoho your Whatever and then you can also create Custom reports here so that's a quick Overview an introduction to quora ads

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