Referral Strategy vs Marketing Strategy

I think you hit the snowball effect of of 
referrals and for some people it happens   That way and for some people that snowball 
keeps going for other people you know they   Get referrals and and then they don't get that 
momentum and they they don't get that snowball   So they hit that point of of marketing and kind 
of going out there did you have to go to market to   Actually do active marketing or did you ride that 
snowball all the way to success there are periods   In the history of both companies where I've had 
to go out and drum up work for sure and so this   Is not just well once you get on the positive 
side of things you can just sit back and relax   And everything works out so there's a period in 
time when the work did come in you tap into the   Friends and family Network and the friends of 
friends Network and eventually that's going to   Dry up right because if anyone hits pause or they 
have another option or they don't have a creative   Thing for you to work on eventually you're going 
to run out of people to talk to and so I remember   I think it was about a year and a half into my 
business I have four or five people working for   Me on a full-time freelance basis and I'm like oh 
my God we have no work what I'm gonna do and so I   Have to I picked on the phone I literally looked 
in a directory and called up a bunch of sales   Reps and these are people who represent directors 
and production companies for work I called every   Single one of them and I sent them my professional 
quote unquote not that professional real and each   And every single one of them just turned me down 
right after the other it's like I remember a woman   Her name is Siobhan and she's like Chris really 
like your work I just don't know what to do with   You and that was a very polite way of saying your 
work is not very commercially viable I don't know   How to get work for you although I recognize that 
you have some Talent right and so after making   These calls I'm like oh I'm out of options and 
so we sat around at the conference table which   Was a door with saw horses you know just one 
let everybody know that was a conference room   Table and I said does anybody know anyone that 
might be able to give us work and I remember this   Woman and and she was our office manager and 
she was at that time dating one of my friends   School her name is Patricia Patricia says 
Chris I know somebody and Patricia is not   In the industry she doesn't know any of this 
stuff I'm like oh God is this gonna work she   Goes yeah I know someone her name's Karen and 
she worked at this agency I can get us a meeting   I'm like okay awesome she was the only one 
who said I know somebody let's talk to them   I go into that agency I present my work to her 
name's Karen Karen Costello tiny agency I show   Her the work she's very polite she looks at it and 
it's like oh very nice okay thanks and I close up   The the portfolio we leave and I'm thinking oh 
what a waste of time this is the wrong person   She doesn't like the work whatever little did I 
know that Karen would soon be poached by another   Agency who was on the upswing and she was going 
to work on the Mitsubishi Motors count so Karen   Unbeknownst to me a couple months later calls me 
up and says Chris uh we got something to look at  

Do you do you want to try this thing I'm like sure 
I wind up doing that job it wasn't the greatest   Of experience but then she came back and said you 
know what we'd like to have you work on the entire   Campaign now so yeah I've had to go out and hustle 
I'm not good at it and I tell myself all kinds   Of stories and this is the lesson to learn here 
which is you never know what the other person is   Thinking so stay out of the results business focus 
on the process did you did you call up enough   Prospects today did you do your best prepare 
for the meeting and were utterly professional   And polite and and did your best after that 
you stay out of the results business because   You never know what people are actually thinking 
or saying or doing long after you leave [Music]

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