Spotify Advertising Tutorial 2022 (Intro)

In this video I'm going to give you a Quick introductory tutorial to how to do Spotify advertising what we're going to Do is we're going to go into the Spotify Ad manager What I'm going to do is in the upper Right here I'm going to hit create Campaign And then we're going to select what We're advertising which in most cases is Going to be a brand product or Organization as opposed to an artist's Music on Spotify or a concert We're going to hit next We have to name the campaign I'm just Going to call it test campaign Next we're going to name the ad set so I'm just going to say test Ad set There are two formats that we can choose From the first is music the second is Podcast if we select music we have more Variety of the types of ads that we can Run so we can run an audio ad a Horizontal video or vertical video In the podcast option we only have audio As an option so what we're going to do Is we're going to start with music Because there's more variety here we're Going to select vertical video which is Kind of the standard thing that you Would do in some social media ads We're going to select the audience as The United States so you'll notice it

Already had United States typed out There but it wasn't actually selected so We're going to be forced to select it as An option I'm going to Target the entire Country I'm going to select the language as English if the ads in English I want to Make sure people can understand it You can select age restrictions here I Think it might be meaningful to cut out Teenagers potentially cut out this age Group as well even though I generally Prefer going Broad in a lot of cases Teenagers are just not going to be Appropriate audience for what you're Selling all genders is going to be the Case in most situations Now we'll get back to interest in a Second because that's going to be the Most important part now as for Budget if I try to put in something like ten Dollars here it's going to rebuttal and What it's going to tell me is that the Minimum is 250 for music ads keep in Mind that when you do do podcast ads the Minimum is 500 so they're really setting A floor here in terms of uh or in terms Of what you can spend on like other Channels which is a bit annoying but if You want to expand into Spotify that's Just the game you need to play now as For the schedule I would probably want To go with some sort of long term end Date so let's go with say February and

What it's going to do is it's going to Spread this budget evenly over that time Which is best practice generally with Marketing you should be allocating your Budget evenly over the entire year and Perhaps adjusting it slightly based on Seasonality if your product's super Seasonal then you're going to be more Aggressive in in terms of peaking spend At certain time periods but for most Most of us spread it evenly throughout The year and that that will be best Practice For bidding you generally want to go With reach so particularly if you're Going for long-term growth you Essentially want to hit people once and Hit as many people as possible and That's how you have Maximum Impact now Frequency capping here the frequency Tends to get very high with radio ads And you want to avoid that when it comes To podcasts so what we're going to do is Try to shrink the frequency as much as Possible I'm going to go with one per month here And now what we're going to do is get Into the detailed targeting which is Perhaps the most interesting part about Doing Spotify ads so let's take a look At what those options are interests and Behaviors So we have four different sections here So interest targeting real-time contexts

Genres or no additional targeting Now genres is not something I typically Do unless you're marketing a music Specific product and no additional Targeting is also something that I Wouldn't generally use unless it's a Very very mass-market product like Coca-Cola or something so the ones that Are going to be most useful here are Going to be interest in real-time Contexts now I want to start with Real-time context because this is really Interesting in terms of your targeting Options so you can actually Target People in specific moments When they're listening to topics related To gaming To parties to travel to study to Holidays to cooking to work out Etc so This is very useful and this is Something that you may not get when You're advertising on other channels is You can say I want people to associate My brand or my product with the specific Activity so for example when they're Cooking I want them to think about this Steel cooking appliance that I'm selling So there is a case where it's not just Bidding on Impressions but you're Bidding on important Impressions that Are going to help build context-specific Memory so targeting people when they're Interested in cooking would be very Useful now the interest targeting is

Going to be a bit more standard and we Can see that we can Target People based On a whole variety of different things So are they interested in business Commuting education gaming love and Dating parenting science and medicine Partying health and fitness health and Lifestyle cooking comedy Etc so in a lot Of cases I might be interested in people That are business people Now because we're spreading the money Evenly over time we need to be conscious Of whether we're going to keep adjusting The budget over time so for example After a month are we going to do another 250 or are we actually going to front Load Um and set how much we want to spend for The entire year in which case you're Going to want to expand this even Further And the other Factor related to Budgeting is determining how much you Want to bid per impression the maximum Amount that you're willing to bid so uh If you try to put in something like five Dollars here it might be considered a Little bit low from a Spotify Perspective even though it wouldn't be With Facebook so just for a quick Demonstration let's put in twenty Dollars and then we're gonna get some Estimates on the right here so we can See for example the number of estimated

Impressions is about eight to fifteen Thousand the reach is eight thousand to Fifteen thousand people and the Frequency is one to two now let's hit Next I'm going to call this add name test Now when it comes to the video Spotify Is very strict so you cannot upload a Video without sound you are going to Have to upload a video that's about 30 Seconds if you upload something that's 40 seconds it's going to get rejected so Let's just see what happens here when I Try to use a video that I've used Elsewhere A vertical one right here so you can see Your video is 46 seconds please upload a Video equal to or under 30 seconds so It's going to reject that it's also Going to reject short videos that have No audio now we can upload a an image File so I can just try using this one But again it's going to reject it Because Spotify is very strict in terms Of what it accepts so it's going to be The kind of image that you would run With other types of ads like on Snapchat And it'll be appear here as a vertical You can choose what call to action you Want to go with generally I'd go with Something like learn more so in cases Where you're optimizing for reach and Not optimizing for something like click Through you want something that people

Are not going to hesitate to click so Learn more would be great here you can Put in some sort of landing page so Decker Dot Page slash P you can put in Some tracking information if you want And then hit next So I just demonstrated how to create an Ad using the music format we used Vertical video as an example but you Could have done a more standard Horizontal video you also could have Gone with an audio file so let's run run Through another example to see what Happens when we select podcasts as the Ad placements so we can choose which Platforms to go with so for example here We're actually able to advertise on Desktop even though we weren't able to In the other examples so let's go with All We can select our industry here so let's Just say business to business you can Get more detailed if you want We can set some audience details so here We have ages 25 to 65 I think that's Fine targeting the entire country is Fine Now let's see what happens if I put in 400 here you're going to see that the Minimum budget needs to be 500 so I Would prefer going with the minimum Set the schedule to whatever you want we Could set the end date as March 31st frequency cap we're going to

Keep the frequency cap as low as Possible to essentially maximize reach And then we can hit next We have a couple of options here for the Audio we can let Spotify create the Audio for us we can provide a brief here So that they generate it or we can use a Previously approved audio ad that was Created on Spotify You would upload that file here or you Would choose from your library here we Can upload an image Let's see what happens when we upload This image So you can see here that the image Requirement is 640 by 640 so you would Go into canva you would hit create Design You would hit custom size and you would Do 640 by 640 and you could take a Design that you created perhaps for Another social media platform or Somewhere and import it into there and Then upload here as an image You can decide what tagline you want to Go with Change the call to action if you wish And set the landing page and hit next So there you have it quick introduction To the two major types of Spotify ads And the different types of placements And formats that you can run

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